So You’re Thinking About Becoming An Author?


Since becoming an author and now getting into the marketing aspect of my newest book, Activate Your Inner Power, I’ve realized most people who are not authors don’t quite understand the book business, and that’s okay!

I get it, it’s a niche make it or break it sort of field and in this day and age it can often feel like the book industry as a whole is slowing down.

While the world is in fact growing and shifting each day, some of us hold strong to the importance of books despite the crazy amount of effort that goes in. 


So, let me give you a look into the life of an author and all the craziness that entails so you can decide if I’m completely insane for choosing such a profession! 


First it takes a long time to actually write the book.

Between coming up with the premise of the book, putting it in to words, and setting out to put those words down on paper—or in my case my trusted assistant and spell checker, my computer!

It is never as simple as just sitting down and busting out a lengthy novel, perfectly worded memoir, or well researched educational manual.

Writing the book takes days, months, sometimes YEARS and LOTS of missed social events and extra hours of sleep you could have if your mind wasn’t filled with words that need typing.

Deadlines are a real thing, not just for the movies! 


Then, the book goes for editing.

That’s where someone else pours their time in to this piece you are certain is perfect just as it is; just for them come back and point out all the little things you missed.

You know, when you were also missing those extra hours of sleep! 


Next, you must find a good Agent.

Not just any agent though, you need one who aligns with your values and is ready to go the distance with you and for you.

Sometimes this too takes time and energy, you may go through several to find someone that’s will to work with and for you. 


And just when you think it’s all done, I mean you have the book, the agent, what more could you need?

You must write a proposal for the book.

Simple right?

You wrote the book, what’s a proposal?

Well, just wait until you send it out just to be rejected by lots, and lot of Publishers. 


Now it’s on to publishing.

So, you either find a publisher or you publish yourself—which I won’t get into the struggles of that but just know it too is lots of work.

You submit your book to the publisher and now must jump thru ALL their hoops.

Line by line reviews for them to possibly not like something you have written.


After all of this, the artwork has to be done.

Designing the cover, spine and back of book; this is the fun part if you find a good designer.  

Once all of this work has been done by not just you, but your new team too, the real work begins!


You must plan a marketing and advertising strategy.

This means asking for help from people you know to promote the book.


Now jump thru more hoops!

Then, FINALLY, you have about two weeks to get that book to sell, or the book will die on the vine with no traction. 


So, the untold hours of work to bring you a new book is really about a year or more of work for me.

I normally can write the book in 6 months and then it takes 6 more months to get it into the world.  


Being an author is not for the faint of heart I can say that, but it’s a labor of love and a passion. 

And, in the words of Mark Twain…

Author Mark Twain


“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’

your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”



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