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Hello from Lee Milteer! I want to share with you my VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat sessions which are held in Virginia Beach, VA at my personal Beach Home as a personalized, customized retreat. This retreat is for all individuals who want to gain clarity and direction, learn to Activate the Magic, bring passion back into their lives, release the baggage of the past and activate a new more rewarding, prosperous, and fun future!

In the last few years of this insanity, and the continued insanity, of the world that people have emotionally wounded you causing you to lose direction and your mojo!

You are not defeated and together we can clear the blocks, wounds, disappointments, betrayals, and lack of future direction that has been holding you back from happiness, joy, new adventures, and success! The past doesn’t equal the future!

First, in the privacy of my home overlooking the beautiful Chesapeake Bay you will clear out the old fear-based energy that has been blocking you from your own personal power to see and know the direction you want to focus your life energy currencies to manifest the future you truly deeply desire. We will examine the BLIND SPOTS you have currently that are blocking you from your soul’s purpose and your true natural self. The real you will now have permission to come out and play!!

During this very personal and private spiritual and practical retreat, you will shift your energy into a higher vibrational frequency to set new vibrational frequencies, new course of action, intentions, and inspired goals for your future that match with your inner desires and use your true inherent talents, strengths, skills, and experience. Keep in mind all inner and external success must be an inside job first!

The purpose of a VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat with me is to find your Passion and Purpose again, while discovering what (energy fields) current blinds spots are leaving you feeling of low on energy, lacking enthusiasm, short on passion and missing direction in your life. Our goal will be to create a new plan for 2023 and beyond that will enliven, upgrade and transform you. It is time to release old baggage, pain, regrets, and disappointment to truly become the revitalized new you.

During our VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat, we will spend time identifying where you are struggling, and where there are hidden resources and sources of money in your existing business. Our goal is to balance your right and left brain so you will leave with a plan on how you can redirect your life Currency using your energy, mentality, emotionality, physicality, spirituality, and financial resources for a brighter future. It is time now to let the past go, with all its life draining tentacles and claim your personal power to create a rewarding life. You must release what is stale, boring, tedious, and old habits that no longer work for you in your life and business.

By investing in personal one on one VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat with me you are taking the time to examine your life, as well as spending time away from the familiar routines and environments in order to help reset yourself. By doing this you will find new perspectives, motivation, and inspiration on how best to manifest new adventures and move past fear and doubt, ultimately finding happiness and joy again!

Now is the time– your inner being is calling for you to shift away from the drudgery from your life -being just a-tedious to do list and connect with the greater part of you that has a vision & purpose for your life and work. WE want to bring the fun, excitement of wonder and enjoyment back into your life and future. We want to wake up the real you so you can life with love, appreciation of self and a sense of control of your own life.

You owe it to yourself to do something different and shake up your old routines. Stay in a different vibrational environment on the water in Virginia Beach, VA alone, at a Waterfront Beach front hotel suite to allow yourself to reset, rejuvenate and recharge your body, mind and soul so you can engage in a upgraded and more rewarding life.

Allow me to help you guide your back to your true powers and no longer hide from yourself. Time to face the past and let it go! Let’s wipe the slate clean and open your heart and mind to new adventures and opportunities!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values. Your values become your Destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

The above quote is more than just inspiration for the VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat, it is guidance. Until you understand what it is you truly value most, what inspires you, who you really are, and what your true purpose is; a completely inspired and fulfilling life will elude you. The VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat will require you to drill down and FIND your own highest values as this is the key to defining and meeting your goals. These Values will alert you to opportunities you might have otherwise missed, and allow you to tap into your own physical, mental, and spiritual powers. Once you become aware of your highest values you will no longer be blocked from fully accessing your true abilities and purpose in life.

Together we will unlock your highest values and the key to living your inspired destiny. Once you have sincerely discovered your unique values you will love the work you chose to do. You will be able to activate your unique genius, grow your financial freedom, expand your influence, and unleash your vitality to fulfill your purpose for being here on earth. You will also STOP following the crowd and start paving your own unique path and formulas to achieve what is “calling you”.

During our time together I will “HOLD SPACE” for you to discover blocks in your subconscious mind that are detrimental and sabotaging your efforts. I will also share my Intuitive feelings on the challenges you are currently working through and offer spiritual and metaphysical solutions.

I will guide you through tools & concepts, to shift and transform old energy into new perspectives that will imprint on your conscious and subconscious mind so that you may overcome obstacles that have burdened you in your past. Getting completely clear about exactly what your values are will easily allow you to accept or reject opportunities, so you no longer waste time living in your old unhappy, overworked, and confused paradigms. You will release regret, second guessing yourself and waiting for someone else to give you permission to be on your own unique journey.

I know making a big life change is pretty scary!
But know what’s even scarier?

The VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat agenda is entirely tailored to your personal needs and requests to bring you into a state of clarity with an action plan to give you peace of mind.

Who Is a VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat for?

VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat is for those Lifetime Learners who want to understand themselves to better capitalize and leverage their talents, wisdom, and experience their life’s energy in a new and productive way. Entrepreneurs, Business owners, & Creatives who want more from life than the norm. Who want balance, joy, and profits with Less Effort and Strain.

Anyone who is interested in reuniting their spirit and natural talents to direct their life energy in ways that creates new patterns of purpose and larger profits.

Individuals experiencing major life transitions who desire clarity and direction for their next evolution.
People who are open to connecting with their Source, welcome spiritual strategies, as well as intelligent business strategies and plans.

People who want more magic, love and joy in their daily lives where they are enjoying life and manifesting their desires with more ease and with less stress and strain.

People who want to break away from the old routines and truly break out of the old habits of putting everyone in the world ahead of them and give themselves permission to truly live and have the best life adventures possible.

People who want to break away from old attitudes, habits, and problems that have held them back from truly living.

Who Is a VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat NOT for?

People who have no knowledge of their connection to the Source.

People who are victims, who only blame others for the circumstances of their lives and do not wish to take personal responsibility for co-creating and piloting their life and business.

People who are unwilling to do the work, nor have the determination, persistence and open-minded attitudes to welcome new ideas, strategies, and resources.

People only interested in the financial aspect of their life and expect some magic overnight success results.

People looking for a magic bullet.

People not willing to be curious and openminded about new solutions.

A Rewarding & Life Changing Investment Is In Your Future!
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**Must be paid in advance by Check made out to Lee Milteer Inc or credit card via Shopify**
(Credit Card payments will incur an additional fee of 7% for processing)

All payments are final and not eligible for refund due to holding of Lee Milteer’s dates on her schedule.
Please advise Lee Milteer within 14 days prior to your scheduled date if you need to reschedule.
All changes must be approved prior to the 14-day window and are at Lee Milteer’s discretion and dependent upon current availability.
After this 14-day window, rescheduled dates cannot be guaranteed and may result in forfeiture.

Prior to Acceptance of the below Application:
Lee Milteer would like a short phone call with you before we book a date to confirm that her teachings and guidance are well aligned with your needs and desires.

Norfolk, Virginia is recommended Airport.
Recommended Hotel: Delta Hotel Beach Suites ( about 15 minutes from Airport)
Address: 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone Number: (757) 481-9000

*Please take a virtual Tour of the Brand new renovated All Suites Marriott DELTA Hotel Suites:

Hotel in VA Beach Virginia | Delta Hotels Virginia Beach Bayfront Suites (

(If you opt to utilize an Airbnb, or a non-preferred hotel you will be required to supply your own transportation to VIP location.)

Please Complete the application form below and e-mail it to [email protected], along with your requested days (Friday’s and Saturday’s Only) as well as two alternatives. We will get back to you shortly!

What People Say About Lee Milteer’s Personal VIP Vision Quest Retreats!

As a successful entrepreneur who built a million-dollar business from the ground up, I felt confident that I knew my stuff. However, a few years ago I hit a wall both emotionally and professionally. I was having difficulty seeing a way out of a dangerous downward economic spiral, as well as losing confidence in my abilities and my intuition. I found Lee Milteer, and that proverbial wall was busted down. Her Vision Day and coaching has helped me regain faith in myself and reclaim my power as a professional businesswoman who has much more to accomplish. She has the no holds barred approach that I needed, and my business plan and life plan are back on track. She speaks truth and if you are open to listening, she will give you the straight talk you need to move forward. I have observed her firsthand help men and women in a multitude of diverse business fields solve real problems quickly and progress to the next level in their thinking, habits, and success. For someone looking for a business strategist coach who will help you move forward quickly, Lee Milteer is your answer. And might I add, don’t hesitate. Every day you stall and do not contact Lee is another day of missed opportunity, lower profits, and lower productivity. Thank you so much for giving of yourself. You don’t have to share your knowledge, but you choose, too. I appreciate that. Your Vision Day was priceless for me personally to literally get clarity and newfound directions that are in alignment with who I am and what I want to achieve in the future.

Co-Founder: The American Martial Arts Institute
Co-Founder: Safety N.E.T. Kids

Amanda Olson

Master Taekwondo Instructor, Olson’s Martial Arts Academy, INC

I have attended Lee Milteer’s Vision Quest VIP Day. In keeping with the ancient intent of a Vision Quest, Lee opens a safe space for us to gracefully step into the amazing and wealthy beings that we truly are, while gently releasing fears and blocks that may have held us back. Her teachings give us powerful and practical tools for manifesting our goals and dreams, like beacons along the path to our true self. And she provides a mutually loving and supportive atmosphere for growth and transformation. Her Vision Quest Retreats are an experience like no other for moving from who you are into who you’re meant to be. Anyone who needs a fresh perspective, a great guide and mentor Lee would be that person. I highly recommend you take the time to reinvent your life with Lee.

Marie Denkinger

Life Purpose Mentor,

Lee Milteer’s Vision Quest Day was one of the most extraordinary retreats I’ve ever been on. I truly loved every minute with Lee. Lee is an exceptional teacher who can inspire you to create your life according to your own vision. She is a master Vision Quest leader, and she lovingly shares her vast wisdom and practical insights to move you to another level of awareness and inner power. Lee operates from her heart and generously gives far more that you can imagine. I highly recommend attending Lee’s Vision Day Quest to all of my friends and clients.

Gina Bender


It was an immense pleasure and quite the “eye opener” to have been part of your Vision Day.

I didn’t really have a concrete expectation prior to the Vision Day Quest and thought I’d show up and take things as they go and absorb everything I can from your teachings. I enjoyed your style of instruction.

I’ve heard of the drastic life changes some of the participants have gone through after attending this and the past Vision Quest retreats and upon coming home, I can see why. It took me a couple of days to get back on track. There was definitely a strong resistance in my heart and spirit. I came back home looking at my life through a different set of eyes. But instead of rejecting what I had, I drew strength from remembering and practicing the things I’ve learned from you during our Day retreat. I now have a newfound understanding and compassion. I gave myself some slack and practiced not being too hard on myself. My biggest takeaway probably is the feeling that life doesn’t always have to be so serious. I mean, I’ve always known that but now I somehow do get it. Leaving the retreat gave me a similar feeling as after I finished reading your book, Reclaim the Magic. I felt I was thoroughly reminded of all the things I’ve always known in living a happy and meaningful life but somehow forgotten.

Thank you and sending lots of love your way.

Marge Maghoney

Noon International, California

“Lee Milteer continues to be an inspiration to me while expanding my personal growth and knowledge of business/spiritual / metaphysical & life manifesting skills.  Lee is a passionate teacher who shares and engages deeply with her participants.  I love the Two-day experience and atmosphere at Lee’s Beach Home because it is a wonderful safe place to connect in such a setting.  I leave Lee’s Vision Day Quest feeling absolutely ‘full’, recharged, and supported.  If you already have explored the business /spiritual / metaphysical world, or you are just interested in learning for the first time, and want to expand your personal wealth, I can totally recommend the experience Lee Milteer shares with her heart!” I finally gave myself permission to accept my talents and wisdom and now can use them in my current business and future!!!

Linda Crossley


Dear Lee,

This testimonial and acknowledgement of my appreciation of your amazing work is long overdue. While I will send a handwritten note, I am taking an opportunity to send these heartfelt words.

I have made more money since participating in Lee Milteer’s Vision Quest program.  While participating in Lee’s Coaching   I noticed a marked increase in my earnings; especially when I ceased doing business with people who came from a place on lack.  Immediately after Vision Quest I scheduled upcoming workshops. During my first workshop I earned over $6000 in one day.  Since participating in Lee’s VIP INTENSIVE Program, the momentum continues. 

This morning a colleague and friend said, “Cecelia, you’ve gone to another level.”  She said she could hear the enthusiasm in my voice when I spoke about the clients I serve, the programs I’m developing, and the book I’ve begun writing.

Lee’s way of being motivates me to be more courageous, reclaim my personal power, ask for what I desire, and set better boundaries.  Lee spoke about speaking on other people’s platforms.  Within 24 hours of that session, I received two offers to speak on two different platforms.  Knowing when I am at my best, I was received the day and timeframe that is optimal for me and ultimately the people I will be speaking to. 

Thank you, Lee for being in full integrity, for walking the talk, and holding space for me. 


Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

Captain, Nurse Corps, U.S. Navy (retired), RN, MSN, Advanced Hand Analyst, and Certified Professional Coach

“Since Working with You I have Gained 2 New Clients worth $80,000!”

I knew from day one your intuitive power was awesome. You have showed me yet another door of opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my thinking……As a result of working with you I repositioned and realigned myself with the results being:

1. Clearer Action about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity
2. Confidence that I am following the right path
3. Two new clients worth $80,000
4. A second source of income leveraging my ‘Bigger Picture’ troubleshooting in small businesses

The tools, exercises, messages, and wisdom that you have shared are inspiring and insightful. Anyone at a point in their lives searching for answers would do well to join your mystery school and I emphatically recommend undertaking a coaching session with you.

Thank you for being my guide so that I may continue to learn…

Becky Lacey

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, Solutions 42

Vision Day with Lee Milteer shifted my Focus totally. I was very nervous about investment for two days with the famous Lee Milteer who has been one of my heroes for many years after reading her book Success Is An Inside Job. I finally gave myself permission to invest the money to have a vision quest day at Lee’s house in VA Beach, Va. Wow, treated like a King and was deeply moved on how intuitive Lee is on exactly what my blind spots were and how to overcome them. Literally, this Vision Quest Day investment paid off big time since I walked away with not only a new perspective of what is possible for me and my business but also the need for more balance, fun, and joy in life daily life. Lee pointed out a hidden profitable business within my own business and when I got home, I put all those suggestions she offered into play and the results were shocking. I had not realized exactly how narrow-minded I had become and this day with Lee was exactly the tonic I need to get myself back on track. Since the day in Virginia Beach, my profits are way up, my wife and children feel more loved and appreciated and my life has taken a big upturn in every way. I plan on doing a Vision VIP Day with Lee at least once a year from now on at the first of the year to make sure I leverage all I can! I also wanted to thank you for the follow-up coaching calls and the support materials you sent to me. They have been so great in reinforcing the strategies, tools, and suggestions you gave me during our vision quest day. Thanks so much.

Darin Web Advertising

Toronto, Canada

Dear Lee,

I want to share with you my positive experience from participating in your Vision Quest Day! This day was living changing for me.

First, meeting you, getting to know you and being in your energy was amazing. You shared with us your business savvy along with “mystery school” knowledge and most of all your heart. Needless to say I learned a lot. I now start my mornings with rituals including reading from your prayer book, writing my “grateful list” and scripting! I gotta say this stuff works!!! Second, working with you on Vision Day– I had never experienced before. Unbelievable!!!! It truly was life changing. I still think back on it and smile.
So thank you, thank you, thank you Lee for the Vision Quest. I will always remember this time with you and what I learned, how I transformed.

I am truly blessed!
With love,

Merle Johnson

LA, Ca, Toronto, Canada

Post Office Box 55242 Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Email: [email protected]