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Lee Milteer is a fount of information, philosophies, and timely strategies! When applied, her teachings WILL help you live the life you were destined for and deserve!

Gloria Hamilten

Brisbane, Australia

I just knew you would show me yet another door of opportunity to expand my knowledge and challenge my thinking! I am clearer now about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity and confident that I am following the right path. Thank you for being my guide.

Becky Lacey

Bristol, UK

Lee is an inspiring, smart, intuitive, firmly compassionate disciplined mentor. I feel spiritually bolstered … a new feeling of being more settled and happy… and aligned with my real purpose.

Angela Earle

I know I create reality with my thoughts … but I hadn’t found a way to stop negative subconscious thoughts that bubbled up into early waking moments and nagged at me, creating self-doubt during the day. Lee gave me ways to overcome these thoughts and open up the vibrational channels … to accept my power with a plan for making my future self wealthy, healthy, and happy.

Carol Liege

Minneapolis, MN USA

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