To get a standing ovation from our group was very impressive! Your energy, your enthusiasm as well as your philosophy of life will serve as examples of how a positive mental attitude can pave the road to success. I think all of us at your speech, felt you inspired us to be better at our careers and personal lives.

Max Johnson, Walt Disney Company


Your presentation was splendid! We have received very enthusiastic responses to your lively, innovative motivational presentation to our Board of Realtors. We all went away feeling better about ourselves, and our role in the real estate industry. Thank you.
Tom Lewis, Ocean County Board of Realtors 

You had a pretty tough audience with us and you did an excellent seminar for our sales force. As you know, the competition in New York City is fierce but your topics were very helpful. Our sales people need all the self-esteem help they can get. We have noticed, since your seminar, a twenty-five percent increase in sales volume.
David Payne, VP, United States Copier Corp.

Lee was very interesting, informative, responsive to the audience and kept me ‘spellbound’ with endless possibilities this has opened up to me! Thanks!
L. Albury, Florida Health & Rehabilitative Services

Ms. Milteer is a truly dynamic speaker and motivates by exemplifying her words.
Hollis Bliss,  Florida Dept. Of Education

Lee, you received the highest evaluations of anyone we have ever used in our conventions 4.89 out of 5.00 from the participants in your session. We loved your humor and your material.
Don Graham, Virginia Credit Union

Lee is the most enthusiastic, humorous, and informative speaker that I have ever heard. Her presentations are full of fire.Rhonda A. Likely, Pensacola Junior College

You were wonderful. We here at Xerox think we have the best trainers, but you proved to be one of the best we have ever heard.
Elvin Dashiell,  Xerox Corporation

Lee, you are most certainly one of the top female speakers in the U.S. today. You do an outstanding, entertaining job in front of an audience.
Charles Whitnel, Resource Group of America

Lee generated a lot of energy, enthusiasm and positive feelings towards her audience. She inspires you to immediately set your action plans for your career and personal life into motion. She is one of the best speakers I have heard!
Mark Godfreer, Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Lee Milteer was a very dynamic, positive speaker. You come away with ideas on how to make situations more positive for yourself and perhaps better ideas on how to reach for your career goals you wish to obtain.
Mary Ann Martell, Firestone Canada Inc.

I would like to commend Lee Milteer on the outstanding job she did in motivating and providing me with a wealth of valuable information which has definitely changed the course of my life both professionally and personally.
Janet M. Remavich, S.R. Perrott, Inc.

Lee was excellent. She definitely is a motivational speaker. After hearing Lee’s presentation, I was able to see my job, my life and myself in a different light. Each attendee has been challenged to ‘seize’ the personal and professional opportunities that are available and take advantage of them.
Janice Keely, Tennessee Valley Authority

Truly a virtuoso performance!  All professional bank personnel can use a refresher course on how self-image can create success, and your enthusiastic presentation should stick with us for quite some time!
Sara T. Hunt, Dominion National Bank 

You were terrific! All of us – sales people, office people, and guests – thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your presentation on motivation. In discussions after the meetings, everyone agreed that you were the best guest speaker we have ever had.
Pam Leadbetter, VP Sales & Marketing, Max Ward-Delmar Studios

On behalf of the Peninsula Sales & Marketing Executives, Ltd., I’d like to express our appreciation and extend our thanks for a most dynamic, interesting and humorous presentation made to our group.
J. H. Sims, 2nd VP, Peninsula Sales & Marketing Executives, Ltd.

Lee, you are an excellent speaker. Your preparation, effort and enthusiasm are what make your programs so successful.
L. Lavore, Editorial Researcher, Reader’s Digest of Canada

Thank you, Lee, for your wonderful speech at the Carpet and Rug Institute Convention in Phoenix, AZ. Your content was informative, enlightening, humorous, and done in an enthusiastic manner. I heard nothing but rave reviews from all the people in the audience. Keep up the wonderful work!
L. Peer, Public Relations Director, The Carpet & Rug Institute