Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.








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Capitalize On Change – Creating New Solutions To Old Problems

Using proven, practical techniques, Lee Milteer teaches executives and middle managers, support staff and project teams, in short, anyone facing professional and personal change, how to:
• Take New Risks
• Increase Productivity
• Stimulate Creativity
• Develop the Power of Choice
• Transform Fear into Action
• Think Like a Leader
• Outline Peak Performance
• Perceive Change Positively
• Overcome Resistance to Change
• Avoid Catastrophic Thinking

Creating Prosperity Regardless Of The Economy In Your Life and Profession

Watch effectiveness soar and enjoy renewed commitment to the home office and clients by applying the power tools laid out in this session. The seed of success rests in the vision of the doer, and this session pinpoints how to create that vision. Learn how to find new and powerful solutions to:
• Take Risks
• Build Courage & Commitment
• Be a Big Thinker
• Overcome Poverty Consciousness
• Create Quality Service
• Overcome Negative Media Messages
• Rekindle Passion for Life
• Identify and Use Wisdom & Intuition
• Scan the Landscape for New Opportunities

Designing Your Destiny

This empowering presentation explores techniques for finding and using NEW SOLUTIONS to bring about true personal power to create desirable, personal and professional results. Learn to:
• Take 100% Responsibility for all Outcomes
• Develop Characteristics that Define Personal Excellence
• Short Circuit Negative Thinking and the Affects of Past Failures
• Become Convinced that Choice–Not Chance–Determines Destiny
• Create a Life Mission Statement
• Maintain Motivation Under Stress

Professionalism In The Office

An office staff that feels appreciated will be more productive. This presentation promises to increase morale, foster goal orientation, and boost creativity and productivity too! This program empowers attendees to learn how to:
• Be a TEAM Player
• Be a Self-Starter & Stay Motivated
• Be an Effective Company Ambassador
• Develop the 10 Character Traits that Spell Excellence
• Create More Energy & Enthusiasm for Work and Play
• Create & Nurture a Positive Attitude (even in bad times)

Selling With A Vision

Linkage between true customer service and integrity is uncovered in this session. Take an empowering look at how to increase personal value and sales presentation effectiveness in the corporate setting. Discover NEW POWERFUL SOLUTIONS on how to:
• Overcome Past Failures
• Earn Beyond Expectations
• Set Realistic & Obtainable Goals
• Draw on Internal Wisdom & Intuition
• Be More Creative in Sales Problem Solving
• Apply Strategies for Peak Performance & Confidence
• Build Powerful Customer Relationships for Repeat Business & Referrals

Success Is An Inside Job

Discover why positive, well-developed self-esteem is the key to professional and personal success. Success is a by-product of the thoughts, attitudes and opinions that drive and motivate professional and personal achievement. This session offers new strategies and solutions for tapping the resources within that make outward success possible. Using these techniques, and many others, attendees are provided with a 21-day plan for success.
Find out how to use self-programming techniques to:
• Effectively Use Your Talents and Experience
• Build Confidence and Power
• Set and Achieve Realistic Goals
• Develop a Successful Self-Image
• Build Prosperity Consciousness
• Unlock the Creative Powers of the Subconscious Mind

Take Back Your Life -Self-Esteem And Stress Management For Real People

Taken from the experiences of those who have mastered stress and change, this program focuses on creating a defense against career burnout and balancing the demands of everyday living. Gain new strategies and new solutions in stress management by:
• Improving Self-Esteem
• Instituting Protection Against a Bad Day
• Creating More Energy for Work and Play
• Overcoming the Four Fears that Create Stress
• Developing & Maintaining Attitudes that Create Success
• Learning the Six Important Phases for Maintaining Control
• Using Nutrition and Exercise to Combat Stress and Manage Moods

T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)

Turning a work group into a productive and creative TEAM is the challenge this presentation addresses. TEAM dynamics are based on developing team players’ personal power versus their position power. Discover a TEAM management philosophy that works. Understand how to:
• Stimulate TEAM Commitment
• Lead by Example
• Instill a TEAM Ownership Attitude
• Be a Lifetime Learner
• Create & Promote TEAM Mission & Vision
• Radiate Positive Thinking
• Empower TEAM Creative Problem Solving
• Listen to & Support TEAM Players

The Art of Self Marketing For Entrepreneurial and Sales People

How To Promote Yourself In The Media & Your Profession
Personal publicity is not only considered professional, it’s essential to your success. Learn the art of self-marketing from the experience of top professionals. Navigate successfully in today’s competitive environment by learning these skills:
• Make a Memorable First Impression
• Be Over Rehearsed Instead of Ambushed
• Get Thousands of Dollars in Free Advertising
• Make Personal Appearance Work for Professional Success
• Attract Invitations to Speak at Important Events and Functions.
• Write Effective Press Releases
• Be Prepared for Reporters
• Control Radio & Television Interviews
• Boost Professional Visibility

There Is A Difference Between Leading and Managing

How to building integrity and leadership qualities essential for success in the 21st century; Personal power, not position power , is what makes a leader; Developing personal power for organizational success is what this session is all about; Discover the 10 qualities that make a person an outstanding leader; and, CREATE NEW SOLUTIONS to:
• Avoid Burnout
• Initiate Creative Problem Solving
• Use Power Wisely
• Motivate Yourself and Others
• Develop Integrity
• Use Humor as a Common Bond
• Implement New Ideas
• Live and Lead by Example
• Overcome Resistance to Change
• Use Positive & Effective Feedback
• Create a High Performance Team
• Face the Challenges of Being a Leader
• Become a Visionary
• Foster Trust & Open Communication