Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.



Lee Milteer’s

Millionaire Smarts Program

“If you are engaged in any kind of coaching business, franchising, or association management, you should work with Lee Milteer.”

“Lee’s Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program was actually developed at my urging to fill a gap my information marketing clients had, knew they had, and couldn’t or weren’t willing to fill themselves, simply put, the attitude and motivation component. Most information marketers provide the mechanics – how to advertise, how to market, how to sell, how to manage, and the tools to do those things with, but all the tools are useless to people insufficiently motivated to use them. The results of integrating Lee and her program into the niche infomarketers’ own coaching programs have been far greater and more significant than we originally imagined. There’s positive impact on compliance, retention and dissention, translating into measurable hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profits that would otherwise be lost. From the information marketers standpoint, he gets terrific added value to support his selling of his coaching program or franchise or other service, and the improved compliance, retention and ascension of his members, all at a very modest, actually nearly insignificant cost amortized over the number of participants. There’s no work on his part, saving expense of time, and the security of working with a consummate, trust-worthy and diligent professional (Lee Milteer) who delivers on every promise on time. What more could you ask? So, I urge my clients to add Lee Milteer’s program to theirs.
Further, many clients are finding Lee to be a valuable asset in selling their coaching programs, franchises, association memberships or other programs as well as by speaking at their events, speaking on their teleseminars, being part of their audio brochures, or even producing them.
Dan Kennedy

Renegade Millionaire Maker, GKIC

“Lee Milteer is the best person on the planet in giving business owners and professionals realistic Strategies & Tools that support Critical Thinking, Emotional Stability, and Resilience to managing your Life, Work, and your ability to produce Profits.”

LEE is massively effective in helping people remove their bad habits and install new more productive and profitable behaviors into their business and life.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee Business Systems

“Getting people to believe in themselves is not the easiest task.  The Millionaire Smarts Program is the bridge that helps them with this piece.”

“Being new to the information marketing world and having CPAs and attorneys as clients/members I was skeptical at first about how the Millionaire Smarts program would be received.  I knew they NEEDED the “mindset” piece but did they want one was the question. Well, the answers was an astounding “yes”! Our members look forward to the monthly coaching calls and all the reports and transcripts that come with it.. In addition to Lee herself being on these monthly calls she interviews nationally recognized experts as well. We’re now in our second year with Lee and Millionaire Smarts and it was one of the best membership retention decisions we made.  Thank you, Lee!”

Michael Rozbruch

CPA, Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax & Business Solutions Academy

“As a sponsor of the program there is NO easier way to provide members with valuable content with little to no effort.”

Millionaire Smarts as an amazing value to any entrepreneur. New ideas and positive input each month that can be put in place in any business. An amazing program that I highly recommend.

Justin Miller

Owner, Profit 911Consulting, East Moline, IL, USA

“Lee is wonderful because I don’t have to worry about every single month if the content’s going to be there or not. It shows up right on time, right on schedule. It makes it easy for me.”

I’ve been working with Lee since 2003 when she first offered the Millionaire Smarts® Program to Kennedy Platinum members, her coaching program. What I find to be the best out of Lee’s program is that I know that the mindset stuff works because I’ve worked on that myself for my own progressive success over the years, and it’s something that I always work on with my members and coaching clients.

That’s why it’s always great to have Lee there every month giving people a dose of the “in your head” stuff which I find sometimes is the biggest stumbling block for people to achieving what they want to achieve either online or offline. We have different clients that use this and it works just as well for all of them. We have doctors that get this monthly as well as my internet marketing group. It makes the added bulk factor of my highest level coaching. Students get the extra bulk and They Love it.  It helps retention.  It helps them think that I am really  looking out for them, which I am, by making sure that this stuff is in there.

Lee does always a great job, professional job interviewing some of the top people in self-development, in personal development, in relationship information and time management. A lot of different categories, that like I said, I don’t always get a chance to get to it. I would highly recommend using Lee’s Millionaire Smarts® Program if you have a group of people that you’re coaching with, consulting with, or even for franchisees. It definitely has one of my highest recommendations.

Yanik Silver

Owner, Surefire Marketing

“Lee really does drill in to make sure that you follow the plan and follow the system that your sponsor and your coach has put into place for you. I would highly recommend it for anybody that’s part of a franchise.”

We’ve been using the Millionaire Smarts® Program for several year now, and it’s just phenomenal. One of the main things as a franchiser is you are always looking for new and effective ways to support the franchisees. One of the wonderful things about the Millionaire Mindset is it helps people get out of their own way and expand their horizons. It gives them an opportunity to really see the potential that we’re always training them. Of course, as you know people can see the clouds more than the sun in operating their own business. It gives them a marvelous opportunity to really refocus on setting priorities, on thinking more expansively about their operations and their systems, and at the same time, it’s very supportive them following our pre-defined system and not experimenting with success. It’s got a marvelous weekly lesson for all the franchisees, a monthly teleconference, a lot of support tools that help them out in a lot of ways, and I hear nothing but just glowing feedback.. The best part is I really don’t have to do anything to give them a tremendous assets and a huge amount of support.

Stephen Oliver

Founder, Mile High Karate

“Lee delivers month after month, and the money that I invest in my members by using the Millionaire Smarts® is one of the most important investments I could ever make. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t even consider having a coaching program without offering this type of service.”

I’m an elder law attorney, and I’ve got a couple different coaching programs. Elder law and estate planning attorneys participate in my programs. I’ve got a platinum level program, and I’ve got a gold plus program. I use Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® for both programs, and it’s because anyone who coaches others knows that you can have the greatest advice and marketing materials in the world, but often times it’s other factors – things like self-image or issues with self-confidence or from the negative side, self-sabotage.

Those types of things that my coaching clients run into really kind of holds them back and hinders them. What Lee’s program does is it helps my coaching members get past all those types of issues so that the marketing message that I’m delivering to them can kind of seep in and make a difference. I get a lot of feedback from the members in my coaching groups. Basically, they tell me they love it. They talk about how it’s allowed them to establish goal setting, how to identify their personal blind spots and obstacles, and then figure out ways to overcome them. It helps them to develop problem solving and decision-making abilities, and how to overcome anxiety and fear about the future, and all those types of things. It’s just a terrific program.

One of the things that I like about it as a sponsor is that there’s just such a wide range of topics. Sometimes it’s Lee herself. Other time it might be famous authors, speakers, folks that we all know like Dan Kennedy or Brian Tracey, Matt Furey. The list goes on and on.

The program fills the need for me as a provider, not only for content, but also beyond that. The Millionaire Mindset really provides the critical link between knowing and doing, and anybody who’s got a group of entrepreneurs, coaching members, franchise owners – anybody like that – really needs to enroll in this program. It’s just terrific, and Lee, I’m very thankful for everything you do.

Bill Hammond

Owner, EDLF Publishing, Inc.

“I started when I was smaller, and I looked at the numbers and said, ‘Can I afford to do this?’ As I look back, I’m not only absolutely convinced that it’s something that I couldn’t afford not to do, but today it’s been a big part of what we’re doing.”

I’ve been working with Lee Milteer and her Millionaire Smarts® for Entrepreneurs program for several years now. Interesting thing, as I look back on it was when I first heard about Lee’s program through Dan Kennedy, he said, “Well, you’ve got to have this.”

My comment to Dan was that I had a small herd at that time several years ago, and wasn’t quite frankly sure that I could or should afford a program like hers. He said, “Do it. It’s going to work.”

Not only has it worked, but now we’re at a couple thousand members. We’re making an absolute fortune out of my coaching program, and I look at Lee’s stuff and I say, “Well, you can’t do without this type of a program.” I have so much that I offer my guys, but there’s places where Lee plugs into what I do for my guys that just would blow you away.

What I give them is all fine and good, but not if they’re not willing to implement, not if they don’t have the mindset, not if they don’t understand wealth accumulation, wealth building and how to be an entrepreneur. This is where Lee fits into my program and my guys absolutely love this stuff.

As I look at this, I say to myself, as always, Dan’s right on the mark. I started it several years ago at his suggestion and I’m continuing it for the foreseeable future ever to come just because it works really well, and she gives a big part of that energy – I want to say energization if there were such a word – that we just can’t do ourselves for our guys. So, can you afford not to have Lee as a part of that? I don’t think so. Good luck and I wish you all well.

Dr. Tom Orent

Founder, Gems Publishing, Inc.

“You have exceeded my expectations and I am grateful for all you do.”

I wanted to personally write to you to thank you for the insights and strategies you have provided to my coaching members.  Your topics are always timely, but more importantly you provide real-world, practical strategies that help all of us improve our business and our personal lives.  The passion you have for being the “coaches coach” comes through on every call.  

Brian Sacks

Mortgage Expert, Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.

“You and Lee are smartly partnering to deliver the ‘glue’ that will keep your members attached to you for a long time!”

If you are a niche leader or “guru,” your members probably first came to you for your advertising and marketing prowess. You’ve likely done a good job at that and their businesses are growing. Some will say, “But now I know how to market and grow my business, why do I need you?”

The secret to sustaining a membership organization, beyond your ability to teach marketing or business growth, is to grow members who are bonded to you through philosophy or “mindset.” Truth be told, this is actually a much harder subject to teach and maintain interest in than the great marketing material you deliver!

Lee Milteer can handle this part of your membership organization for you with her “Millionaire Smarts” mindset coaching program. Lee delivers a ton of great material each month that you can share with your members. At the same time she will honor your relationship with your members. In short, you and Lee are smartly partnering to deliver the “glue” that will keep your members attached to you for a long time!

Ben Glass

Great Legal Marketing, Ben Glass Law

“Bottom line. You gotta have a coach!”

I listened to your Millionaire Smarts® call on Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors, yesterday. I found your comments on client/coach relationships fascinating. Most individuals, without a coach/mentor, would find it hard to believe that a client would not use the advice their paid coach provides.

However, I must say, from experience, that putting advice into practice is not always so easy. You must get out of denial/insanity, be willing to try new ideas and, most importantly, you must know what you want. Then, you must set aside the time to implement new ideas. That is hard work. And, in my wife’s case, it was hard work that paid off handsomely. You made a good point when you said that everybody has problems. Everybody has challenges.

Let me share with you some of our challenges. We started with Bob Willis in April 2001. By August 2002, my wife had the practice she desired. Then, she fractured her femur, (had hip replacement surgery a year later) and a hysterectomy. Also, her number one assistant was out 4 months with a difficult pregnancy and her #1 hygienist has a similarly trying pregnancy. The remaining staff, and many patients, wondered what the heck was going on.

Throughout the entire ordeal, we continued to apply the Coaching Program principles. We popped through the other side healthy (both physically and financially). My wife’s practice had gross revenues in excess of $1M in ’03 and ’04 and we more than halfway to that number this year, as well.

You are also correct when you say, ‘we find unproductive behaviors to do, first.’  Guilty, as charged. I’m starting a log. You can’t improve what you don’t track. Finally, your point on finding someone to hold you accountable is superb. I’ve decided to tell my most goal-oriented friend about two projects that I want to complete this summer.

Denis Raczkowski

Marketing Director and Chief Communications Officer, Marcia L. Rementer, DMD, PA

“Reading her notes and listening to her is like having flashes of insight go off like lightning as you start to put things together in new ways.”

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for providing Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® coaching information to us.  I’ve found it extraordinarily helpful in cogitating about different ways to market online. I get a lot of skepticism from people around me about making this thing work, but if they could see what I see, they wouldn’t doubt anymore.  Guess I’ll just have to  make it a reality so there’s no doubts about my abilities anymore.

Rob Larson

Millionaire Smarts® Member


Lee Milteer’s

Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors System

“I urge all Business Owners to invest in this Life changing Freedom from BAD Habits System to manage their time and resources more effectively to monetize new opportunities and trends.”

Lee’s system is a real must for Business Professionals giving you realistic Strategies & Tools that support Critical Thinking, Emotional Stability, and Resilience to managing your Life, Work, and your ability to produce Profits.
Dan Kennedy

Renegade Millionaire Maker

“LEE is massively effective in helping people remove their bad habits and install new more productive and profitable behaviors into their business and life.”

Lee Milteer is the best person on the planet in giving business owners and professionals realistic Strategies & Tools that support Critical Thinking, Emotional Stability, and Resilience to managing your Life, Work, and your ability to produce Profits. 

Keith Lee

Keith Lee Business Systems

“OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS By Lee Milteer is one of the best programs I have invested in to take control of my life and business again!”

And Lee clearly Designed this program for body, mind and spirit. Lee Milteer has been a wonderful influence in my personal and business life. Her new program Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors assisted me in releasing old habits and behaviors that caused me to overwork and be stressed out while neglecting myself and letting others overstep personal and business boundaries.

This incredible system has given me insight on how to easily release unproductive habits that have freed me up in life to actually enjoy my life now. I am so impressed with Lee’s system because it gives you strategies to change the way you feel, think, and act by changing your patterns of behavior.

I found her system helped me feel more confident to say NO when I used to say Yes to things and people that did not serve me. I am now free to Experience the freedom of designing my own destiny without a lot of old baggage! Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors has allowed me to release the self-defeating habits that had caused me to neglect myself and hold me back. Lee’s techniques are as simple as they are powerful and they helped me take control of my life from feeling stuck, frustrated and powerless.

I was very pleased with the depth of Lee ‘s knowledge and her wonderful humor to assist me in releasing habits. I have been a fan of Lee Milteer for a long time and have read all her books and invested in all her educational programs. I can honestly say her latest program OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS is a system that I would recommend to everyone who wants to FEEL empowered and in charge of their life again!!

Lina Penalosa-Roberts

Expert Copywriter, Washington D.C.

“We have noticed, since your program, a twenty-five percent increase in sales volume.”

Thank you for your program on Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors. My sales staff had really lost marketing shares in our territory due to bad working habits, poor time management, poor organizational skills, procrastination and other profit-losing habits. You had a pretty tough audience with us and you did an excellent job for our sales force helping them move past their old programming and creating a new plan of action. As you know, the competition in New York City is fierce but your secrets for OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS were very helpful. Our sales people need all the self-esteem help they can get.

David L Payne

VP, Copies for You, New York

“I am proud to say that you gave me the ‘tomorrow Awareness of my behaviors and that changed my life forever.’ You are my Hero—THANK YOU!”

After listening to Lee on the OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS program, I was able to see my job, my life and myself in a different light. I have been challenged to ‘seize’ the personal and professional opportunities that are available to me and take advantage of them.

I have released the need to act on several negative habits such as overspending, mismanagement of time, and the most important one of all, I quit smoking and even lost a few pounds that I had not expected to lose! This is the only program that has actually given me the tools, motivation and a system to root out what was causing me to have bad habits. 

Dr. Janice Strong


“Wow, I lost 53 pounds and feel motivated again because I was at the end of my rope.”

None of my clothes fit anymore. I was embossed to get dressed up to go out and my marriage was clearly suffering because I felt such insecurity about my weight gain. I invested in Lee’s Unproductive Behaviors System and I am truly excited about life again, plus I look GREAT!

I have learned to stop saying yes when I want to say no. How liberating it has been to learn to nurture myself and give myself permission to be whom and what I want to be as a woman. I have stopped being a people pleaser, lost 53 pounds, and learned to put my health and needs first. God Bless Lee Milteer and God bless this program. It’s inspiring and contains more truth on living a successful life than any other program I have ever had. I just love listening to Lee every morning as I drive to work.

Nancy Mellott

Washington, D.C.

“I LOST 25 POUNDS AFTER LISTENING TO: Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors.”

Lee’s system will give you the strategies to change the way you feel, think and act by changing your patterns of behavior and thinking. Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors gave me the confidence to release the self-defeating habits that have held me back from being the person I really wanted to be!

Lee shares information that I was not taught in school and really taught me how to be successful, not only in getting rid of bad habits, but in creating good habits that allow me NOT to fall back into bad habits that show up in my life as weight gain. For the first time, I really think I have the tools to take control of my life.

I have released feeling stuck, frustrated and powerless! What a gift to my future. Personally, thanks to this incredible program, I have given myself permission to stop trying to please everyone and for once in my life start living for me.

Lee Milteer is a great coach and her advice has helped me create boundaries. She has given us the tools to become the success we all want to be but did not know how until now by getting rid of bad habits and becoming conscious of how I can use my life energy to manifest new results.

I suggest to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or unhappy with not being able to move past old unresourceful behaviors or bad habits that you invest in this program because it will change your life!” I feel young and pretty and look HOT in my new jeans.

Claudia Ross

Business Project Coach, Toronto, Canada

“Please invest in this program to take control of your life.”

For anyone who wants to take back their life, love yourself enough to invest in Lee Milteer’s new habit breaking system: Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors. I not only have utilized the program myself, I recommend it to all my clients and patients.

The feedback I get from my clients and patients who have used this life-changing program has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone has thanked me for recommending it. Lee Milteer’s system makes breaking habits easy and almost effortless.

So if you want to lose weight, quit smoking, get rid of a bad temper, stop shopping to much, or lose any bad habit, this program and system will help you over a 21 day period to really get to the core of your problem so you can fix it instead of just putting a band-aid over it. 

Dr. Ernesto J. Fernandez

DOM, AP,LMHC, Sarasota, FL

“I wake up happy with myself for dumping the behaviors that were destructive to my healt, relationships and business.”

Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors System has taken me from a financially struggling, overweight, stressed out, workaholic to a Focused, Productive, Creative, Healthier and Happier Business Owner, now with a thriving Retail Business.

AJ Williams

“This is the BEST System I have ever invested in that got me such fast results.”

I am very impressed with Lee Milteer’s System! This new knowledge totally shifted my life from a Perfectionist and Procrastinator with NO Boundaries into an Implementer with a heightened sense of Purpose and Passion again for my Professional Practice and Life!

Plus,  I lost 35 pounds with amazing ease, started a new daily walking program, and wake up daily feeling like a new person.

Elisabeth Scott


“Lee Milteer’s System paid for itself in the first month and I highly recommend this system to other Entrepreneurs.”

Lee woke me up to the money I have been leaving on the table because I have had no available energy to update my office with technology, market more effectively, and expand my services.  My Professional Practice is now thriving because I took the time to restructure myself from Negative Habits that were draining me from doing the profitable next step.  I also shared with my Team the new strategies and tools I learned to implement in our practice.

J. Ross


“I was able to quickly weed out those behaviors, both business and personal, that were putting the brakes on my success!”

When you are an entrepreneur it is very easy to waste time, effort and energy on behaviors every single day that are not
helping you. The problem that I found was that some of the behaviors I thought were helping me were only putting me further behind and sadly I did not even know it. Through the help of Lee’s Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors course I was able to quickly weed out those behaviors, both business and personal, that were putting the brakes on my success and hit those business and personal targets much faster.

Darin Garmen

“Others will ask you what is your secret!”

I promise you that if you will just listen to this program for a mere 21 days, your life, attitude, perspective, and results will all improve to the point that others will ask you what is your secret!

Wishing you Massive Success!

Margaret Keeling


Lee Milteer’s

October 2017 Wealth Creation Vision Quest

Laura Rodriguez

Owner/Intuitive Coach, Awaken The Wisdom Within Commnications, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Amanda Olson

Owner, Olson Martial Arts Academy, Johnson City, TN, USA

“I walked away feeling clarity, a sense of readiness and new tools to start applying to my life and business.”

I highly recommend the Vision Quest with Lee Milteer. It was a perfect combination of teaching, creativity and quiet time. I walked away feeling clarity, a sense of readiness and new tools to start applying to my life and business.
It has been about seven weeks since leaving Virginia Beach and I have seen things shift on many levels with my life and business. The energy of the Vision Quest really shifted things for me not only on an energetic level but on a tangible level as well.
Lee has a unique teaching style ~ she is business savvy and has a deep energy practice. What makes her unique is that she applies both of these components to her teachings and retreats. This adds tremendous value to those working with her.
I continue to see clarity and movement with my business and am grateful to Lee and her team.
Melanie Scott

Owner/Intuitive Business Strategist, An Intentional Business, Atlanta, GA, USA

“After the Vision Quest, I just closed a $1.2M sale!”

I attended your most recent Vision Quest and just want you to know how it has effected my life. I’m a Realtor and I went with the intentions of improving my business. I have a great business but work far too hard selling a lot of lower priced homes. After the Vision Quest, I just sold a $1.2M sale.

The shift in my business and my personal life have improved immensely. I highly recommend Your Vision Quest to anyone that wants to improve their life whether it be financial or personal!

Loretta Washburn

Realtor and Best Selling Author, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Towne Realty, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

“I felt so much more positive and full of energy after the vision quest, I knew which direction my life was going in for the first time.”

Elizabeth Gracin


Lee Milteer’s

February 2017 Wealth Creation Vision Quest

With Lee’s Guidance and tools I learned at the 3 Vision Quests I have attended I have manifested the perfect buyer for my home that was not for sale, for a higher amount than any home in my neighborhood has sold for and profited $130K. I then manifested the next perfect home for us. I’ve also manifested the perfect clients for me. In fact one of them mailed me her entire retirement monies to invest for her and the same week I had another chasing me down the hallway to roll his 401K for him.

Katie Shugert

Real Estate Investor, Brecksville, OH, USA

“Lee opens a safe space for us to gracefully step into the amazing and wealthy beings that we truly are, while gently releasing fears and blocks that may have held us back.”

I have attended two of Lee Milteer’s Wealth Creation Vision Quests. In keeping with the ancient intent of a Vision Quest, Lee opens a safe space for us to gracefully step into the amazing and wealthy beings that we truly are, while gently releasing fears and blocks that may have held us back. Her teachings give us powerful and practical tools for manifesting our goals and dreams, like beacons along the path to our true self. And she takes great care to gather a group that is open and deeply caring – providing a mutually loving and supportive atmosphere for growth and transformation. Her Vision Quest Retreats are an experience like no other for moving from who you are into who you’re meant to be.

Marie Denkinger

Owner/Life Purpose Mentor, LifePurposeMentor.com, California, USA

“…thank you, thank you, thank you Lee for putting the Vision Quest together!”

I want to share with you my positive experience from participating in your Vision Quest!

First, meeting you, getting to know you and being in your energy was amazing. You shared with us your business savvy along with ” mystery school” knowledge and most of all your heart. Needless to say I learned a lot. I now start my mornings with rituals including reading from your prayer book, writing my “gratefuls” and scripting! I gotta say this stuff works!!!

Second, on one of our group gatherings, I signed up for a hot seat.  Not only did YOU work on me but the whole group got together and showed acts of kindness, compassion and generosity that I had never experienced before. Unbelievable!!!! It truly was life changing. I still think back on it and smile.

And last but not least, the people in the group are truly wonderful!! Lots of different personalities that all meshed together and became a Tribe!! I now have lifetime friends.

So thank you, thank you, thank you Lee for putting the Vision Quest together!

I am truly blessed!

Merle Katz

Florida, USA

” [Lee] is a master retreat leader and she lovingly shares her vast wisdom and practical insights to move you to another level of awareness and inner power.”

Lee Milteer’s Vision Quest was one of the most extraordinary retreats I’ve ever been on. I truly loved every minute with Lee and met fascinating people who have become my good friends. Lee is an exceptional teacher who can inspire you to create your life according to your own vision. She is a master retreat leader and she lovingly shares her vast wisdom and practical insights to move you to another level of awareness and inner power. Lee operates from her heart and generously gives far more that you can imagine. I highly recommend attending Lee’s Vision Quest to all of my friends and clients.

Gina Bender

Florida, USA

” I came back home looking at my life through a different set of eyes. But instead of rejecting what I had, I drew strength from remembering and practicing the things I’ve learned from you during the retreat. “

Ive heard of the drastic life changes some of the participants have went through after attending this and the past Vision Quest retreats and upon coming home, I can see why. It took me a couple of days to get back on track. There was definitely a strong resistance in my heart and spirit. I came back home looking at my life through a different set of eyes. But instead of rejecting what I had, I drew strength from remembering and practicing the things Ive learned from you during the retreat. I looked at the people around me with a newfound understanding and compassion. I gave myself some slack and practiced not being too hard on myself. My biggest takeaway probably is the feeling that life doesn’t always have to be so serious. I mean, I’ve always known that but now I somehow do get it. Leaving the retreat gave me a similar feeling as after I finished reading your book, Reclaim the Magic. I felt I was thoroughly reminded of all the things I’ve always known in living a happy and meaningful life but somehow forgotten.

Marge Maghoney

Owner/Photographer, Marge Maghoney Photography, San Jose, CA, USA


Lee Milteer’s

June 2016 Wealth Creation Vision Quest

“I’m going to be taking this back home and really having some big change and transformation in my life.”

“I gifted myself this Vision Quest Retreat with Lee Milteer as a gift for my birthday, and what a gift it has been for me. Lee knows business and Lee knows spiritual power. She has brought us this combination of both. I have been able to dive really into my spiritual gifts, intuition, and insight and then see how to use that in my business. She asks those tough questions and those questions that really help you bring to the surface what you need to clear, heal, and resolve.

We are in beautiful Sedona, so we’re getting lot of Lee and her powerful gifts, and we’re also getting Sedona. We’ve gotten to get out into Sedona. We’re in this gorgeous retreat location where there’s a lot of time to reflect, and refresh, and refrain. Then we’re in working in this powerful group with 30 other people where we’ve all been able to mastermind together and share together. The energy has just been so incredible. I am planning on attending next year’s event because this one was so amazing and allowed me time for myself and opened my mind to even more success. Thank you Lee.”

Michelle Barr

The Business Coach for Intuitive Women, MichellBarr.com, USA

“[Lee] absolutely gives her heart and soul and all her knowledge and education.”

“I’m with Lee Milteer and so many other people that were fortunate enough to be part of this special program, the Wealth Vision Program in Sedona. I don’t want to get emotional on you, but I’ve learned a lot. It’s been three and a half days; a lot more schooling to go. The people that are here, they’re really great. They’ve very spiritual, very supportive. You can feel safe and open. Lee Milteer, I’ve known her for a long time, and she absolutely gives her heart and soul and all her knowledge and education. She is into it, loves it, feels it. She is so authentic, more now than ever. It’s just been great for me.”

Chris Mullins

Owner/The Phone Sales Doctor, Mullins Media Group, Peterborough, NH, USA

“Every aspect of it was wonderful, it’s was life affirming.”

“I came to Lee’s seminar to get some direction, and to get more in touch with myself so that I could increase my business prospects. The seminar was just outstanding. I’ve got goose bumps again. I have direction. Every aspect of it was wonderful, it’s was life affirming. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I was searching for what to do next. I feel much more in touch with myself. It was fabulous. The accommodations were wonderful. The classes were wonderful. The speakers were at the top of their game as was Lee. I recommend you to please join Lee and you will have a magical experience.”

Elaine Kraft

Financial Services Industry, Pennsylvania, USA

“…I feel so enthusiastic about my future and what I am going to create for myself.”

“I just attended the four day School of Wisdom’s course called: Wealth Creation Vision Quest with Lee Milteer. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s my first time at an even such as this. I have to say, it’s been absolutely a fantastic experience. I feel the energy and the love from everyone, and I just can’t say enough good things about it. This event transformed me in ways it is hard to verbalize but I feel so enthusiastic about my future and what I am going to create for myself. Lee showed me where I held myself back. Her intuition is beyond this world. I am so impressed.”

Betty Johnson

“[Lee] is a blessing because every single thing that she shared with us is eye opening.”

“I came to Lee’s Vision Quest of Wealth. This was my first time to be here, to meet Lee and everybody else. I’m so grateful for the experience that I had. I have experienced the love, generosity, the kind of person who Lee is. She is one of the most amazing, down-to-earth, kind, loving, caring person that I’ve ever met. She is … To me, she’s a blessing because every single thing that she shared with us is eye opening. Pretty much she wants everybody to give back which is sometimes so hard for people to do, but if you really take everything that she shared with us and put it in use you going to get so much back to yourself and to the world. I think one of the things that I can say, she’s a blessing to the people who know her and the people who get to know her. I hope and pray that she continues with her work. God bless you, Lee.”

Justine Awari

“I can’t tell you how much this has helped me clarify who I am and where I’m going.”

“I just finished Lee Milteer’s School of Wisdom Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona, AZ. When I came, I knew that it would be great things because I’ve worked with Lee before at other coaching programs and personally. This was so much more than I ever expected. Between Lee and the Vision Board and all the wonderful people here, I can’t tell you how much this has helped me clarify who I am and where I’m going. If you’re even thinking about doing something like this, I would highly recommend it. It’s been a fabulous, fabulous journey. Lee knows how to make people feel special and help them find their authentic self for sure!”

Carrie Lee


“I’ve been to some pretty great events with people who really know what they are doing and put on these amazing experiences with people, and this one really just blows them all away with the amount of love, care, and attention.”

“I’m so excited to be at Lee Milteer’s Wealth Vision Quest Retreat, and I just wanted to say how awesome this event is. I’m a pretty discerning cookie. I’ve got about twenty years of magical experience, magical practice and training, initiations, and teaching. I’m pretty particular about who I choose to work with and who I choose to study with. I noticed what Lee was putting out in the world, and I actually called her up one day and I said, ‘I see you, and I love what you’re doing. It’s amazing what you’re doing.’ We had a great conversation.

Couple months later, she put forth this invitation for the Wealth Vision Quest Retreat, and I knew immediately that it was going to be an event unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and indeed it was. First of all, the level of care and love and attention that has gone into this event is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and that’s really saying something. I’ve been to some pretty great events with people who really know what they are doing and put on these amazing experiences with people, and this one really just blows them all away with the amount of love, care, and attention.

Then the depth of knowledge that’s been shared, the depth of experience, the wisdom that’s been shared and the community of people, too. That’s the other thing. The community of people here are really really extraordinary. If you go to events and it’s sometimes weird energy, and sometimes people are off? None of that is here. Everyone’s just been incredibly amazing and clean. Lee shared with us her vision for connecting light workers all together to really bring forward magical practice in a big way which of course is my mission, too. I am so so excited, and I can say that she is off to a big upstart on that. I am so looking forward to further connecting with her, coming to further events. She made an invitation at the event; I signed up immediately. I’m going to continue to work with her. She is just amazing, and the whole team is amazing. It’s been nothing but love and care.

Bottom line: I highly, highly recommend if this is calling to you. If you are a light worker who is really looking to up-level and be with amazing people and get this work out into the world in a bigger way while creating an amazing experience for yourself. I didn’t even talk about that. The whole focus of this retreat was creating your vision for wealth and success, and you’ll get that as well. If any of these things are drawn to you, don’t hesitate. You will be over-the-moon as I was.”

Elizabeth Purvis

Founder and Creator, Goddess Business School, Feminine Magic

“Lee is truly an incredible soul. She will lead you to the path that you are looking for…”

“I came to the Vision Quest with very high expectations, and those expectations have not only been met but well exceeded. It has been an honor to be at this Vision Quest. Lee and Lily have done an incredible job here at the Vision Quest. I have come here with a lot of challenges in my life. I’ve shifted completely and released a lot of things in my life and created a new future for myself.

I’m very excited to move forward from this vision quest and I’ve come to the Vision Quest with a lot of challenges, a lot of blocks, that have been released. I have let them go. I’m so happy and so proud of myself as well as everyone here. I would highly recommend anyone come to Vision Quest. It is amazing. Lee is truly an incredible soul. She will lead you to the path that you are looking for, and assist you in releasing those blocks and help you step into a new future.”

Elisabeth Belknap

Wealth Coach, Chief Executive Officer, Vecors Coaching, ROEL Capital, LLC and Trader

“I got insight into an even deeper personal block that I was having with my personal and business life.”

“I’ve known Lee Milteer for a lot of years. I was in her Peak Performers group for about five years. I count her responsible for a good portion of the success I’ve had in business. I heard about this new Vision Quest that was coming up. It just so happened that I was struggling with some personal and business issues and kind of felt stuck, and this seemed like the perfect thing to look at. I didn’t know if I would find the answer to my problems here. I had a good intention of coming here and finding some kind of solution or finding some kind of insight.

It’s funny how things work out because I came here and I found … I didn’t find exactly the answer to the problems that I was originally looking for, but I found what I needed. I got insight into an even deeper personal block that I was having with my personal and business life. Things really worked out far better than I ever could have imagined. Lee Milteer really is a magical person. I love her to death. I’ll be coming back next year. I signed up for her Wisdom School. My relationship with Lee Milteer over all these years has been nothing but beneficial and productive. It’s made my life better, and I’m thankful to have her as part of my life. My wife Gina also attended and we signed up for Lee’s Wealth & Power Mastery VIP mastermind series we loved Lee so much! We also hope to attend the next event.”

Andre Palko

Technifold USA

“If you are looking for what you are supposed to do with your life, this is the retreat.”

“The Lee Milteer Wealth Creation Vision Quest Retreat is just an awesome experience. Every detail is taken care of for you. The giving never ends. Everything is beautiful. It’s a beautiful setting. It’s a world enhancing experience. It’s something that you should come to and bring your loved ones, too. Because everyone can benefit from aligning your life in a way that’s comfortable, and in a way that is profitable, and in a way that just is inspirational to everyone. We just had a ball! It was fun every minute. It was one surprise after another, and you can’t miss it. You’ve got to come. If you are looking for what you are supposed to do with your life, this is the retreat. I came with my entire family. My mother, father and sister. We all just loved Lee and the retreat. Thank you Lee and your wonderful team.”

Evan Pellegrini

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to be open to finding their real power.”

“Hi, my name is Linda Crossley, I’ve just been through with Lee Milteer and her Vision Quest program. I’ve got to tell you I am so full, and so light, and so happy. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience like this. I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to be open to finding their real power. With an open heart, it’s magic for sure. Thank you Lee and all of your team. You raised the bar for everyone in the retreat world I can say. Never have I seen an event so well run and people so over the top Happy. I bought my son and he got so much out of this and thinks Lee Milteer walks on water. Lee’s intuition is epic!”

Linda Crossley

Cantina Owner, Mexico

“Daily Lee surprised us with bonuses never advertised. The value of this event was over the top.”

“I just spent 3 days at the best retreat I have personally ever experienced and I am a retreat junkie! Lee Milteer’s Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona, Arizona was without exception the most enjoyable, well run, fun and with tons of learning that I have never experienced before at one place. The people there were all first class people who were so enjoyable to be with and learn from. I had a ball at the Vortex Jeep tour and daily Lee surprised us with bonuses never advertised. The value of this event was over the top. Lee opened my mind to a new dimension of possibilities I just could not have come up with alone. Lee is one of the most intuitive business thought leaders I have ever met. She blew me away with suggestions on how I could leverage my existing business that will literally be worth to me 100 times what I invested to be at her event. In one of the mastermind tables I got such benefit from the insights from the other attendees that I went home and instantly put into action new ideas from the event. I am telling all my associates and friends they have to sign up for the next one and I am so grateful for the opportunity. It literally has shifted my mindset to a much higher perception. I am truly now a true wealth Creator! This event and you certainly changed my future to a better one! Thank you Lee!”

Bill Dickson

Owner, DRAT Productions, Inc., Delaware, USA

“I learned more about personal power than any other event I have ever attended. This is a must if you really want clarity and to find your purpose.”

“I loved Lee Milteer’s new venture, the Wealth Creation Vision Retreat. I came here because I need to know basically what I should do with my life after my children leave home. I’ve had so many breakthroughs psychically, it’s just amazing. I’m blown away by the generosity of Lee and the team of people who have made absolutely every bit of this perfect. When we came into the hotel, there was a gift waiting on our bed, and I feel as if we’ve been gifted every day with more than you could ever imagine. It’s been the most incredible experience that culminated with trips to the vortexes by the best spiritual guides that you could imagine. I learned more about personal power than any other event I have ever attended. This is a must if you really want Clarity and to find your purpose. I am so grateful because I am going home with massive new data to support me. And a great new community to belong to.”

Christina Miller

Stay-at-home Mom and Future Entrepreneur


Lee Milteer’s

Mystery School

“The tools, exercises, messages and wisdom that you have shared in Mystery School are inspiring and insightful.”

“As part of one of your coaching groups, I knew from day one your intuitive power was awesome, so when you invited me to join your Mystery School, whilst I was unsure as to what to expect I just knew you would show me yet another door of opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my thinking……As a result, I re-positioned and realigned myself with the results being:

  • Clearer Action about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity
  • Confidence that I am following the right path
  • Two new people with similar minds and understanding of the metaphysical have come into my life adding value and a new dimension to my core business in Healthcare
  • Two new clients worth $80,000
  • A second source of income leveraging my ‘Bigger Picture’ troubleshooting in Small businesses

The tools, exercises, messages and wisdom that you have shared in Mystery School are inspiring and insightful. Anyone at a point in their lives searching for answers would do well to join your mystery school and I emphatically recommend undertaking a coaching session with you. Thank you for being my guide and for presenting yourself to me so that I may continue to learn.”

Becky Lacey

Owner, Solutions 42, United Kingdom

“Until Lee’s Mystery School, I hadn’t found a way to stop the negative subconscious thoughts that bubbled up.”

“For many years I’ve felt called to do something, that God has some specific purpose for me, that there’s something I’m supposed to do, and that much of my life experience, good and bad, has been preparing me for whatever it is. I knew I was a lightworker and a messenger. But what is it?

During Lee Milteer’s Mystery School, I realized I already knew what I am meant to do. What life has prepared me to do, if my purpose is to be an inspiration where others haven’t stepped up. I know what’s needed, professionally speaking, and I had received a key to a new methodology that I could use to get it done.

I know I create reality with my thoughts. I’ve known it for years. I’ve belonged to metaphysical communities for years and was a Planet Lightworker editor years ago. And in the afternoons I had all the right thoughts I wanted to create, to share, to radiate out. But until Lee’s Mystery School, I hadn’t found a way to stop the negative subconscious thoughts that bubbled up into consciousness in early waking moments and nagged at me, created self-questioning, during the day.

Mystery School gave me ways to overcome these dark thoughts, get them out of my way. I took actual and mental steps to commit myself to do what I believe I’m here to do, and opened up the vibrational channels to accept my power, with a plan for making my future self wealthy, healthy, and happy.”

Carol Liege

“Everyone needs Lee Milteer’s Mystery School – life will no longer be a ‘mystery’.”

“I’m a very competent, enthusiastic and passionate person who succeeds at whatever I put my mind to. However, over the past couple of years, it became evident that my passion for what I was doing was eroding and my enthusiasm declined to the point that I was just going through the motions with my business and, frankly, my life. I enrolled in Lee Milteer’s “Mystery School” after I heard Lee speak. The content of the course up to a point was expected, as I had studied the mystery schools of ancient Rome and Greece at University, about divine messages to living on Earth, secret societies, etc.

HOWEVER, Lee’s course EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS. It brought a PRACTICAL, MODERN FOCUS to these metaphysical elements that are IMPERATIVE in this world that has gone off track. It is not just, what some people might term, ‘mumbo jumbo’, far from it, the course contains information, philosophies, timely strategies that when applied WILL help you live the life you were destined for and deserve, as well as the business, career, wherever you need to make changes in your life.

Since this program with Lee, which was the catalyst to my getting the download that I would never have received, and even if, I would not have heard, I AM ON TRACK. I’ve REDISCOVERED what I have been passionate about all my life but buried being a good wife, provider, role model, mentor, and always there for other people; the proverbial ‘tower of strength’.

I now know that I can still be all those things but not at my expense. I can now be authentic with people I work with and interact with. I can be a better role model as I’m now living my truth. People can ‘feel’ the energy of authenticity; that then gives them permission to live that way too; to face any challenge.

Lee, from every part of my heart and soul, I thank you and your Mystery School Program, you gave be back the most precious thing I have in this world, MY LIFE.”

Gloria Hamilten

Educator Successful Business Woman and Mother