Lee Milteer’s 1-on-1 Coaching

For Next-Level Personal & Professional Achievements

Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.

Lee Milteer’s 1-on-1 Coaching

Overcome the Inner Obstacles to your Personal & Professional Achievements! Ignite your Unique Genius with a coaching plan Customized Specifically for You!

We all have five types of life energy: Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial. How you spend your life energy determines the outcomes you get in life. To change your life you must use your life energy in an effective and efficient manner. In my coaching sessions, I will provide you with proven Success Principles and a Holistic approach to assist you in breaking past any mental and emotional blocks to reach your personal and professional goals.

Success Coaching from Lee Milteer will help you with:

  • Accountability
  • Establishing professional and personal goals
  • Identifying and building on your strengths, talents and experience
  • Identifying your personal blind spots and obstacles
  • Developing effective time management skills
  • Developing effective and usable stress management skills
  • Developing your problem solving and decision making abilities
  • Tapping into your potential and improve your performance
  • Overcoming anxieties and fears about your future
  • Creating Habits that produce and improve your productivity
  • Successfully bringing closure and completion to existing projects
  • Implementing new projects and bringing action plans to completion
  • Adapting and capitalize on change to your advantage
  • Creating balance and harmony between your personal and professional lives
  • Facing the future with creativity and confidence

One on one with Lee Milteer

Lee is an inspiring, smart, intuitive, firmly compassionate, disciplined mentor. She holds space in a way that pulls you out of hiding and allows you to dig in deep and get underneath the froth and bubble for the real juice beneath. I feel spiritually bolstered and aligned with my real purpose after our 45min+ session together, in a way that begets calm action, clarity of being and authenticity. Hard to put it all in words but it’s definitely a new feeling of being more settled and happy inside of me, and excited about the prospect of moving forward from a place of realness and surety, of wholeness and confidence in who I am and what I have shown up here to do. It was relieving to have Lee confirm the secret self identity I keep hidden from others and to remind me of the power and strategies I know I possess but coach me in a way that will hold me to using them and honoring them, such that they will bear good fruit, first and foremost for me.

I feel really fortunate to have shared an opportunity with Lee that revealed things about me that I have taken for granted and downplayed. Today I am noticing that I have replaced the inner critic of judgement and self–condemnation with a deep regard and love for the Goddess and the Angel in the earthy girl creating beauty and playing with the perfection of her life. Thanks for energetically HELPING me shift to the real me.

Blessings and love,
Angela Earle – Ochre Earth Being Australia

If you are really serious about changing your life, using your potential and realizing your dreams, you must take new actions. As partners, we will clarify what you want to work on and set up a schedule that works best for achieving the new outcomes you desire.
In order for coaching to be effective, we must form a partnership with honesty and commitment. Homework assignments will be offered after each session. All information shared within sessions is confidential.

Coaching Overview: My job is to supply you with tools to deal with your life and future. I will supply you with motivation, training, and accountability that will empower you to move into a more resourceful state of mind to make better choices. I am not your best friend. My job is to help you implement plans we make together.

Due to her speaking and writing schedule, projects, and Millionaire Smarts® Coaching, Lee Milteer will only be able to assist a select few personal coaching clients each year. Lee Milteer offers personal phone coaching for Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs who want to move to the next level of success in life.

Coaching Fees:

Contact us for current coaching rates at [email protected]
Application Required. Coaching is done in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Lee’s office or on the phone with appointment times.

SPEECH COACHING: Contact [email protected] for quote. Personal Coaching for Formatting and Giving a SPEECH or becoming a Professional Speaker. This is a program to assist you to write, format, and deliver a one-hour speech. You will be required to supply video of yourself or come to VA Beach, VA to Lee Milteer’s office to work with her. Please email [email protected] for dates available and an application. 

Limited Coaching Slots Available

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

I’m so grateful that Lee Milteer is working with me now. I’m getting ready to start one of the biggest developments of my career. Her coaching expands our abilities as entrepreneurs to listen to our inner person and is a big encouragement to me. I love her work Intuition: The New Common Sense and her new Millionaire Success Smarts® Club!

– Bill Moist

Hear what clients have to say about

Lee Milteer Coaching Programs:

As a result of working with Lee, I repositioned and realigned myself with the results of finding two NEW clients worth $80,000!

As part of your Coaching group, I knew from day one your intuitive power was awesome. You have shown me yet another door of opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my thinking. As a result of working with you I repositioned and realigned myself with the results being:

1. Clearer Action about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity
2. Confidence that I am following the right path
3. Two new clients worth $80,000
4. A second source of income leveraging my ‘Bigger Picture’ troubleshooting in Small businesses

The tools, exercises, messages, and wisdom that you have shared are inspiring and insightful. I emphatically recommend undertaking a coaching session with you. Thank you for being my guide so that I may continue to learn.

Becky Lacey

Founder & Leader, Solutions 42 Ltd

Lee said to us, ‘It is time to sell that business and do what your heart is calling you to do.’ We put the business up for sale and within 2 weeks we got an offer for $10 Million!

It was an emotional relief to have this challenge brought to the surface, it was so liberating and Lee’s timing could not have been more accurate. We put the business up for sale and within 2 weeks we got an offer for $10 Million!

We were astounded and shocked how everything fell into place so quickly. So in the turnaround time of less than 90 days we sold the business and are now for the first time in over 16 years free to truly live and do the things we want to do such as traveling with our son and plan the next stage of our life.

She cut through years of internal unhappiness and confusion we had been going through, being really tired of our business that we had started from scratch and worked in for over 16 years. We both felt stuck and unsure of what to do next in our lives.

Lee was so instrumental in assisting us to this realization that we will never have to actually work another day in our life unless we choose to. We feel truly blessed that Lee has been such an influential and important part of our lives and we could not recommend Lee Milteer’s intuitive talents as a coach more!

Walter and Jana Bergeron

Power Control Services Inc.

Since this Coaching Call with Lee … I’ve REDISCOVERED what I have been passionate about all my life but buried …

I am a very competent, enthusiastic and passionate person who succeeds at whatever I put my mind to. However, over the past couple of years, it became evident that my passion for what I was doing was eroding and my enthusiasm declined to the point that I was just going through the motions with my business and, frankly, my life. The personal Coaching Call with Lee was the ‘peak of the mountain’. She had prepared herself from questions I had submitted which I felt were important BUT, what I was focusing on was not what I needed. What I thought was important to me was not what my heart and soul felt were important; my head did, but not ME.

Since this Coaching Call with Lee, which was the catalyst to my getting the download that I would never have received, and even if, I would not have heard, I AM ON TRACK. I’ve REDISCOVERED what I have been passionate about all my life but buried being a good wife, provider, role model, mentor, and always there for other people; the proverbial ‘tower of strength’.

I now know that I can still be all those things but not at my expense. I can now be authentic with people I work with and interact with. I can be a better role model as I’m now living my truth. People can ‘feel’ the energy of authenticity; that then gives them permission to live that way too; to face any challenge.

Lee, from every part of my heart and soul, I thank you, you gave me back the most precious thing I have in this world, MY LIFE.

Gloria Hamilten

Educator, Business Woman, Mother, PurposePower.com

I sat down for a one-on-one with Lee and she completely fixed my year-old hang up in 15 minutes.

Seriously, I have been in a coaching group with Lee Milteer for two years and her lessons have been amazing. But when

I was stuck in my business and didn’t know which direction to go I sat down for a one on one with Lee and she completely fixed my year-old hang up in 15 minutes. Only someone with the experience and insight that she has can make such transformations is such a short period of time. Thank you Lee! I’d recommend your Coaching Program to anyone!

Colin Daymude

Small Business Growth Expert, Partner Manager

Lee has a way of getting to the “real” stuff that’s holding you back …

I have worked with Lee Milteer for several years, both as a member of her group coaching program called Peak Performers and as a one-on-one coaching client and she has made such a difference in my life words can’t fully express. Lee has a way of getting to the “real” stuff that’s holding you back like nobody else I have ever been around.

If you’re looking for a coach or somebody to move you ahead in your life and your business, look no further, Lee Milteer is the person who can help you.


Diane Conklin

President, Complete Marketing Systems

… finally got me off my butt …

I want everyone to know that it was Lee Milteer’s coaching, teaching, lecturing and persuasion that provided the impetus that finally got me off my butt and create the three programs that I’d been thinking of doing for over three years!

Anyone who needs that little push or fire lit under their butts would do well to avail themselves of Lee Milteer’s coaching.


Dwight Woods

Unified Martial Arts Academy

Lee Milteer is the expert in removing the limitations that chain so many to a life of frustration and fear.

Unlimited success starts and ends with the right mindset. Motivating, inspiring, and, most of all, practical, Lee is the master of the mental game!

 If achieving true peak performance is your goal, Lee’s your coach. I’ve personally worked with her for over a year and have seen amazing results in my life and business. I highly recommend Lee Milteer’s Coaching.

Charlie McDermott

President, Stand Out Marketing

… incredible ability to get to the heart of what matters most …

Lee Milteer is one of the finest coaches I have ever had the privilege of meeting and working with. I have been a client of Lee Milteer’s for the past 21 months and I have to say it has been a very enlightening and eye-opening experience.

Lee has an incredible ability to get to the heart of what matters most whether she is talking about decision making, mental rehearsal, visualization, or goal setting. Her interviews with other successful leaders on her coaching calls have taught me exactly what it means to be a peak performer. Her teachings and insights on visualization and mental rehearsal are the best I have ever heard.

I own four businesses (a retail bridal store, a wholesale bridal and prom manufacturing company, a training and consulting company, and an online prom store in a very specialized niche). Since I have been listening and learning from Lee, I have written two books (Bridal Profit Explosion and Wedding Profit Explosion) and have written eight chapters of my next book, set up my own coaching and training program, created two sixteen-page newsletters which I write monthly, and have grown my own coaching business from a small, part-time operation to one that has doubled and doubled again.

Lee’s exercises on how to make decisions literally saved me from making a huge mistake that would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was also the impetus for transforming the way I think about, run and operate my wholesale business.

Lee is passionate about what she teaches and loves improving the lives of others who will implement the great lessons and coaching exercises she is simply a master at facilitating. I am honored to have Lee Milteer as a coach and I hope you will make the investment in yourself to have her assist you in your business as she has in mine. Her insights on beating time vampires and getting things done are second to none. Not only is she is an outstanding example of implementation in her own life, she knows how to teach it and help you get it done as well.

I highly recommend Lee Milteer as a success coach and know you will be richly blessed for listening to and implementing what she teaches.

Jim Butler

CEO, Arizona's Bridal & Formal, Bridal Manufacturing Designs, Bridal Training & Marketing Systems, Twirl Prom

Lee Milteer is utterly brilliant …

at communicating complex concepts in clear, actionable terms. A true master of her subject matter, she can take you from whatever degree of knowledge and implementation you currently have and painlessly move you to much higher levels of understanding, competence, and performance. I know of NONE better and highly recommend Lee’s Coaching.

David H. Klaus

President, Asphaleia Business Systems, Ltd.

… women like her seem to be a rare breed …

The best thing I’ve gotten out of working with Lee Milteer is having the privilege to be in the presence of someone who is confident in herself, unafraid to dream and act big. She’s someone who I’m so glad to have as a model in my life since women like her seem to be a rare breed. Little did I know I just needed the right model to emulate – and Lee fits the bill! It’s made a huge difference for me to have her as one of my mentors.

Rebecca Soulette

www.lifebeyondcelebrity.com & www.RebeccaSoulette.com