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I’m so grateful that Lee Milteer is working with me now. I’m getting ready to start one of the biggest developments of my career. Her coaching expands our abilities as entrepreneurs to listen to our inner person and is a big encouragement to me. I love her work Intuition: The New Common Sense and her new Alchemists Inner Circle!
– Bill Moist

The Mental Upgrades presentation you just presented to the Alchemists Inner Circle—wow! A lot of that really hit me between the eyes. Thank you, Great Job!
–Dana Houser, Author

Welcome to the Alchemists Inner Circle!

Welcome to a community of advanced souls, where belief meets action and transforms reality. The Alchemists Inner Circle beckons those who understand the power of thoughts and actions to shape their present and future. It’s a fellowship of like-minded individuals eager to harness their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial energies for personal and professional growth.


Alchemists Inner Circle is not about me or anyone else being a Guru; it’s about empowerment and discovery. We gather to uncover new knowledge, shed outdated beliefs, and pursue our dreams with ease and speed, all while reducing stress. Here, you’ll find practical and spiritual solutions to navigate life’s challenges, tapping into your unseen potential.


Who are we as “Alchemists”? We’re independent thinkers, intuitive souls, empaths, and natural leaders—contrarians who seek truth and can spot BS a mile away, adapt to change while pushing to inspire others. We’re the Alchemists, blending science with heart magic to become powerful creators of our own reality.


What is Alchemy? It’s often associated with turning metals into gold, but its true essence lies in transforming oneself into a powerful Creator-Manifestor, utilizing unique talents, skills, and wisdom to enrich every aspect of life.


Alchemy blends practical and spiritual solutions to daily challenges, transcending past teachings of recycled success principles that may have failed to yield internal and external success or tap into personal power effectively.


Alchemists constantly pursue personal transformation towards authenticity, liberating themselves from external programming. They seek solutions utilizing a range of resources: practical, spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical, often overlooked in conventional education.


Curiosity drives Alchemists to enhance themselves comprehensively, acquiring empowering skills to confront life’s challenges confidently, drawing upon unseen resources and abilities.


They are Truth Seekers and Masters of Energy Management, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial realms.”


Now is NOT the TIME to navigate life alone!

In today’s complex world, navigating alone isn’t an option. Waiting for a life-altering event to prompt change is no longer viable. We must awaken now, taking charge of our beliefs, mindset, and actions to unlock our full potential.


The Alchemists Inner Circle isn’t just another source of information overload. We prioritize real-time discussions, offering practical and spiritual solutions to real-life challenges. Our live meetings provide hands-on support and wisdom, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

    Membership grants you access to:

    • A Wealth of Resources to give you Confidence, Skills & Tool to live your Authentic Self and use your Gifts and Talents in new ways.
    • Monthly -Two Live Meetings to connect with other Independent Thinkers and be exposed to Practical and Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Challenges.
    • Exclusive Interviews with Respected Experts to Inspire You on Your Quest for personal and Professional Transformation.
    • Mastery Trainings on Practical, Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Philosophy of Creation, Success and Manifesting the life you were born to live.
    • Fellowship of Like-Minded People Connection with other truth seekers and truth sharers.


    Plus, you’ll enjoy Lee Milteer’s private Millionaire Smarts Program—an invaluable resource for entrepreneurial success.

    But our circle is more than just content—it’s a fellowship. We’re here to learn and grow together, supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. No more feeling alone, whether you’re seeking clarity, direction, or a deeper connection to your inner self, the Alchemists Inner Circle is here for you offering new perspective, solutions, opportunities that might not be obvious to you during stressful times.


    Join us on the Hero’s Path, reclaiming your personal power and shaping your destiny. Say goodbye to old limitations and hello to a life of balance, joy, and prosperity. Together, let’s create a legacy we’re proud of—one that inspires others to do the same.


    Here are some of the BENEFITS our current members have written to us about since joining and taking part in the Alchemists Inner Circle Fellowship:

    ☆You will use your Intuitive Mind to make clear decisions verse your conditioned mind.

    ☆You will be kinder to yourself and be more selective about who and what get your personal energy and time.

    ☆You will Build a life from your strengths verse allowing external world demands.

    ☆You will stop trying to be All things to all people and stop chasing the wrong goals and people.

    ☆You will no longer feel affected by the silly games other people play.

    ☆You will find a deeper connect to your God Source and Inner guidance.

    ☆You will operate your life through Your own energy Management versus Time Management.

    ☆You will give yourself Permission to put yourself and your needs first. 

    ☆You will no longer allow Guilt and shame to run your emotions and actions.  (Guilt and shame are human controls mechanisms)

    ☆You will become more selective about who you work with and how you use your talents, skills, and abilities.

    ☆You will start attracting more ease and flow in your life, where the outside world stress melts away.

    ☆You will attract more prosperity opportunities flow to you since you have shifted your vibration to abundance. 

    ☆You will give yourself permission to slow down, destress, release old pressures, obligations, declutter, and simply let go of people, events, things that no longer bring you joy and happiness.  

    ☆You will Take back your own Authority and no longer must outsource your decisions to so called experts.


    Join the ALCHEMISTS INNER CIRCLE Fellowship Membership and Unlock Exclusive Benefits:

    1. Invitations to Monthly Live Meetings
      • Attend and actively participate in our exclusive monthly gatherings.
      • Two engaging LIVE Meetings in our private Success Auditorium (Zoom room).
      • All sessions are recorded for convenient replays on the Alchemists Inner Circle Membership site, accessible to you anytime.
    1. Convenient Meeting Schedule:
      • Meetings scheduled for the Second and Fourth Monday of most months (excluding holidays).
      • Time slots from 6 pm to 7:30 pm Eastern Time
    1. First of the Month THINK TANK Meeting:
      • Engage in collaborative problem-solving and wisdom-sharing sessions.
      • Participate in SEAT OF WISDOM sharing, where members can seek help or share their success stories.
      • Follow a structured formula to maximize sharing time and provide actionable solutions.
    1. Second Live Meeting: Mastery Training
      • Benefit from exclusive training sessions led by Lee or other esteemed Inner Circle members.
      • Dive deep into actionable strategies, mindsets, and tools to empower your personal mission.
      • Interactive Q&A sessions to address your queries and challenges.
    1. Monthly Access to Alchemists Inner Circle Membership Site:
      • Private and confidential access to our exclusive online hub.
      • Receive a personalized access code via email each month.
      • Explore resources, including recordings of LIVE Zoom Meetings and Lee’s Mastery Training sessions.
      • Stay updated with short introductory videos from Lee, highlighting available resources for the month.
    1. Confidentiality and Exclusive Content:
      • Enjoy the assurance that all content, especially Lee’s Mastery Training recordings, remains confidential and exclusive to Inner Circle members.
    1. The Treasure Chest:
      • 24-7 Access to videos, reports, and articles from Lee and other Alchemists Members who have made valuable contributions to our fellowship.

    As an added BONUS, as a member of the Alchemists Inner Circle, you’ll receive second-to-none support through Lee Milteer’s MILLIONAIRE SMARTS PROGRAM.


    Here’s what’s in store for you:

    • Expert Insights: Delve into the minds of celebrity thought leaders and influential authors with exclusive monthly interviews conducted by Lee Milteer herself. Gain profound insights on topics ranging from leadership to marketing, all tailored to enhance your understanding of deep success.
    • Comprehensive Resources: Enjoy the convenience of video replays, MP3 audio versions, and transcripts of each interview, ensuring you have multiple ways to absorb and apply the wealth of knowledge shared by our esteemed guests.
    • Faculty Coaching: Access monthly reports from our Millionaire Smarts Faculty Coaches, offering invaluable insights across various professional domains, including selling, PR, customer service, and more. Stay ahead of the curve and propel your business towards alchemical success.
    • Millionaire Smarts Program: Gain complimentary access to our esteemed Millionaire Smarts Program, a treasure trove of mindset-shaping tactics, strategic frameworks, and proven methodologies meticulously curated since 2003. Normally valued at $100 per month, this program is now yours as part of your Alchemists Inner Circle membership.


    Join us as Lee Milteer draws upon decades of industry relationships to bring you raw and unfiltered interviews with top-tier celebrities, renowned experts, and celebrated entrepreneurial authors such as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dr. Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Monica Main, Mike Michalowicz, Les Brown, Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, and may more Celebrated Entrepreneurs, Authors, Business Owners who have risen to the top of their fields!


    Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, learn from the best in the business, and ignite your path to unprecedented success. Embrace the Alchemists Inner Circle today and embark on a journey of transformational growth and prosperity.


    As an Alchemists Inner Circle member, you will also have the opportunity to be among the first viewers of Lee’s Blonde Warrior Podcast Interviews!


    Click the photo above for a preview!

    Are you ready to embark on this journey of transformation? Choose your membership option and join the Alchemists Inner Circle today. Your destiny awaits.

    If the Alchemists Inner Circle Fellowship appeals to you. YOU have chosen THE HERO’S PATH IN LIFE.  The world’s collective Conscious has undermined our personal soul’s Mission. The Collective Consciousness has in the past dimmed your light to rise to your true destiny. You may never have thought of this before about yourself, but YOU are on the Path of the Initiate. You are a truth seeker. You are here right now on earth with a mission to break away from the old paradigms of limitation and transform yourself and your world. 

    Please choose the OPTION that calls to you and fill out the application.

    Once you have filled out your application and chosen the option that best suits your needs, we will review and respond to you in three business days if you are accepted.

    Are You a Good Fit for The Alchemists Inner Circle?

    Who Is an Alchemists Inner Circle Fellowship for?

    Alchemists Inner Circle is for those Conscious Minded Lifetime Learners who want to understand themselves to better capitalize and leverage their talents, wisdom, and experience their life’s energy in a new and productive way. Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Business owners, & Creatives who want more from life than the norm. Who wants balance, joy, and profits with Less Effort and Strain.

    • Anyone who is interested in reuniting their spirit and natural talents to direct their life energy in ways that create new patterns of purpose and larger profits.
    • Individuals experiencing major life transitions desire clarity and direction for their next evolution.
    • Individuals who are open to connecting with their Source and welcome spiritual strategies, as well as intelligent professional & business strategies and plans.
    • Creatives who want more magic, love, confidence, and ease in their daily lives where they are enjoying life and manifesting their desires with less stress and strain.
    • Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to break away from the old exhausting and stale routines and truly break out of the old habits of putting everyone in the world ahead of them and give themselves permission to truly live and have the best life adventures possible.
    • Old Souls who want to break away from detrimental old limiting programing, old attitudes, habits, and problems that have held them back from truly living their purpose in life.
    • People who are CONTRIBUTORS to our live meetings by attending and offering wisdom, people who are engaged in making the world a better place by your example, your actions and intentions.


    Who Is Alchemists Inner Circle Fellowship NOT for?

    • People who have no knowledge of their connection to the Source.
    • People who are victims, who only blame others for the circumstances of their lives and do not wish to take personal responsibility for co-creating and piloting their life and business.
    • People who are unwilling to do the work, nor have the determination, persistence and open-minded attitudes to welcome new ideas, strategies, and resources.
    • People who are only interested in the financial aspect of their life expect overnight magic bullet success results.
    • People who are not willing to make the Alchemists Inner Circle a priority and never show up for meetings and share as well as be open-minded to learn.
    • Anyone who wants to use the group as a business magnet and promote their personal agendas in our meetings.
    • Anyone who will not keep our private meetings and materials private. Anyone who shares the membership site or materials will be removed regardless of excuses.
    • Anyone who is difficult, rude or misbehavior at meetings, or to other members will be removed from membership.


    Click here to see Lee’s Full Bio!

    Here’s what people have to say about

    Lee Milteer:

    As a result of working with Lee, I repositioned and realigned myself with the results of finding two NEW clients worth $80,000!

    As part of your Coaching group, I knew from day one your intuitive power was awesome. You have shown me yet another door of opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my thinking. As a result of working with you I repositioned and realigned myself with the results being:

    1. Clearer Action about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity
    2. Confidence that I am following the right path
    3. Two new clients worth $80,000
    4. A second source of income leveraging my ‘Bigger Picture’ troubleshooting in Small businesses

    The tools, exercises, messages, and wisdom that you have shared are inspiring and insightful. I emphatically recommend undertaking a coaching session with you. Thank you for being my guide so that I may continue to learn.

    Becky Lacey

    Founder & Leader, Solutions 42 Ltd

    Lee said to us, ‘It is time to sell that business and do what your heart is calling you to do.’ We put the business up for sale and within 2 weeks we got an offer for $10 Million!

    It was an emotional relief to have this challenge brought to the surface, it was so liberating and Lee’s timing could not have been more accurate. We put the business up for sale and within 2 weeks we got an offer for $10 Million!

    We were astounded and shocked how everything fell into place so quickly. So in the turnaround time of less than 90 days we sold the business and are now for the first time in over 16 years free to truly live and do the things we want to do such as traveling with our son and plan the next stage of our life.

    She cut through years of internal unhappiness and confusion we had been going through, being really tired of our business that we had started from scratch and worked in for over 16 years. We both felt stuck and unsure of what to do next in our lives.

    Lee was so instrumental in assisting us to this realization that we will never have to actually work another day in our life unless we choose to. We feel truly blessed that Lee has been such an influential and important part of our lives and we could not recommend Lee Milteer’s intuitive talents as a coach more!

    Walter and Jana Bergeron

    Power Control Services Inc.

    Since this Coaching Call with Lee … I’ve REDISCOVERED what I have been passionate about all my life but buried …

    I am a very competent, enthusiastic and passionate person who succeeds at whatever I put my mind to. However, over the past couple of years, it became evident that my passion for what I was doing was eroding and my enthusiasm declined to the point that I was just going through the motions with my business and, frankly, my life. The personal Coaching Call with Lee was the ‘peak of the mountain’. She had prepared herself from questions I had submitted which I felt were important BUT, what I was focusing on was not what I needed. What I thought was important to me was not what my heart and soul felt were important; my head did, but not ME.

    Since this Coaching Call with Lee, which was the catalyst to my getting the download that I would never have received, and even if, I would not have heard, I AM ON TRACK. I’ve REDISCOVERED what I have been passionate about all my life but buried being a good wife, provider, role model, mentor, and always there for other people; the proverbial ‘tower of strength’.

    I now know that I can still be all those things but not at my expense. I can now be authentic with people I work with and interact with. I can be a better role model as I’m now living my truth. People can ‘feel’ the energy of authenticity; that then gives them permission to live that way too; to face any challenge.

    Lee, from every part of my heart and soul, I thank you, you gave me back the most precious thing I have in this world, MY LIFE.

    Gloria Hamilten

    Educator, Business Woman, Mother

    Lee has a way of getting to the “real” stuff that’s holding you back …

    I have worked with Lee Milteer for several years, both as a member of her group coaching program called Peak Performers and as a one-on-one coaching client and she has made such a difference in my life words can’t fully express. Lee has a way of getting to the “real” stuff that’s holding you back like nobody else I have ever been around.

    If you’re looking for a coach or somebody to move you ahead in your life and your business, look no further, Lee Milteer is the person who can help you.


    Diane Conklin

    President, Complete Marketing Systems

    … finally got me off my butt …

    I want everyone to know that it was Lee Milteer’s coaching, teaching, lecturing and persuasion that provided the impetus that finally got me off my butt and create the three programs that I’d been thinking of doing for over three years!

    Anyone who needs that little push or fire lit under their butts would do well to avail themselves of Lee Milteer’s coaching.


    Dwight Woods

    Unified Martial Arts Academy

    Unlimited success starts and ends with the right mindset. Motivating, inspiring, and, most of all, practical, Lee is the master of the mental game!

    Lee Milteer is the expert in removing the limitations that chain so many to a life of frustration and fear.

    If achieving true peak performance is your goal, Lee’s your coach. I’ve personally worked with her for over a year and have seen amazing results in my life and business. I highly recommend Lee Milteer’s Coaching.

    Charlie McDermott

    President, Stand Out Marketing

    … incredible ability to get to the heart of what matters most …

    Lee Milteer is one of the finest coaches I have ever had the privilege of meeting and working with. I have been a client of Lee Milteer’s for the past 21 months and I have to say it has been a very enlightening and eye-opening experience.

    Lee has an incredible ability to get to the heart of what matters most whether she is talking about decision making, mental rehearsal, visualization, or goal setting. Her interviews with other successful leaders on her coaching calls have taught me exactly what it means to be a peak performer. Her teachings and insights on visualization and mental rehearsal are the best I have ever heard.

    I own four businesses (a retail bridal store, a wholesale bridal and prom manufacturing company, a training and consulting company, and an online prom store in a very specialized niche). Since I have been listening and learning from Lee, I have written two books (Bridal Profit Explosion and Wedding Profit Explosion) and have written eight chapters of my next book, set up my own coaching and training program, created two sixteen-page newsletters which I write monthly, and have grown my own coaching business from a small, part-time operation to one that has doubled and doubled again.

    Lee’s exercises on how to make decisions literally saved me from making a huge mistake that would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was also the impetus for transforming the way I think about, run and operate my wholesale business.

    Lee is passionate about what she teaches and loves improving the lives of others who will implement the great lessons and coaching exercises she is simply a master at facilitating. I am honored to have Lee Milteer as a coach and I hope you will make the investment in yourself to have her assist you in your business as she has in mine. Her insights on beating time vampires and getting things done are second to none. Not only is she is an outstanding example of implementation in her own life, she knows how to teach it and help you get it done as well.

    I highly recommend Lee Milteer as a success coach and know you will be richly blessed for listening to and implementing what she teaches.

    Jim Butler

    CEO, Arizona's Bridal & Formal, Bridal Manufacturing Designs, Bridal Training & Marketing Systems, Twirl Prom

    Lee Milteer is utterly brilliant …

    at communicating complex concepts in clear, actionable terms. A true master of her subject matter, she can take you from whatever degree of knowledge and implementation you currently have and painlessly move you to much higher levels of understanding, competence, and performance. I know of NONE better and highly recommend Lee’s Coaching.

    David H. Klaus

    President, Asphaleia Business Systems, Ltd.

    … women like her seem to be a rare breed …

    The best thing I’ve gotten out of working with Lee Milteer is having the privilege to be in the presence of someone who is confident in herself, unafraid to dream and act big. She’s someone who I’m so glad to have as a model in my life since women like her seem to be a rare breed. Little did I know I just needed the right model to emulate – and Lee fits the bill! It’s made a huge difference for me to have her as one of my mentors.

    Rebecca Soulette &

    Still Reading? Impressive! You are definitely Alchemists Inner Circle membership material! I look forward to working with you!

    Lee Milteer,
    Performance & Productivity Coach
    Alchemists Inner Circle Coach