Lee Milteer offers a large array of coaching option to meet the needs of Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries alike! She has spent the last 20 years honing her craft and sharing her knowledge with those who wish to break out of their ruts, acknowledge their weak points, and work to grow themselves and their businesses. Here are some of the most common coaching programs other Entrepreneurs have used to build wealth and prosperity. Don’t see quite what you are looking for, or not quite sure which is the best resource for you personally? No problem! Reach out to [email protected] and we would be more than happy to help you in either curating a personal program that meets your needs and helps you reach your goals, or help you pick the right program for you.

Lee Milteer’s Success Smarts Club is an elite program for those who are Self Employed, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Business Owners. The Success Smarts Club is specially curated by and for professionals just like you! As a team we work alongside you to build more profitable businesses and comfortable personal lives despite the current INSANITY of the world we are forced to work in.

We know that you are the provider not only for your family but also for your TEAM, and if there was ever a time to be part of a community of like-minded critical thinkers, visionaries, and leaders; it is right now!

As the world boils over with uncertainty and chaos, Success Smarts Club members have been able to find progressive and profitable solutions! These are challenging times, and so many Entrepreneurs just like you have sunk into procrastination, confusion, and frustration from having to pivot, reinvent and adapt to such a fast-changing environment.

So, what is our Solution?

It is simple, stop doing it solo! There is no reward for suffering through alone. It is time to accept that nothing is ever entirely new, except for thinking!

The Success Smarts Club has developed a unique method consisting of two LIVE Virtual meetings where club members can use each other, as well as our coaches to bounce ideas off each other. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions and get REAL results! Club member also receive daily inspiration and access to the Success Smarts Club Membership site which features a new monthly Thought Leader Interview; this is tired and true business advice from others who have already designed the wheel for you, all you must do is apply it!

While all of these are such amazing resources, nothing compares to the guidance and accountability Lee Milteer herself provides. Lee has years of massive success under her belt due to her fearlessness and outspoken nature, which she helps impart on to her Club Members.

Come check out all the many benefits for less than an average cup of coffee a day!

Small investment for huge rewards:

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1-on-1 Coaching with Lee Milteer offers clients who may be looking for a more individualized plan the opportunity to speak candidly and more intimately with Lee in order to see faster progress, and closer assistance with business issues they may not want to share in a group setting.

Those who benefit from 1-on-1 Coaching with Lee come into it looking to face the future with a feeling of certainty, confidence, and a clear plan of action to reach their targets.

Have you been feeling lost lately? Wondering where the magic and joy you once had in your business have gone?

If you are looking to find that sense of peace and joy you once had and are ready to let go of the past in order to open yourself up to accessing your inherent abilities you have left untapped for some time, Lee can help!

You will benefit from coaching if you are willing to face your dragons; all of those blind spots, confusion, fears, self-doubt, and lack of vision, and are ready to create an action plan. If you are really ready to release it all and create a Rock Star Plan of Action towards your Future.

This is not a path one can go on alone. You need a mentor who has been there, who can provide fresh eyes and clarity, who has plenty of experience guiding people by utilizing Instincts and Intuition.

Lee has had the pleasure of working with so many entrepreneurs at the top of their fields and has been a feature in my many coaching programs over the years: Peak Performers, Renegade Millionaire and now Success Smarts Club. The hundreds of Hot Seats where she has helped people find solutions to problems they sat with for decades, finding hidden money in their current business and identifying the internal blocks that held them back from really cutting the past cords and removing the unconscious fears to be free up and finally giving themselves permission to go for what they want.

Life is short, don’t waste it!

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Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® Program is for specially curated program for coaches, by coaches!

If you are looking for a high end, program utilizing only the most current written products, provided by a true Mindset expert, then look no further! Our monthly original materials will improve your retention and keep you in touch and present with your coaching and business clients.

There are two parts to success; The Tactical Strategies and tools that assist businesses in running effectively, and more importantly, the Mindset, Attitude, Perseverance, and that every professional needs.

All entrepreneurs need daily inspiration, skills, and inner grit to reach for and achieve the next level of success, and for when that doesn’t cut it, a how to guide on surviving stress and failure.

Here is who the Millionaire Smarts Program is for:

  • Coaches who are ready to integrate the greatest systems, tools, advice, and marketing materials in the world!
  • Those who are done with self-limiting beliefs, stress, and self-confidence issues that are keeping their coaching clients from reaching the profits and success they sign up for.
  • Coaches who still aren’t sure on how AI is changing the game by regurgitated unoriginal content, but what to learn to stay a step ahead!

Still not sure?

We get it, contact our office for a Free Month Trial to see if it is the right fit for you!

Simply e-mail [email protected] and inquire about your free trial today.

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Check out Lee Milteer’s Personal Vision Quest VIP Days Retreats held at her private Beach Home in a beautifully historic area of Virginia Beach, Virginia!

With both one- and two-day options you can really tailor the experience to best fit your needs with this transformational personal retreat.

This one-on-one personalized retreat experience is tailored for those wanting to identify blind spots holding them back from moving forward in both their personal life and business ventures. We will work hand in hand to find solutions, remedies for any negative energies that are stuck and need to be acknowledged and moving out of your energy field to open you up to more freedom, creativity, and prosperity.

VIP Personal Vision Quest Retreat has proven to be immensely beneficial and life changing for those who want to understand themselves to better, capitalize and leverage both their talents and wisdom, and experience their life’s energy in a new and productive way! Entrepreneurs, Business owners, & Creatives who want more from life than the norm! Those who want balance, joy, and profits with less effort and strain.

Anyone who is interested in reuniting their spirit and natural talents to direct their life energy in ways that create new patterns of purpose and larger profits are encouraged to take this transformational step towards their future! As well as, individuals experiencing major life transitions who desire clarity and direction for their next evolution.

A VIP Personal Vision Quest with Lee Milteer will provide guidance to those who are open to connecting with their Source and welcoming spiritual strategies, as well as intelligent business strategies and plans.

If you want more magic, love and joy in your life, with a sense of true inner peace and serenity, and you are ready to break away from old attitudes, habits, and problems that aren’t serving you anymore, click the link below and see how Lee can help you obtain your goals and SO MUCH MORE!

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