As a business owner, a brutal fact is that you ONLY get paid for getting results for your customers, clients, and patients. Entrepreneurs are on a GETTING RESULTS economy, not a SPENDING TIME economy like people who have “jobs.”

So in your quest for profits, please don’t confuse activity with productivity. That will never work out well because—big secret—you don’t get paid just because you’re busy! 

If you spend weeks perfecting that mail piece, or weeks fine tuning your next webinar, or months redoing your web site, guess what? Those things add very little value to someone else’s life.

And no one is going to pay you for any of that effort.

You shouldn’t focus on how much you do; you should focus on how much value you offer. Are your efforts getting traction in the real world by improving the lives of others? For example, when I give a speech, the audience doesn’t care if I spent 100 hours writing it. They only care if they got true value by learning something from the presentation.

When we went to school, we were conditioned to expect that there would be a big reward for the successful completion of tasks, that if we do the work, results are guaranteed.

But you are an entrepreneur. You get paid based on the value you contribute to the well-being of your clients, customers, and patients.

It’s time for you to get serious about who and what gets your focus and time. Do that by making your (and your TEAM’s) goals crystal clear: spend your time doing profit work, not busy work. How do you know the difference? Easy. Follow The Money!

It’s also time to answer the question, How much value are you creating that makes people want to do business with you?” After you find your answer, find ways to give them more.

Face it: people only have the time and energy to pay attention to what helps them. Give them so much value they can’t forget you.

I suggest you educate your staff that their real boss is all your clients, patients, or customers and it is their job to wow these spenders of money with added value.

And while you’re tightening things up, make sure you’re using your time wisely, doing work that matches your skills, talents, and abilities. Many business owners are doing work that frankly should be done by their staff, vendors, or outsourced. DELEGATE!

With that said, in order to stay on track, how about thinking differently? If you’re not making the money you think you should be making, today is the day to start examining your mindset. Learn how to program your mind to get the desired result, like wealth.

If you look at all the high achievers in your market, you’ll notice that they plan their work and work their plan. They’re prepared. For high achievers, what some call “luck” is really the result of being prepared to take advantage of a situation that comes unannounced.

Entrepreneurs who are massively successful always realistically assess the obstacles and resources needed to make a goal become a reality.

You want to create a strategy for navigating the obstacles. Many entrepreneurs think that will power alone will help them reach their goals. But for the most part, will power is unreliable, because it is based on emotions. Life is full of temptations for entrepreneurs to get off base and lose their focus.

You need to have strong, focused, task-oriented behavior. Without the task-oriented behavior, it’s much harder to make goals become real.

It’s a matter of deciding if you are an actor or a reactor. If you run your business or if your business runs you.

You must acknowledge that if you aren’t conscious of where your focus is and how you spend your life energy, it will be used in unproductive and non-profitable ways. It is better to wake up and take back your power by focusing on the money-making areas in your own business.

Let’s face it, only the owners of the business can truly guide its future. No one has as much skin in the game as YOU!


Lee Milteer

Performance and Productivity Coach

Millionaire Smarts Coach


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