The best way to prepare for anything in life, is to reinvent yourself through mental rehearsal and visualize success.

Your imagination is your own personal workshop for the mind.  You use it to see all the possibilities of the future and exactly how to go about creating those dreams.

You can rehearse the possibilities, create plans, visualize ways to succeed, all in the privacy of your own mind.

Visualization & Mental Rehearsal Your Life

Visualization and mental rehearsal is using the mind to create a better reality. Everything we create in the physical world first has to start as an Idea.

A few years ago I had the honor of doing some seminars for the Walt Disney organization in Florida. While I was there a manager told me this great story.

A few years after Walt Disney died, Epcot center was finished and opened to the public. A group of foreign exchange students were visiting and admiring how amazing Epcot was. The Vice President of the Disney organization happened to be walking by and overheard one of the students say how sad it was that after all the hard work that Disney had done, he never got to see Epcot.

The Vice President walked up to the group and said, “You’re missing the point of Walt Disney’s life.” Its because Disney did see it, he envisioned it how it is today. Walt Disney was a visionary and he made his vision come true.

One of my favorite quotes is from Helen Keller
“The greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight but no vision.”

Amy Lee from Toronto, Canada asked this question, “I recently have taken the plunge and become an entrepreneur. But, as money is tight, I find myself losing faith in my decision to be self-employed. How can I regain confidence in my own vision?”

You need to become the star, director, and producer to reinvent your own life

If you are in Amy’s situation …reinvent your life to regain your confidence, take just a few minutes a day and envision the end result of exactly what you want your business to look like.

See the end result.  Give your mind a clear direction in which to go. Your life is what your thoughts make it.

Know What You Want … See It, Taste It, Smell It, Imagine It

There was a study of high power executives that was done at Stanford, Yale, and Harvard Universities. It found that there was a shared trait among super achievers and that was to sense exactly what they wanted before they got it.

These super achievers have the ability to translate their goals into actual physical vision, they create a picture of what they want down to the smallest detail. Knowing exactly, what they want, they can see it, taste it, smell it, and even imagine emotions and sounds associated with their main desire. Their sharp sensory vision allowed them to pre-live their goals before it became a reality.

I find it interesting that our culture has widespread skepticism and even disbelief about the power of mental rehearsal. We trust the brain’s logical functioning much more than its ability to imagine. This is one of the downfalls for success in creative thinking.

How Visualization & Mental Rehearsal Can Help You

Mental rehearsal can help you, Business people, athletes, teacher, physicians, psychotherapists, and anyone wanting to create more success for themselves.  Mental Rehearsal will provide a tremendous boost to performance, we know that as a fact.

Visualization can also improve your motor skills and muscle memory. Other research shows that mental practice has the same effect as real practice.

Former Dallas Cowboy all-star defensive back Bill Bates said that the night before the New York Giants he had this image where he saw himself pulling in two interceptions. He said, “I saw it in my mind, every play, every move.” The next day he said, “I got those interceptions and both were crucial.” He also said, “Would I have gotten them anyway? I don’t know. But I don’t know one thing, I got them.”

Visualization can be used in all areas of your life, from obtaining your life’s dream goal to starting your own business, rehearsing for a job interview, or even a speech.

This powerful tool can help you reduce the effects of stressful situations like asking for a raise, coping with difficult people, losing weight, quitting smoking, and improving relationships both personal and professional, and even performing better at sports.  All of these areas of your life can benefit from imagery. It doesn’t matter what your level or your goals are. Whether they’re physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Learn more about Reinventing Your Life at

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