It’s important to grasp the concept that feelings are energy and they need to be acknowledged. The more you deny your feelings, the more they will push for recognition. There is value in understanding that there is an important difference between owning your negative feelings and focusing on them.
Do yourself a big favor and create an outlet that allows you to get out of your negative state of mind and honor your feelings. I will share with you that I love movies! I love going to the theater and getting popcorn and a drink and sitting there in the dark. I allow my own life to go on hold, I set aside reality for a while, and just let myself get absorbed in the movie.
I always remind myself that I am watching a movie and it’s not real…but I give myself permission to be as involved in the movie as possible.
I tell you this because some days when I think I might really do something stupid, like lose my temper, I ask myself: “How can I escape and take two hours off and reset my emotional button?” So as I just mentioned, I can reset my stress level by playing hooky and going to the movies. It works for me. There are days when my schedule will not allow this of course, but I find that when I do let my kid come out to play, and disappear for a couple of hours, I return refreshed and balanced. I always feel better and am much more productive.
When I can’t get away for two hours, I will often go take a walk and go into nature. Other beneficial outlets are nurturing activities like reading or listening to uplifting books, CDs or DVDs. Activities like fishing, bubble baths, walking, and meditation make you feel good and give you some relief from the stress that is emotionally overwhelming to you.
There are many things we can do as entrepreneurs to relieve stress, but first, you must give yourself permission to accept the idea that life is not all work. You need to reset your stress button so that you are able to be creative, productive, and successful.
Here’s something I’d like you to think about now.  What are some of the ways you could reset YOUR stress button? Be creative and proactive to find solutions…and then use them!
Magic and Love to you