Reinvent Your Existing Business!


Face it, if you are bored with your existing business, bring some new blood in, find ways to market to a new audience, update and improve the current business that you have.

Don’t forget you are the owner and that means the buck stops with you so optimally you can hire someone to run your business and you oversee it.

We are all artists in the fact that every day is like a blank canvas, and it is always up to us to activate our own creativity by finding hidden or not before now available opportunities to expand our current business!


There are four fundamental positions you can take to immediately attract wealth, rather than chase it:

  1. The quality of your personal philosophy. How much time are you upgrading your knowledge about the trends happening right now and how you could be capitalizing on them?
  2. The quality of your thinking. Are you connected to outside Council who can point out where your thinking has gone wrong and can help you focus again on your main objectives?
  3. The quality of your behavior.  Over time most people allow the external world to influence them in very detrimental habits such as instead of focusing on your business you are wasting time on social media, or now taking short cuts or you have taken your focus off your core business altogether and are focused in on unimportant, unpredictable, unprofitable actions and behaviors.
  4. The quality you create in whatever value you exchange for wealth in the world.  As a business owner you cannot count on your team to determine the value you are creating you must take charge of always seeking to improve your products &  services  If you drop the ball and get sidelined with other projects and take your eye off the Golden Goose sooner or later that lack of focus on what is really important will show itself in lost customers, clients or patients.


I challenge you to remind you to make a firm decision that you are going to reinvent your passion, curiosity, and commitment to your existing business.

Remember the days you woke up so excited, well it’s a matter of you taking charge of your own inner thoughts about your business.

If you are telling yourself the grass is greener somewhere else or how much you dislike your team or customers, you are destined to experience disappointment and dissatisfaction.

You are a self-fulling prophecy so wake up to the consequences of your own thoughts and self-talk.

Only you can decide that you have the power to fall back in love with your creation and enhance it and your future with new mindsets, attitudes, and decisions.

Ask yourself daily:

How can I activate my own enthusiasm and commitment to reimagining my creation (my business) so I am happy again.

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