Our thoughts and perceptions create either a wonderful path to a life of wealth and ease or an invisible cage that entraps us, bottles us up and destroys the way we live.  We all have blind spots, those mental and/or physical blockages that cause a lack of success in relationships, health, wealth, or business.  Alone it is difficult to recognize them…although that they may be obvious, much like my coaching client that I described earlier.
We need to have someone who is not attached or close to us look for and share new areas for our improvement and growth.  Yes, it might be a tad painful to admit that we are doing things to ourselves that continue to be unproductive and harmful.  However, simply having someone who is not emotionally involved point out our blind spots allows us to take the first step towards change.  We can finally shift our energy and move towards the positive results that we want to experience.
I have personally witnessed people with huge blind spots that are often manipulated and taken advantage of by others.  And it can be vey embarrassing if others use your weaknesses to their own advantage…and you’re totally oblivious to it all.
Here’s an example.   I had a woman coaching client a number of years ago whose dishonest partner set her up as the fall person for a bad deal.  My client’s blind spot was that she was loyal to a fault and her loyalty blinded her from seeing the truth – that her partner had willingly put her in harm’s way.  Even after the event she refused to acknowledge the duplicity of her partner…until I began to work with her. Once I was able to open her mind things shifted quickly.
My personal preference has always been to deal with professionals who are also very intuitive.  It’s not that other professionals are ineffective – it’s just that intuitive coaches pick it all up so much more quickly and are able to immediately identify the blind spots…and also provide workable solutions.
We are human – we all have BLIND SPOTS.  But here’s an interesting fact. Most “blind spots” that I encounter in my work are wealth related – all about money – and stem from a variety of personal issues. These are the most insidious and harmful of all blind spots and they are often very deeply rooted.
During my upcoming Vision Quest Retreat this June in Sedona Arizona I will teach and focus on this very significant problem – WEALTH Blind Spots.  And here’s the thing.  Once you understand and identify your blind spots, I will show you how to blast them apart and rid them forever from your being. Yes – there is a very specific way to do this and I have rarely, if ever, shared it publicly before.  You will be amazed to learn how easy it is to make all the money or wealth that you desire in life, once you rid yourself of this impediment.
If this sounds right to you and you are in alignment, then please join me in Sedona for four unforgettable days that will change your life forever.  Just 30 lucky people will be with me.  Will you be one of them?

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