Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself When Faced with an Emotionally Trying Day

      • What can I do today to get away from the world and just take care of myself?
      • What can I do to have a good day today despite reality?
      • What resources can I use today to get back to my normal positive-thinking self?
      • What friends will be a support system, with whom I can share my problems?
      • What self-talk can I start to use now to change my state of mind?
      • In what areas of my life have I allowed myself to be a victim? What do I want to do differently in the future?
      • In what things in my life do I demand that I be perfect?
      • In what areas of my life am I out of balance?
      • In what activities am I trying to be all things to all people
      • Where in my life am I stuffing my feelings and not venting frustrations?
      • How can I not take myself so seriously?
      • In one year from today, what will be funny about this situation or my behavior?

For a lot of people information like this is so much easier to consume than it is to actually implement it, and the bottom line is it is useless unless you do.

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