Imagine you are all alone in the quiet of your home or on retreat.  You are dressed comfortably, and relaxed.  You are already feeling better and less stressed…and you have hours, maybe even days of solitude ahead!
Within this quiet time, start to think metaphorically, in pictures, hunches, or feelings, using your imagination as much as possible. Be sure to write your thoughts down. One of the benefits of meditation is to help you achieve a relaxed state and tune out the world.  It is only when you are relaxed that you can be creative and listen to your intuition. When you are uptight, anxiety and fearful thoughts will hold you back from receiving those inner messages about what you really want for yourself.  Taking time to meditate allows you to align yourself with your highest and best good.
Creating a time each day for inner reflection and listening to yourself helps to reduce your stress and allows you to feel centered and in control of your life.  One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it can remove you from the customary state of awareness and allow a new perception to flow into your consciousness. When practiced on a regular basis, meditation can relax and heal your body, making you more efficient mentally, creatively, and intuitively.
Meditation also results in a more balanced, integrated, and harmonious personality.  By using quiet time in this way, we are simply stilling the ordinary, habitual chatter of our minds and relaxing the tensions in our stress-reactive bodies.  It’s a very simple process. I highly recommend you invest in some courses, read some books, and research ways you can enhance your own abilities by using this powerful process.
I would also like to remind you to have DISCERNMENT about who and what you allow into your mind – because it affects your ability to know your own wisdom. Who and what you allow to influence your mind can enhance or destroy your ability to implement new ideas, create income and creative solutions, and hear your own inner messages.  Now is the time to stop allowing the news media to create mental confusion and fatigue with the relentless reporting and rehashing of catastrophic and traumatic events.  If you keep feeding yourself these daily images of despair and destruction, you may create supreme states of anxiety and hopelessness in yourself, which will stifle your intuition about what actions to take in your own life.
Your Point of Power is in claiming some time each day alone, to meditate and reconnect to the Source, and allow your creativity to come forth.
Magic and Love to you.