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Brand New from Lee Milteer: The Magic of Prayers

By Lee Milteer   $6.95

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The Magic of Prayers is designed for you to carry with you so you have inspiration and assistance from the Realm of Spirit whenever you need it.  The Infinite Intelligence is all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent, within every atom of the universe. When you pray, you invoke spiritual law and invite help from the God Source, which activates the ever-mysterious forces that bring the answers to your requests. 

The Author, Lee Milteer, shares how using powerful prayers will create magical results in your life. The prayers in this book are designed to empower you with the words and energy that will connect you to your source to find solutions to whatever challenges you face.  Using this book daily will change your life by connecting you to the Source of all answers.  With prayers for prosperity, intuition, health, business success, and improving personal relationships, this book is for people of all denominations, spiritual practices, and ages.

There is ALWAYS help available if you know how to ask.

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