I’m sure you’re aware that the power of your mind can and will assist you to create exactly what you want and need in your life. The best way to prepare for anything in life is to imagine the end result you want. You can also use this same powerful tool to get rid of any bad habit.

For example: You can release your desire to eat things that are not for your best good, you can release the desire to enact on old habits that have needlessly caused you pain, money, and suffering by simply deciding to use your most powerful inner tool, your mind and your desire for change.

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WE are Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in what we think about ourselves. It pays for us to think positive thoughts about our future. Your imagination is your own personal workshop of the mind. In it, you can see all the possibilities of the future and exactly how to go about creating those dreams. You can rehearse the possibilities, create plans, and mentally rehearse ways to succeed, all in the privacy of your mind. Mental rehearsal is using the mind to create a better existence. Everything we create in the physical world starts as an idea. This fact of life has been proven over and over again with people who have lost weight, quit smoking, or released other frustrating habits that do not serve them well.
A growing variety of people use this powerful tool to create better lives for themselves. Business people, athletes, teachers, physicians, psychotherapists, and even dieters find mental rehearsal to be very powerful. The mind is far more resourceful and complicated than we have ever recognized.
We are always creating our reality from our thoughts. Our thoughts act like blueprints of the image we want to create. The image magnetizes and guides physical energy to flow into the form we have imagined, and allows us to manifest our desires into reality. This is simply the principle that as you sow, so shall you reap, in your thoughts and in your life. We always attract into our lives whatever we strongly believe, think about, or imagine most vividly.
I have devoted my life to the idea that as humans, we can manifest what we want. However, you have to know and understand the tools involved in making changes. I have assisted people in stopping smoking, losing up to 80 lbs, and ridding themselves of destructive behaviors. No, I did not lock them in a box and force them to do these things, I actually just assisted them to find their own Super Human power of the mind, and you can do the same.
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