Your Intuition can save you time, energy, and MONEY! Here’s How!


Why doesn’t our educational system teach us how to use our instincts and utilize our Intuition? Literally it could be one of the most important skills you ever learn!

Intuition, that inner part of ourselves where we listen to ourselves is one of the most important areas to develop for you to move in the direction of success, prosperity, and safety.

Intuition can help you make financial decisions, be a better manager, parent, and capitalize on opportunities. It’s a natural human function and your closest adviser.


There are two parts to your mind:

  1. The conscious mind that pays attention to detail, makes decisions, and only holds about three days’ worth of information
  2. The subconscious mind that has the ability to remember everything it’s ever heard, read, seen, or been exposed to with your five sense

The power of your intuition comes from the subconscious mind that relies on that information we mentioned; all the things you have ever heard, read, seen, or experienced with any of your FIVE senses. It is an enormous memory bank that will respond to your every request.

When you ask questions your subconscious mind goes into a search mode, finding the information to supply your conscious mind with the answer.

Your intuition can analyze large masses of data and make a judgment decision all in one step.

Let me give you an example: your conscious mind can hold four bits of information. Your subconscious mind can hold forty billion bits of information. It’s like a huge hard drive and your conscious mind is like a small thumb-drive.


Why Past Book Knowledge Can Be Obsolete: 

Face reality, most of our past knowledge is book learned and most of that is obsolete. Logic and analysis can only lead you halfway to make a good decision, the next step requires using your intuitive powers. Pay attention and rely on that internal part of yourself, that voice inside of you that tells you when things are right.

Let me say up front, I’m not suggesting that you do not do your important due diligence homework when you’re making financial or business decisions, it’s very important that you do that research to support your gut feelings.

What I am suggesting is that you also listen to those hunches when you make decisions.

We call intuition all kinds of things – a gut feeling, a hunch, sixth sense, instinct, in my heart, listening to good, a strong feeling. All these terms describe this very same thing, intuition. We just use different names according to our environment.

The truth is our intuition is our inner voice and inner knowing. Our personal intuition provides us with information that we have no logical way of knowing, and when we act upon this information, it can be extremely helpful not only in our business, in our sales, in our personal growth and even for safety and protection.

We can use our intuition to turn problems into literally opportunities because when you have intuition, you’re listening to that inner part of yourself. That is one of the most important areas for personal development.

So, if you’re interested in success and prosperity and peace of mind, you’ve got to start listening and receiving that intuitive information because your intuitive insights come to you as sudden breakthroughs, thoughts, revelations and urge. These flashes are useful information that can help you make better choices about your sales, about your business, financial decisions, and being a better manager or parent.

It’s a natural human function, and frankly it’s your closest advisor!


Albert Einstein said:Albert Einstein
“The man can only proceed so far on what it knows, and it can prove.
When it comes to a point where the mind takes a leap,
you call it intuition or what you will, and it comes out on a higher plane of knowledge.”

Some of the most famous inventors of our time throughout history have always contributed intuition as to where they got the information from. Magazines such as Newsweek, Time Magazine and hundreds of other books and magazines and spiritual teachers, business teachers have talked about intuition and the power of it to assist you to make better decisions and outcomes.

Some people might think that intuition sounds almost mystical, but it’s actually the mind’s ability to match patterns.

When you get a feeling about a new situation, keep in mind that it is a subconscious feeling and intuition comes from your subconscious. It’s matching up patterns that are similar to experiences you have had before.

What gives intuition its air of mystery is that it works on a subconscious while thinking, intellectual thinking is a linear process. For example, going from A to B to reach the logical conclusion, C intuition is more of a separate box. For example, a situation comes in. It comes out in your brain as a hunch or an inkling, a gut feeling that you should either move closer to this or move away from it or jump at the chance or run for cover.

The better you understand your own intuition, the better you’re going to be able to use it effectively because right now we’re living in a very strange unpredictable world. There are hidden layers of illusions everywhere and sadly many people have lost their ability to discern who is telling the truth and who is not. We are living in a world that is filled with change and is moving faster than we can hardly keep up with all the new information flowing to us to digest.

If there was ever a time in our lifetime to pay attention to discernment it would be now. It is hard to make decisions only using left brained data without accessing your own inner wisdom!


How to Listen to Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is like adding another resource to your existing toolbox of strategies to have untamed success in your life. We have at one time, or another been taken advantage of by dishonest people.

In our current reality, not only has our upbringing limited our ability to use our instincts but we’re living in a world that loves to slant the truth.

Due to many of our so-called “saviors,” the government, big business, and financial organizations have also betrayed us and stolen our time, our money, and our trust.

You have got to learn to separate the bad guys from the good guys because clearly, they’re not all wearing white hats.


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