In all Candor, I am not sorry to see 2019 end. For the most part, I love to hold POSITIVE energy, but we are all human and have to absorb the impact of serious life situations.

This past year has been a real mess for me since my dear friend and business associate Dan Kennedy became so ill. I roller-coastered through exhausting GRIEF watching my dearest and closest friend fight for his existence. Certainly, I am grateful he still has a life – for a while there, that was not expected – but what an impact the experience has had on him.

I will share a story with you about Dan’s view of Life. He has many racehorses and when asked how they are doing, he responds, “Well, they have good days and bad days – it’s always a mixed bag of life!” That is something we must all keep in mind – life is blessings and challenges.

In the spring of 2019, Dan (before his health went south), Adam Witty and I sat down to create a new Coaching program to replace the massively successful Peak Performers. After a 10-year run, we felt it was time for an upgrade to this great coaching program that benefited more than 1,000 members.

I am super stoked that in January 2020 we start our new RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE MASTERMIND based on the Dan Kennedy program. It is great to start a program with 50+ people already signed up, just from word of mouth! (Should you be interested, go to

I presented in Tokyo, Japan, a three-day Coaching Certification Course of my Materials. I got to take Clifton and met my dear Friend Lily Noon and her husband. This was a month-long adventure of working and playing in Japan, then Hong Kong (where we got out a mere 8 days before the huge Riots that are still happening today). Then on to Bangkok, Thailand (which is one of the hottest places on earth).

Being out of the country for a month took massive planning and execution to take care of our “Children:” Angel, the now 5-year-old puppy, and Midnight the Black, the most expensive Rescue Cat in the World (so it feels). They are not suited for anything but their own home care since we have spoiled them like royalty!!!

The trip ended with a beyond-grueling, 37-hour ordeal of getting home! Then came the worst case of a two-week jet lag that was so bad I literally tried every remedy posted on the internet, including an IV vitamin drip, and inhaling oxygen. In case you’re wondering, yes they do work – somewhat.

It was a trip of a lifetime – a first to Asia for Clif and me. We learned so much from the different cultures. We loved Asia so much, I am going back to work there again in 2020.

I was very happy to close out my 2019 travels with some self-love and care, dropping out of my normal life and into the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville, Va., for a week of nothing but meditation and nature. No driving, internet, TV, or news of any kind, while learning about higher realms of consciousness.

Also, I HAVE STARTED a new book – title to be shared later!

Today, on the last day of 2019, I am creating a Written plan for my 2020 Intentions. Plus a Visual plan (aka a Vision Board) which helps my personal subconscious mind keep on track with my intentions and goals and not get lured off track from my planned destinations.

Like most entrepreneurs, I am a high Visual learner, so the pictures of my end results are critical for my Brain to process new references of where I want to focus my life energy. I have made some radical changes that will take effect in the next month that will lighten my reality since I want to work less and enjoy more!

I am excited to greet the New Decade, the New Year, and the New Ways we can reinvent ourselves in this Adventure we call Life!!

My Best Wishes to you for a Grand Epic Journey through 2020 and beyond,

Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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