Do you know your own personal truth?


I am disheartened at the number of people I hear give their opinion on important topics, who I know intuitively are not sharing their own personal truth.

Sadly, they don’t know it consciously.

They’re so conditioned to just repeat what they have heard without taking the time to even consider how THEY feel on the subject.

Or worst, they have only looked at one side from a biased party and are now parroting it back in conversations.

They will repeat what they have heard, without a real opinion simply based on what they think the group will want to hear.

Don’t take my urging you to speak your truth as an invitation to be rude or obscene.

Instead, use it as a call to find your personal truth.

Do NOT be someone else’s mouth piece! You are not a parrot!


Here are key points to remember when speaking your personal truth:

  • Always speak your truth with kindness and love.
  • Who you are speaks loudly even without words.
  • Your can create a space for harmony and truth at same time.
  • Understand that you may not always agree with others and that each individual has his or her own personal truth.
  • No one has to agree with yours or join you in that truth.
  • Realize that, once you let your own real truth become known, people around you might be upset that you are no longer “playing the game.”
  • You cannot control others, but the good news is, they no longer can control you!

Make some time for yourself.

Start to do some soul-searching and ask yourself some life-defining questions.

Remember, it takes a great deal of courage to examine your own beliefs.

After all…..

Do you really just want to follow the masses and believe what the media spoon-feeds you?


I think not!!

NEVER leave your future up to the minds of the masses that just follow others like sheep.

Your Job in this wonderful adventure called your life is to have some fun and consciously create a great present and future.

Only YOU have the power to control your life and your mindset!


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Personal Truth