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Sedona, Arizona
February 20-23, 2017


Join Lee for a Master Class in Manifesting where she shares sacred knowledge that took her from seriously poor
to an internationally-know best-selling Author, Speaker, Intuitive Business Coach and Publisher using Secret Manifesting Wisdom that gave her a massive advantage over all of her competitors.  You’ll learn the true secrets of success that aren’t taught in our educational institutions.

Unplug and Retreat from the world to get clarity of vision on exactly what you want to do in the future.

You’ll enjoy and utilize the Power of Sedona Vortex Energy to assist you in manifesting your heart’s desires.

Now’s the time to become conscious of how to create Wealth in all areas of your life…
in your relationships, health, and finances. 

Learn about your Life Currency to leverage your skills, experience, natural talents for more
profits and success with ease.

Reclaim the Magic in your life and invite back the passion and enthusiasm again.  


You’ve made the decision to get away from all of your routines and responsibilities for four days in one of the most powerful healing and transformative places on earth.  Once you’ve checked into the five-star luxurious L’Auberge de Sedona hotel you notice the beautiful Sedona mountain range – it’s picture perfect! 
In your room you look out the window of your private cottage or room and notice the majestic Sedona mountain range – they are inviting you to  just sit and gaze at their wondrous beauty. Vibrant and full of color – you start to feel their inherent energy.

You notice a buzz of anticipation energy running through your body as you unpack your clothes and settle in. You can’t help but smile when you think of how spoiled you already feel by the luxury of your room and the surroundings.  If this is wealth – you’ll take as much as you can get!
You decide to mozy outside and make your way to the creek.  There you find two thoughtfully placed chairs in the shade next to the creek where you can look at the mountains and listen to the babbling brook while you allow your day-to-day cares melt away in preparation for your transformative experience into wealth creation.
This is JUST what you needed!  Down-time, time to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment!


Sedona, Arizona is the PERFECT place to spend 4 days and 5 (or more) nights….

unpluggingmasterminding, relaxing, enjoying new friendships and getting insight and intuition about manifesting your NEW life.

Do you find yourself repeating the same bad money habits year after year
You will learn how to finally change this dynamic once and for all! (The answer isn’t what you think!)

Do you feel stuck and frustrated because others have what you’d like and you just
can’t seem to crack-the-code to manifest your true desires in your own life?
Lee has the answer!  

Not sure exactly what you want out of life, you just know what’s happening now is
no longer working for you?
No problem!  Lee will help you uncover your true desires.


testimonial_vision_questWhy should YOU join us?

Sedona is the PERFECT place to clear up your misconceptions about money and finally admit that it’s perfectly OK to be RICH and spiritual, too!

You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own. You will be learning with a group of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners that you will bond with over the time spent at the retreat.  The attendees at our last event created a lifetime community of people they loved and wanted to stay in touch with.  This lead me to create my Wealth Tribe Community Facebook group where we stay in touch with each other for support and continued wealth-building.
The Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona is exactly what you’ve been looking for to transform your life to manifest prosperity (in all of its forms) into your life.  And it doesn’t end in Sedona.  You will have ongoing support through my Wealth Tribe Community.  
Not only will we relax and learn with each other – we will be exploring the Sedona Energy Vortexes – to take our transformation to an entirely NEW level!

Lee has been referred to as a “Master Manifestor” and you will learn specific techniques from her that she personally uses to manifest success, prosperity, and happiness…every single day!  You too will become a Master Manifestor!


 Michelle Barr,   The Business Coach for Intuitive Women    

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Sedona is an Arizona desert town near Flagstaff that’s steep canyon walls and pine forests. It’s noted for its mild climate and vibrant arts community.surrounded by red-rock buttes and the famous Sedona Vortex Energies.
We will be spending 4 days and 5 nights (or more) at the luxurious five-star L’Auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa. Perfectly nestled under a canopy of Sycamore trees within Sedona’smajestic Red Rock country, the Sedona luxury accommodations at L’Auberge consist of 62 luxury cottages and 21 lodge-style guest rooms, each taking inspiration from the resort’s location on tranquil Oak Creek.

The newly renovated spa at L’Auberge offers luxurious treatments infused with natural ingredients and the wonderful outdoor pool and Jacuzzi are salt and mineral based – free of chlorine and harsh chemicals. While this retreat is considered an “intensive”, we have scheduled personal time to explore the area.
The rooms and cottages offer panoramic views of the Sedona’s Red Rock vistas, have direct access and a natural soundtrack to the babbling Oak Creek or are tucked quietly among the property’s many colorful landscapes, flowers, fruit-filled trees, and beautiful natural foliage.   Many of the cottages offer cozy fireplaces, outdoor cedar showers and private balconies for taking in the scenic surroundings.
Luxury amenities also include bathrobes and slippers, a fire-making concierge and a nightly turndown service complete with rotating meditation cards. Complimentary coffee and baked goods are available in the lobby each morning and a variety of fitness and wellness activities are offered daily, including yoga and duck feeding, forest bathing, hiking, guided runs, expert-led stargazing and more.
Lee has purposefully chosen this location, knowing the nature of this area and how it will enhance the experience for all who attend. If you have never experienced Sedona or it has been on your bucket list for a long time.  Now is the time.  Since we will be discussing your career or business it is the perfect Tax write off for educational purposes.
In ancient tradition and Native American culture, the vision quest was an important way to receive spiritual guidance as people sought to find their true purpose in life. It is ceremonial… a rite of passage so to speak…and the insights and results you receive will surprise and amaze you! This event will transform the way you see the world. If you are truly serious about wanting to manifest change and prosperity then this event will be worth millions to you… maybe more.
Typically a Vision Quest is done well away from your everyday routine. Complete removal from everyday life is needed for deep communication with spiritual energies and you must secure your own private hotel room at L’Auberge as it will be necessary to spend time in solace and self-discovery as part of this process.

We do recommend that you give yourself a treat and stay a few days after the retreat to really have time to integrate the information and experience before you go back to your everyday life. The hotel is offering the discounted room block to you a couple of days before the Retreat and a few days after.

I’m Elisabeth Belknap and I’m an independent Equity Options Trader as well as a launching a new company called A Plus Living. It will be an online digital magazine for the horse industry for horse owners and horse enthusiasts. I came to the Vision Quest with very high expectations, and those expectations have not only been met but well exceeded. It has been an honor to be at this Vision Quest. Lee and Lily have done an incredible job here at the Vision Quest. I have come here with a lot of challenges in my life. I’ve shifted completely and released a lot of things in my life and created a new future for myself.
I’m very excited to move forward from this vision quest and I’ve come to the Vision Quest with a lot of challenges, a lot of blocks, that have been released. I have let them go. I’m so happy and so proud of myself as well as everyone here. I would highly recommend anyone come to Vision Quest. It is amazing. Lee is truly an incredible soul. She will lead you to the path that you are looking for, and assist you in releasing those block and help you step into a new future.
Elisabeth Belknap

Wealth Coach at Vecors Coaching, Chief Executive Officer at ROEL Capital, LLC andTrader, Ranch Manager at Independent

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L’Auberge de Sedona’s dining offerings on the banks of Oak Creek are a destination of their own, having won recognition as “One of the Top Ten Restaurants in the Southwest” by Condé Nast Traveler, and most recently one of the “Top 100 Al Fresco Dining” spots in the U.S. by OpenTable.vqscress_dinner_

The recent result of a multi-million dollar summer 2015 renewal, L’Auberge de Sedona unveiled a complete renovation of the resort’s already-renowned two creekside dining destinations to introduce brand-new culinary concepts fueled by a new, state-of-the-art kitchen.
New restaurants, Cress on Oak Creek and Etch Kitchen & Bar, were designed to infuse and fill every culinary experience with the sights and sounds of Oak Creek.

is a fine dining, prix-fixe culinary destination in Sedona.vqslamb-chop
Inspired by the nature of Northern Arizona, locally foraged and hand-selected ingredients are incorporated in delectable courses served on the banks of babbling Oak Creek. Guests are invited to indulge in one of the most exclusive, memorable and scenic dining experiences in the world.
Driven by a talented culinary team, the menu is infused with unique ingredients foraged from the property’s rich natural environment.


The comfortable, relaxing atmosphere of L’Auberge’s new restaurant Etch Kitchen & Bar, is the ideal place to unwind after a day of
hiking and exploring beautiful Sedona. Drink and dine beneath a canopy of sycamores as you take in the stunning natural surroundings.

From breakfast to dinner, Etch offers fun, approachable dishes to impress every member of your party. Choose from a variety of a-la-carte, shared items served tapas style, and quench your thirst with a handcrafted cocktail or glass of wine from the extensive wine list.

Hi, my name is Linda Crossley, currently living in Mexico. I’m here in Sedona, AZ. I’ve just been through and amazing few days with Lee Milteer and her Vision Quest program. I’ve got to tell you I am so full, and so light, and so happy. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience like this. I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to be open to finding their real power. With an open heart, it’s magic for sure. Thank you Lee and all of your team. You raised the bar for everyone in the retreat world I can say. Never have I seen an event so well run and people so over the top Happy. I bought my son and he got so much out of this and thinks Lee Milteer walks on water. Lee’s intuition is epic!
Linda Crossley

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THE DELIGHTS…lapoth_blend

No trip to Sedona and L’Auberge Resort would be complete without spending time in L’Apothecary Spa. At the L’Apothecary Spa, you will be able to experience blending station, thoughtful spa treatments and an impressive retail selection of spa products including signature L’Apothecary body care line that draws upon the destination’s rich bounty of healing botanicals, fragrant herbs and flowers.
We’ve included a video for you!  Take a look!

The Jeep Adventure…

vqs-jeep-tourJeep tours have become the unforgettable, you-gotta-do-it thrill of any Sedona visit, offering a memorable and thrill-inducing way to get out into the red rocks and learn about Sedona history.  Oftentimes, the jeeps are able to take you where you wouldn’t be able to access on foot, so you’ll get picturesque views and plenty of photo-worthy moments.
Sedona is recognized worldwide for the presence of powerful energy spots known as “vortexes”. Our  Vortex Jeep Tour will explore what is “sacred earth” or “medicine ground” and our trained Vortex Tour Guide will discuss a metaphysical explanation for a phenomenon as old as the earth itself.

Over 4 million visitors a year travel to Sedona to experience the magic of the Vortex sitesdsc_0298
and of course receive the spiritual energy. Imagine a place that is just thriving with energy… energy that swirls and draws everything surrounding it into its center. At some of the sites we will visit, you’ll notice trees with twisted trunks and bending plants… this is just how physically powerful the vortex energy is.

From the local scientific point of view, the energy either flows upward and out of the earth or inward towards the earth. Taking this further… the upward flow boosts the expansion of consciousness while the inward flow helps us go deeply inside, enhancing introspection. All agree that vortexes have amazing spiritual powers!

Andre Palko, Technifold USA

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The Benefits…
You may be surprised by the amount of time Lee will spend on wealth creation in such a spiritual and metaphysical setting!  You will leave the retreat refreshed, rested, and charged with new enthusiasm and confidence leaving behind all of the mind-trash you have accumulated in your life.

                                   You Will Learn the REAL Secret of Manifesting Wealth in Every Aspect of your Life

Thoughts are EnergyUnderstanding the conscious and subconscious mind from the perspective of energy flow is critical to success in life especially if you want to attract more prosperity and happiness right now. 
Intuition is the NEW Common Sense.   You will learn to trust your intuition more and know how to incorporate it in all decision-making from this point forward.
Good News!  All of your future success must be envisioned in your personal mind before it can manifest in your life.
You are made of energy…and your self-image contains the imprinted energy patterns of who you now are and what you believe.  Many have no foundation of truth and are powerfully harmful.  You are NOT STUCK with this energy blueprint and Lee will help you create a new one that is in alignment with your personal energy patterns and true authentic self.

You Will Overcome Your Poverty Mindset 

You are right where you are in life because it is where you have chosen to be. These words of truth may be hard to take but that’s kind of the way things work in life. It’s a simple fact that the more money you have, the more FREEDOM you have and the more you are able to live your life the way you choose…to help others and do so happily and without fear. I will reveal my own methods, including gone particularly powerful technique that I have not taught before. These powerful techniques will open your eyes to the majesty of money and destroy any wealth blind spot that may be stopping you.

Unlock the secrets and learn how to attract true wealth into your life.  Lee will offer specific tips and share life lessons that took her from poverty to great personal wealth.

Repattern your energy field for personal success!  Lee explains the importance of having faith and explains what you need to do to reach your goals in life.  Start to collect the symbols from magazines and newspapers of your vision of success and begin to create your personal mental picture as if it were already happening.  We will create a new blueprint for your Conscious and Subconscious mind to follow.
                                    You Will Learn the Power of Vortex Energy and How It Can Assist You in Creating Wealth

Visit the main vortex sites of Sedona with Lee on a guided Jeep tour as we explore Sedona’s beautiful red rock country and experience the transformational power of vortexes together.  It’s not only personally rewarding but totally energizing.

With Lee’s guidance you can expect deep personal healing at the vortex sites empowering you to move forward on your new path to true wealth and happiness – rejuvenated and ready for the future.

Experience Beautiful Energy – tune into the energy of the vortex as together we tune out our minds and use our heart energy for deep healing for ourselves and the group as a whole.

Click Here to see our photo gallery of last year’s Wealth Creation Vision Quest!

Isn’t that worth coming to Sedona for?

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TOGETHER WE WILL… Release – We all have mental and physical clutter that is draining our energy and robbing us of creativity and success.  Join us on the night of February 20, 2017 as we go much deeper with Lee as she demonstrates specific rituals for you to powerfully release inner wounds, grief and past life traumas. By living in fear and holding tightly onto everything, including grudges and anger you are shutting yourself off from the “flow of life”. Lee’s specific method will end these self-imposed blockages once and for all so you can indeed create the life you really want to live! Shift to the Spiritual – Guided prayer and meditation, vision boards, mystical rituals of renewal and other methods will be taught allowing you to move away from fear-based reaction and unhealthy thought and ideas that are holding you back and not serving you. Mastermind – Tap into the energy, minds, intuition and experience of this elite group.  You’ll enjoy the eye-opening experience of  Hot Seats, which we call “Love Seats” – designed to reveal if you really dare to be rich…and keep you connected to your core message and desires. Practical and Proven Methods – Change your financial energetic blueprint.  Lee will reveal the secret that has made her more money than anything else in her business life.  You can use it, too! Leave Sedona feeling Energized and Empowered with a PLAN – You’ll know exactly what to do to bring it to life.  Lee is frank, down-to-earth, brilliantly honest and inspirational.  You are in for a treat!

The video below will give you a sample of what you’ll be learning and the adventures that await you on your path to great Wealth Creation!


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What’s Included:

  • Four days (9am – 5pm local time) of intensive Wealth Creation training vqsvisionboardsby Millionaire Smarts(R) coach Lee Milteer as well as hands-on experiences to help you integrate the training into your mindset.
  • 2 hour lunch periods daily where you can walk to uptown Sedona for lunch, to shop in the Sedona boutiques or to check out one of the galleries.
  • Evening social and fun activities.
  • Group Welcome dinner with Lee the first night.
  • One Fire Burning “Release” ceremony on the full moon February 20, 2017
  • Lee’s Wealth Tribe curriculum playbook
  • Personalized Retreat Bag with items specially selected for your by Lee
  • Personally signed copies of Lee’s latest Amazon Best-Selling books Reclaim the Magic and The Magic of Prayers
  • All supplies for the experiential exercises
  • Snacks will be provided throughout the day.
  • Celebration dinner on our final night together – it’s a “Come as the person you be in 5 years” party!
  • Private Guided Jeep tour of the Sedona Vortexes
  • Additional special surprise gifts to spoil you
  • Plenty of down time to integrate the teachings, reboot your Wealth Creation inner programming and bond with other Wealth Tribe members
  • Acceptance into the Wealth Tribe Facebook group for life
  • Get exposure to Lee’s Intuitive Coaching gifts
What’s Not Included:

  • Your airfare to and from Phoenix or Flagstaff, AZ
  • Your hotel accommodations (though we do have a special block of rooms with a discounted room rate!)
  • Breakfast and two dinners will be on your own.  The hotel does include a complimentary Continental Breakfast for guests.
  • Other non-included items would include spa services, taxis, laundry, tips for food and beverage wait staff, personal supplies, souvenir shopping
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.
Getting to the Vision Quest/L’Auberge de Sedona Resort:
Phoenix Sky Harbor is the closest International Airport.  Flagstaff airport is a small airport about 45 minutes from L’Auberge, US Airways is the only airline and typically a connecting flight is required.

L’Auberge does NOT provide shuttle service to/from either airport. They CAN help you set up transportation.  Simply click here for more information.
Spending extra time at L’Auberge de Sedona Resort before or after Vision Quest:

The hotel has granted us the same rates (based on availability) 3 days before and after the event…so do take advantage of this special if you are able to come earlier or stay later. Treat yourself!



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Discover Lee Milteer and What She Can Do For You!



Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee has provided business and success advice and resources to over 1 million people around the world. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program. Lee is now offering Wealth Creation Vision Quests in Sedona, Arizona and in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Lee is frank. She is blunt and down to earth and she can make you RICH! Lee is not only a successful businesswoman, she is also a talented artist and photographer and most importantly she’s always been a spiritual leader. She is one of the few people who know how to live successfully in the spiritual and mainstream world & Thrive! She will share with you exactly how to do it.
Lee has counseled and trained more than a million people in her career. Her presentations are so effective that organizations such as Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, plus hundreds of government agencies and conventions, associations meetings, and Niche Market Events repeatedly retain her to inspire and motivate their audiences.
Lee hosted the America’s Premier Experts TV Show, which was aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Affiliates. Lee also hosts Untamed Success: Positive TV, a Monthly Web-Based TV Show. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her video seminars are distributed through the Mind Extension Universe (MEU) Network, reaching 350 of the top FORTUNE 500 companies and major universities. She has developed training films for Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Air Force and many private companies.
Lee speaks all over North America and Europe in Conventions, for Private Companies, and Entrepreneurial and Niche Market Events AND NOW HER OWN Wealth Creation Vision Quests in Sedona, Arizona and Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Lee is a recognized award Winning, best-selling audio and video author, whose products have been endorsed by Nightingale Conant, SyberVision, CareerTrack, and GKIC. Lee has written 13 books: Reclaim the Magic, Success Is An Inside Job, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling and CO-Author of Reach Your Career Dreams, Walking with the Wise for Entrepreneurs, The Secrets of Peak Performers One and Two, The Phenomenon: Achieve More in the Next 12 Months than the Previous 12 Years, Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets, and Walking with The Wise Overcoming Obstacles, Women who Mean Business, and she has been featured in Woman Millionaires. Lee’s latest book The Magic of Prayers  hit the Best Selling List in  October 2016. Lee’s programs are translated into Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish plus other languages.
Lee has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows on National and International TV and Radio around the world. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including U.S.A. TODAY, Wall Street Journal, INC magazine, and Glamour.
In her career, Lee Milteer has shared the platform with many well-known and famous personalities, such as: Deepak Chopra, Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Fred Smith from Federal Express, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup book fame, the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the late Og Mandino, the late Stephen Covey, the late Zig Ziglar, Joe Polish, Bill Glazer, Dave Dee, Robert Cialdini, Ali Brown, Baeth Davis, T. Harv Eker, Coach Mike Ditka, Author John Bradshaw, Loral Langmeier, Les Brown, Wally “Famous” Amos, Larry Winget, economic & business trend forecaster Harry S. Dent Jr., Gene Simmons from KISS, Matt Furey, Dr. Gene Landrum, Nido Qubein, George Ross (Donald Trump’s Chief negotiator who appeared on the TV show The Apprentice), Designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Country Western Star and TV show Apprentice Winner John Rich, Ivanka and Ivana Trump, TV News’ Ted Koppel & Connie Chung, Movie Stars Jane Seymour, Lynn Redgrave & Marlo Thomas, Shirley MacLaine, TV’s Superman: Dean Cain, Chuck Norris, TV’s Batman: Adam West, former two-time World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman, Actor and fitness personality Jake Steinfeld, British singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer Sade, TV’s Shark Tank Host Barbara Corcoran, TV Host Leeza Gibbons, Kathy Ireland, Super Model and Business Empire Builder, Montel Williams, Sally Jesse Raphael, The Late Comedian Joan Rivers, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Ryan Deiss, Peter Gruber, Brendon Burchard, Brian Kurtz, and Dina Dyer-Owens, and hundreds of other celebrated speakers, authors, and celebrities both in the Mainstream world and Spiritual communities.
Lee herself is also a Reiki Healer, runs a Mystery School and offers many resources on how to successfully live both in the spiritual and mainstream worlds. Lee is a philanthropist and works with SPCA and other Animal Rescue organizations to raise money and awareness for Animals.
For more information about Lee and her many accomplishments, please visit: www.leemilteer.com

“As a seeker of the truth and a dedicated light worker, I have studied in metaphysical mystery schools with spiritual masters my entire life… I was drawn to them just as you are drawn to me. One of my gifts is the ability to take very large and complicated concepts and turn them into easy to understand concepts to share with those of you who are also seeking the light. These tools allow me to live my life each day as a true manifestor. They will do the same for you”.
~ Lee

Join me in Sedona the February 20-23, 2017 for a massive transformational and empowering retreat.

If you are serious about getting rich Vision Quest is for you.

I just spent 3 days at the Best retreat I have personally ever experienced and I am a retreat junkie! Lee Milteer’s Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona Az was without exception the most enjoyable, well run, fun and with tons of learning that I have never experienced before at one place. The people there were all first class people who were so enjoyable to be with and learn from. I had a ball at the Vortex Jeep tour and daily Lee surprised us with bonuses never advertised. The value of this event was over the top. Lee opened my mind to a new dimension of possibilities I just could not have come up with alone. Lee is one of the most intuitive business thought leaders I have ever met. She blew me away with suggestions on how I could leverage my existing business that will literally be worth to me 100 times what I invested to be at her event. In one of the mastermind tables I got such benefit from the insights from the other attendees that I went home and instantly put into action new ideas from the event. I am telling all my associates and friends they have to sign up for the next one and I am so grateful for the opportunity. It literally has shifted my mindset to a much higher perception. I am truly now a true wealth Creator! This event and you certainly changed my future to a better one! Thank you Lee!
Bill Dickson

Owner, DRAT Productions

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