I want to stress the power of the quote I just shared with you: What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.” 

Years ago my mentor suggested I stop flying coach and really test myself and start flying First Class.   I remember thinking: Wow, it is so much money for such a short period of time… is it worth it?  Growing up poor had certainly made me frugal for years…and I am still vey careful when it comes to using my resources.

Flying first class was a big test for me – could I treat myself this well…. after the many flights and hours I had spent living on the road as a professional speaker?   Could I make the mental shift to flying “up front” and would the law of attraction naturally kick in?  After all, my mentor had always reminded me of how important it is to “show up” where the “right people” hang out in life in order to make contacts, get new work, and experience the wealthy side of life.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can share with you that over the years I have benefited greatly from my decision to move “up front”.  I have met important CEO’s who would never have known I existed IF I had not been sitting next to them. Many interesting conversations took place and business cards were exchanged. Because of these connections, I have been able to work with some wonderful organizations that eventually became good clients.  It certainly was and continues to be a fabulous investment for me in terms of client acquisition!

I have also had the good fortune to sit with people who have given me exposure and great subject material for books and blogs…like the time I sat with Bill Clinton on a plane from Chicago that was delayed for several hours. He ended up giving me a ride to my hotel in the Governor’s limo (with his secret service detail) since I was speaking to his health group in Little Rock Arkansas for my book “Success Is An Inside Job”.  That meeting led to many media interviews because I wrote about it.  In First Class I have also found myself beside many famous athletes, musicians, politicians, CEOS, movie and TV stars!  The experience and chance to meet such a vast array of celebrities has been priceless and well worth the cost of admission.

This is the law of attraction at work.  But I had to take action – make the first move – both physically and mentally. I had to feel, think and believe that First Class was where I belonged. Then, almost magically I began to attract the people I was meant to know and work with.  And since then it’s been up up and away…and I will never allow myself to drift back down.

If I can do this…then so can you.

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Love and blessings,

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