Asking questions is a
critical process

The skills I developed from all those nights around the oak table have given me a future brimming with opportunities…and it will also work for you or anyone having the courage to ask questions and seek new solutions. In fact, you now have the opportunity to create a life that is much more aligned with your own personal destiny – your deepest needs – a life that may well bring you far more satisfaction. So that’s the good news.
It’s not that your “Past Dreams” didn’t come true; it’s simply time to conjure up a new dream, do a little soul-searching and become clear on exactly what you want. Not what your parents wanted, not the “Dream” that has been passed down from generation to generation, but your own unique future that you can dream into being. You begin that process by asking questions.
You see, asking questions is a critical process. By asking questions, you can outline all the available choices and determine a host of possible solutions. Then, you can receive valuable information you might not have thought of if you hadn’t asked questions. The questions and answers will help you begin to develop strategies to take back your life and your personal power to create anything you want that you are willing to pay the price for!
Today, I realize that effective thinking is actually the function of asking and answering questions. You see, in order to master your life, you must first master your thoughts. Your brain is simply a sophisticated computer. When asked a question, it goes into “search mode” to find the answer. The subconscious mind is the database from which a vast storehouse of answers is derived. And you can’t access the database until you “key in” the question. Then, your brain obediently offers up its information on anything you ask – just like a computer. The secret to success is to become aware of how to ask intelligent questions. Then you must listen to get the answers that will allow you to take positive steps toward achieving the results you want in your life.
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