Know The Power of Prescriptive Behavior


It is better to be over-rehearsed than ambushed!

You must have visionary thinking when it comes to your future.

I call this, Flying into the Future with your mind so you can acknowledge the possible changes happening in your world.

When you know something might come your way, prepare yourself so you aren’t caught off guard.

You must arm yourself with information that keeps you balanced and conscious to prevent stress and panic, regardless of whatever little mess you find yourself in.

No one makes good decisions when they’re lacking resources, or caught off guard.

In fact, most of us can trace bad decisions back to when we reacted to a situation instead of acted in a manner that served us.

I want to remind you the importance of prescriptive behavior, or arming yourself with the tools and information that will help you deal with whatever changes come your way.

This will enable you to achieve your goals!

When you decide to choose your response to circumstances, you powerfully affect the outcome.

By taking responsibility of the decisions in your life and business, you drastically change the outcome.

When you focus on the highest and best outcome possible, you don’t allow challenges to make you a victim.

You go from victim to victor!

When you give yourself permission to let go of what doesn’t work, and make a decision on what you want, you take control of your life and future.  

Instead of dreading change, reframe your life.

Think about the possibility of new, exciting opportunities for operating your business so you can be happy instead of being afraid and dreading what might happen.

Remember, you’re always a self-fulfilling prophecy.

YOU design your future with your thoughts, expectations, behaviors, and actions.

If something has not worked well for you in the past…



Prescriptive Behavior


Shift your mind to get new results.

The old saying: “Success in life is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude” is true.

You can learn anything you’re willing to spend the time and energy to learn.

It’s your attitude that will make the difference if you are open to change.

So ask yourself what your attitude is toward change.

No matter what kind of business you run, there will be days that are filled with problems.

The news is negative, employees let you down, and competition is beating you up.

You feel exhausted from making decisions, and challenging things constantly happen.

In the end, the people who thrive and prosper are the ones who have the prescriptive behaviors.

The people who succeed are the ones who take charge of the caliber of information that reaches their brain.

In other words, a habit of the wealthy is having the skill of awareness to stop negative self-talk and keep from having a negative view of life that will impact your future and keep you from reaching greatness.

You get in life what you focus on.

If you dwell on limitations, you will reach them.

You will have a better life in every way if you make the least of the worst while making the most of the best.

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