As a career Mindset and Performance Strategist, I see most entrepreneurs focus primarily on marketing, performance, and productivity. Many leaders lack understanding about the significance of Mindset to truly create a more profitable bottom line. I am a huge proponent of the importance of Mindset, and advocate clear, concise thinking. When your internal thinking becomes clouded, jaded and unproductive, your profits, creativity, and enjoyment will start to wane. Success is created first in your inner world before it can show up in your outer world. Allowing mental trash and negative programs to rattle around in our heads daily is seriously detrimental. It undermines our ability to take intelligent risks, see new trends developing, and cultivate bandwidth for prescriptive behavior and visionary thinking.

How aware are you of your mind trash and what it is actually costing you in profits, success, and life enjoyment? What you focus on expands. Have you fallen into bad thinking habits looking for what is wrong around you? Finding fault with life, other people, or business? Lost enthusiasm for what you do for a living? It’s easy to slip into this when you associate with negative people and/or allow the caliber of information you put in your mind to be of poor quality.

You have the ability to look for what is good in your life and business, instead of looking at what’s bad. Your power is internal, not external. My book, Success is an Inside Job, is 100% about how success is driven internally.

Your mindset is determined by the caliber of information that is consistently and repeatedly put into your brain. So a morning ritual of reading the newspaper or listening to the news can be highly detrimental. Exposing yourself to negative and agitating media every morning is like starting your day mainlining poison.

I’m not saying be ignorant about what’s going on. I’m saying pay attention to what is relevant to your business and your personal well-being and let the rest of the world take care of itself; it always has and it always will. Your job is to first and foremost guard your mind from the negativity of the world; then take care of your business, your family, your customers, your clients, your patients. Your job is not to fix the world or participate with the insanity of the daily news. Your mindset has to be seeded literally every day with inspiring, uplifting information that enlivens you and gives you inspiration and hope.

Controversial news, hanging around “civilians” (those not seasoned in personal development), and negative people deplete you and cost you money, time, and peace of mind. Being around negative people erodes your enthusiasm, your Mindset, and your ability to scan the landscape of your reality to see the pockets of opportunity, money, and change. Your Mindset is the secret ingredient that gives you the ability to perceive upcoming trends and capitalize on them. If you study seriously successful millionaires and billionaires, you will notice that guarding their mindset against head trash is a clear common denominator of the wealthy.

Take inventory of your influencers. Make a list of who and what gives you good feelings and enlivens your spirit, and who and what drags you down and leaves you feeling negative, bitter, or low energy. Your job is to release what drags you down. There is little sense in attempting to change other people or external conditions. You must first change your inner beliefs and then outer conditions will change accordingly. It’s not your job in life to fix others. Your real job is to nurture yourself so that you achieve top performance.

Observe the top performers in life. You will notice that they are always involved with a professional coach to keep them in a profitable state of mind. You need to have knowledgeable people question you on how your ideas will actually make you money. You need someone of substance to tell you when one of your goals is a great idea or when something you’re pursuing isn’t in your best interest, even if you’re emotionally attached to it. The bottom line is you need someone who has no skin in your game calling you on what head trash is holding you back from being the business owner you want to be in life. If you don’t take charge of creating a profitable mindset, you will always work harder and longer than the people around you who understand that we are self-fulfilling prophecies and that we must reprogram our mind to be an asset versus a liability.

If you find yourself in an unproductive or stuck state of mind, I invite you to consider working with me as your coach. Contact me at [email protected] for investment details and an application. Working with me can seriously help you shift out the unproductive head trash, bad business habits, and weak mindset into a mindset of thriving and manifesting!

Your Life and Business Strategist,
Lee Milteer

Here are some words from an existing coaching Client, Amanda Olson.

She is a Master Taekwondo Instructor at Olson’s Martial Arts Academy, Inc., and the
Co-Founder of The American Martial Arts Institute, as well as Safety N.E.T. Kids:

As a successful entrepreneur who built a million-dollar business from the ground up, I felt confident that I knew my stuff. However, a few years ago I hit a wall both emotionally and professionally. I was having difficulty seeing a way out of a dangerous downward economic spiral, as well as losing confidence in my abilities and my intuition. I found Lee Milteer, or possibly she found me, and that proverbial wall was busted down. Her coaching has helped me regain faith in myself and reclaim my power as a professional businesswoman who has much more to accomplish. She has the “no holds barred” approach that I needed, and my business plan and life plan are back on track. She speaks truth and if you are open to listening she will give you the straight talk you need to move forward. I have observed her first-hand help men and women in a multitude of diverse business fields solve real problems quickly and progress to the next level in their thinking, habits, and success. For someone looking for a business strategist coach who will help you move forward quickly, Lee Milteer is your answer. And might I add, don’t hesitate. Every day you stall and do not contact Lee is another day of missed opportunity, lower profits, and lower productivity.