Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.

What People say about Lee Milteer & Success Smarts® Club

“If you are engaged in any kind of coaching business, franchising, or association management, you should work with Lee Milteer.”

“Lee’s Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program was actually developed at my urging to fill a gap my information marketing clients had, knew they had, and couldn’t or weren’t willing to fill themselves, simply put, the attitude and motivation component. Most information marketers provide the mechanics – how to advertise, how to market, how to sell, how to manage, and the tools to do those things with, but all the tools are useless to people insufficiently motivated to use them. The results of integrating Lee and her program into the niche infomarketers’ own coaching programs have been far greater and more significant than we originally imagined. There’s positive impact on compliance, retention and dissention, translating into measurable hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profits that would otherwise be lost. From the information marketers standpoint, he gets terrific added value to support his selling of his coaching program or franchise or other service, and the improved compliance, retention and ascension of his members, all at a very modest, actually nearly insignificant cost amortized over the number of participants. There’s no work on his part, saving expense of time, and the security of working with a consummate, trust-worthy and diligent professional (Lee Milteer) who delivers on every promise on time. What more could you ask? So, I urge my clients to add Lee Milteer’s program to theirs.
Further, many clients are finding Lee to be a valuable asset in selling their coaching programs, franchises, association memberships or other programs as well as by speaking at their events, speaking on their teleseminars, being part of their audio brochures, or even producing them.

Dan Kennedy
Renegade Millionaire Maker, GKIC

“Lee Milteer is the best person on the planet in giving business owners and professionals realistic Strategies & Tools that support Critical Thinking, Emotional Stability, and Resilience to managing your Life, Work, and your ability to produce Profits.”

LEE is massively effective in helping people remove their bad habits and install new more productive and profitable behaviors into their business and life.

Keith Lee
Keith Lee Business Systems

“Getting people to believe in themselves is not the easiest task. The Millionaire Smarts Program is the bridge that helps them with this piece.”

“Being new to the information marketing world and having CPAs and attorneys as clients/members I was skeptical at first about how the Millionaire Smarts program would be received. I knew they NEEDED the “mindset” piece but did they want one was the question. Well, the answers was an astounding “yes”! Our members look forward to the monthly coaching calls and all the reports and transcripts that come with it.. In addition to Lee herself being on these monthly calls she interviews nationally recognized experts as well. We’re now in our second year with Lee and Millionaire Smarts and it was one of the best membership retention decisions we made. Thank you, Lee!”

Michael Rozbruch
CPA, Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax & Business Solutions Academy