How You Can Be Successful by Taking Back Your Time

Want to know why people are not successful in life?  The number one reason is because they don’t have integrity with their time.

Integrity with your time means you value your time and respect it.  You made yourself the master of your own time.  You achieve what you set out to do so you can be successful.

Don’t Wait.  The Time will Never be Right

One of the things in life that cannot be replaced is time.  Time passes when you are busy or still.  Time doesn’t wait for you or me.  And time will never be just right for you if you are waiting for the right time.

Everything takes longer and costs more money than we think it will. I’d like for you to think differently for a moment and see time as your ally not as your enemy.

3 Simple Ways on How You can Be Successful by taking back your time

  1. Be a master of your time … See time as your ally.  An ally is like your helper, it unites and has common purpose, according to Dictionary.  Imagine what could happen in your life if you made yourself the master of your own time. Better results, more success, greater balances, more time with family, and more fun.
  2. Honor yourself by controlling your time. If you’re not controlling your time, the people around you will control it.
  3. Guard your most precious resource .. TIME  and get real about who and what gets your time.

Owen Patterson in Charleston, South Carolina asked: “I run a home-based business … How do I get my neighbors, my friends, and even my family to understand I simply cannot socialize. I cannot hang out with them during the day.”

I have this to say to Owen, “You can’t give your work time away, you have to get yourself back on track and get ruthless about your own time currency”.

Don’t allow anyone to waste your time!

I want to give you a quote from an author I really love, Dan Kennedy,

“Productivity is the use of your time, talent, energy, and resources in a manner calculated to move you progressively closer to worthwhile goals.”

When I am at home and working I have a sign on my door that says, “Do not bother me unless the house is on fire or someone needs to go to the hospital.” I assure you, my family gets it. We train people how to treat us and our time.

If you are like Owen, you have not been proactive enough to train people that you have to have uninterrupted time for working. No one seems to respect or value anyone that they have access to at all times.

Protect Yourself & Take Back Your Time

A solution to this is creating a screening and boundary system that can protect you and your time.

Only you can protect yourself from time and energy vampires.

Here are 3 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Time:

  1. Don’t answer the phone when you are working
  2. If the neighbors drop by, don’t answer the door.
  3. Learn to say no to others who want to waste your time.

You have got to create boundaries for yourself and, more importantly, enforce them!

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