It’s time to take
back your power

One of my strategies this year is to review my life, from the perspective of the value of those who I spend time and work with – from vendors who do everything from cell service to insurance coverage. I know that my own business would suffer if I were to go on autopilot (like my old insurance agent elected to do). I would lose my clients because they’re used to getting great service. We all deserve good service.
You see, I know that I’m worthy of great service… so I’ve been asking myself who is really taking care of me and who has gone on autopilot?  I’m reviewing whom and what I read, what email publications I receive, who is in my life, and who needs to go. I just ended a decade-long business partnership because the sad truth is we are no longer in alignment. Their direction and my direction have shifted. This doesn’t mean they were wrong or bad, it simply means that I knew in my heart and intuitively that I wanted to use my skills, talents, and experience with people who are on the same page as me.  Has that ever happened to you?
Unfortunately, the longer you work with some people, the more they are likely to take you for granted. With the intense global competition today, it is of great benefit to you to exert your personal power and take time at least once a year to review your personal and business relationships.  If you notice a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, honor your intuition and that feeling.  Investigate until you are satisfied that continuing the relationship is truly in your best interest.
Many people wait for “spring-cleaning” to remove the old, unneeded, and non-beneficial things in their lives, but I suggest you get ahead of the game and do it now.  It is only by removing the old that you open a space for new and revitalizing things to come into your world.