One huge challenge that all entrepreneurs share is staying focused because they wear many hats in the course of providing jobs, services, and products. It’s a ton of responsibility, which can be overwhelming. As a productivity and performance coach, I help entrepreneurs and business owners stay focused by teaching them to balance and manage their life energy currencies, which are their real currencies in life.

There are five main types of energy currency that you choose how to spend every day: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial currencies. It is important that you are conscious of this because it determines how much money you make and how successful you are in the business world.

No matter where you spend your energy currencies, you only have 24 hours a day. It’s your job to figure out how to spend your energy in your allotted time so that you can be the most creative, create the most profit, and deal with everything on your plate.

To get the most from your energy and create the most profit and best life you can, you need to ask yourself some questions. Allow yourself some time to answer these questions honestly, so you can make the best use of them (and make improvements where you’re not currently doing your best).

Let’s start with your Physical energy currency. Ask yourself:

• How am I using my physical energy? Where is it going?
• Is where my energy’s going the best place for it? If not, where can I improve?
• Who and what enlivens me and gives me energy?
• Who and what depletes me and takes away my energy?

When talking about physical energy currency, one of the things that can enliven you, which is often overlooked, is how you’re treating your body. Ask yourself:

• Am I treating my body like a temple or like a dump?
• Am I getting a healthy, recommended amount of exercise every week?
• Am I eating whole foods or processed things that are bad for me?
• Am I conscious of the food that’s going into my mouth and how it affects me?
• Am I ignoring symptoms of things I eat that my body doesn’t like?
• Is the food I’m eating actual fuel for me or is it a Band-Aid? (A Band-Aid would be drinking a lot of coffee, Red Bull, or eating a lot of sugar because you’re tired. You could be eating stuff that gives you energy, but that’s followed by a crash).

It’s important to be honest and have some personal integrity with your physical energy currency. If you’re going to operate at peak capacity, you have to treat your physical vehicle with love and respect. Your body is your energy currency and without your body and your health, you have nothing.

If you’re burning the candle at both ends, it’s time to stop and catch your breath. It only takes one real health crisis before it hits you like a ton of bricks that you only have one body, which you need to run the big machine you call your business.

I hope you will truly start to pay attention to not only what you’re eating to fuel your vehicle, but how much you are exercising to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

For many entrepreneurs, when it comes to exercising, we have great aspirations and poor follow-through. Exercise finds itself at the bottom of the list because we say, “When I get my marketing done,” or, “When I get everyone taken care of,” and it keeps getting pushed aside. If we made it a priority instead, we’d have more energy to get the marketing done and to get everyone taken care of.

I think my view of exercise changed when I read an article about 73-year old Mick Jagger, who is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. He says he runs 5 miles a day because “If I don’t do that, I don’t have the stamina to put on a good show on stage.” Isn’t that impressive?

Another example is Rod Stewart. He’s getting up there in age and he says he’s in the best shape of his life for that exact reason – he loves what he does so much that he has to take care of his health, and to do that, he works out every day.

It’s time to stop kidding yourself about your health and make the connection that your physical energy directly ties into your financial success, business success, and your happiness. Think of how un-resourceful you become when you get depleted. I am going to guess it is not pretty or very profitable.

Typically, instead of strategizing about what we need to really help us physically, what we often do is push harder, work longer, and drive ourselves more. I will tell you, as someone who has worked with many coaching groups and a lot of one-on-one coaching, that there is a point where you will break down. I’ve seen it. And when you break down, your decisions will become flawed, your ability to make good judgments will deteriorate, and your creativity will wane. You’ll find you won’t be able to pull the trigger on things, you’ll start to find yourself procrastinating, being indecisive, and being frustrated and confused.

The health/mind connection is strong, yet many entrepreneurs never really “get it” because they just keep pushing. Please be aware of the fact that when you run out of energy, you’re going to be less creative, less decisive, more fatigued, and will make more mistakes. If you’re not properly fueling and caring for your body, you won’t have the blood and nutrients flowing to your brain that will help you make great decisions. Please start to be mindful of how you’re treating yourself physically and how you’re using your physical energy as currency. Your business and life will thank you.
Best To You,


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist

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