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Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors is the Scientifically Proven System that Eliminates the Unprofitable Behaviors keeping You from Growing Your Income & Long Term Wealth or Becoming the Person You Truly Want to Be.

Discover the Hidden Keys to Once and for All Break ALL Destructive Habits that hinder Your Ability to Improve Your Life on all levels: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial.

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  • Eliminate Bad Habits that threaten Your Business Success & Financial Well Being, Health & Vitality, or Relationships and learn how to Easily Replace them with Positive Habits.
  • Remodel Yourself and Your Future Vision of What is Possible by Shifting out of Limiting Beliefs, Negative Behaviors, Draining Attitudes, and Outdated Strategies that have Held You Hostage and Cost you Time, Resources, Money, and Confidence.
  • Ramp-up and Optimize Your Ability to Achieve The Outcomes You have Always Wanted but Never Able to Achieve and Maintain Before. Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, and Release ANY Bad Habits Personally and Professionally that are not Life Enhancing. Finally FREE Yourself from the Negative Consequences of Your Past Bad Habits!
  • Reclaim Your Personal Power to Harness and Direct your Life Currencies: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Financial for Better Results.

Manifesting The Life You Desire

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Brain & Success Training: Break Free From Limited Programming


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Creating Beneficial Skills & Habits

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Staff Training

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Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.