Our life has changed in ways we could never have imagined or predicted! We have been FORCED into a LIFE Pause by a microbe we can’t even see.  Now we can bitch and moan and complain – or we can do some serious reflection: What was working for you in the past? What will work for you in the future? This is a time to reinvent and reset everything.

Since one of my hobbies is painting, I’m visualizing my future as a blank canvas where now I can paint in what I loved about my business in the past, leave out the parts I did not like or don’t work anymore, and add some new parts I’d like to see. It will be my Masterpiece.

Like you, I have been super busy during the Pandemic, but I’ve made sure to schedule in some serious introspective time to decide exactly what I want the next few years to look like. I am not leaving my life or future up to the outside, so-called “experts.” I am proactively looking at my business and life with fresh eyes. As a result, I’ve discovered that I really don’t want some old parts of my life or business anymore.

I consider this to be my gift from COVID-19. It can be your gift as well – losing unproductive habits and routines that were wasting your time and life energy. Right now is a great time to decide what our true goals and commitments are at this stage of our life and business. Many people just want life to go back to normal. But what is normal? We have this opportunity to revamp and reinvent our schedules and routines that include a better life. If you don’t do this now—when will you stop and reevaluate if your life is on track?

We as business owners are normally so preoccupied with our to do list we rarely take the time to ask ourselves exactly what works for us personally. We often have lived our life being caretakers of others to the point we have put ourselves last.  We often have been rescuers to others while ignoring our own needs and inner desires.

Well the old merry go round has stopped. Now we are given this opportunity to totally review our life and ask some deep and profound questions:

  • What do I really want my life to look like going forward?
  • Life has gone online. How can I re-image the way my business interacts with clients, customers and patients?
  • What am I excited and charged up about that I would like to expand – for example, new Services & Products.
  • What or who do I feel the emotion of dread about? (This one question is super important since dread is a signal from your body that you are out of alignment with that person or action.)
  • What can I do now to replenish and recharge my body, mind and spirit with new goals and plans that truly do match with my core purpose and passion in maybe new ways?
  • Do I really want to work the many hours I have been working? How can I integrate a schedule where I get to have a life?

I challenge you to QUESTION EVERYTHING and everyone who works for you.  Now is the time to reignite whatever gives you real passion, refocus your mind on important things and revisit your relationships. Who enlightens you and who depletes you? Take action on either strengthening or releasing those relationships.

I urge you to think of your future as a blank canvas. You now have the opportunity to assess every part of your life and make adjustments that factor YOU into your future. You are in charge of your life. Take charge again and decide what you want. Then take ACTION.

Like all things in life, THIS TOO SHALL PASS and the plans you make today will be the reality you experience. So for a change, please — PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

Lee Milteer

Performance and Productivity Coach



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