The Magic of Prayers

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The Magic of Prayers is designed to carry with you so you have inspiration and assistance from the realm of spirit whenever you need it.


The Magic of Prayers is designed to carry with you so you have inspiration and assistance from the realm of spirit whenever you need it. The Infinite Intelligence is all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent, within every atom of the universe. When you pray, you invoke spiritual law and invite help from the God Source, which activates the ever-mysterious forces that bring the answers to your requests.
Using powerful prayers will create magical results in your life. The prayers in this book are designed to empower you with the words and energy that will connect you to your source to find solutions to whatever challenges you face. Using this book daily will change your life by connecting you to the Source of all answers. With prayers for prosperity, intuition, health, business success, and improving personal relationships, this book is for people of all denominations, spiritual practices, and ages.

7 reviews for The Magic of Prayers

  1. WJCjax

    Lee reminds us that prayer is the foundation of all that we ask of our lives. More important is her reminder that prayer is not a passive request, that we must take personal responsibility and ACTION so that our prayers can be answered. This book is a great boost for those of us who desire to take an active roll in the success and joy in our lives and deeply desire God’s blessing and assistance on our efforts.

  2. Susan Mathison

    I was delighted to read and use Lee Milteer’s smaller version of this book, and the expanded version is even better! Prayer truly is powerful and can help us live according to divine source and our best selves. For me, these prayers have given peace and hope. I am so grateful to Lee and her wonderful work. This would be an amazing book to gift to special people in your life.

  3. Laura Venecia Rodriguez

    A Powerhouse of Prayers for the Spiritually-Minded Person
    I highly recommend Lee Milteer’s new book, “The Magic of Prayer.” It contains powerful, soothing prayers that have helped ease/release the anxiety I’ve felt during this particularly divisive 2016 presidential campaign in the United States.

    Lee offers 70 prayers that span a gamut of issues/challenges from health to business success to facing a difficult task. Anyone can pick up it and find practical spiritual support to addresses their needs. I love the book’s portability – it’s small and easy to have on hand.

    I engage in daily spiritual reading every morning. Along with the Bible, and a couple of other spiritual tomes, The Magic of Prayers has become a spiritual staple I consult for support, strength, and inspiration.

    This book would make a great stocking stuffer this upcoming holiday season for spiritually-minded people.

  4. Amed N. Hazel

    I have an extensive spiritual background and have either been a part of or studied many spiritual beliefs and prayer sciences. Lee Milteer has hit the nail on the head. She gives clear and concise prayers for anyone despite your religious beliefs. Lee gives you 70 powerful prayers that you can use for every situation. All I can really say is well done Lee Milteer!

  5. satisfied mom

    Love this so much. It was a great reminder of how powerful prayer really is..and the bridge of blending spiritual with spirituality Is beautiful. Get it you won’t be disappointed

  6. Patricia Matthews

    I have read just one prayer and was very moved with the words. This is a book that will continue to provide guidance and a remembrance of who I am. Thank you.

  7. Debra

    Finally! Prayers Perfectly Said
    I’ve been looking for a book with prayers for all the different emotions we experience and can’t come up with the words when in a frazzled state. I like that isn’t geared toward a specific religion but towards spiritualism. The author is extremely guided and gifted.

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