Success is an Inside Job-Second Edition

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Paperback-This book will empower ANYONE to achieve new levels of self-clarity and control over their destiny.

Remember when you were a kid, and you used to dream about the day you would be in charge of your life? You knew that nothing could stop you from being exactly what you wanted to be. As an adult, are you living that life? Or have you forgotten your dreams and fallen into an endless, seemingly pointless routine?
Today's world holds an infinite number of possibilities for you to apply your talents and live the life you dream, but most people get stuck in a rut and never get out. 
Lee Milteer's Success is an Inside Job will offer you specific, measurable strategies to break free from the limitations and live the life you want. This book will help you enlarge the repertoire of the resources you have to transform your life. You will learn:

  • How to take back your power with simple exercises
  • Tools to find your talents and capitalize on them with ease
  • Proven strategies for creating prosperity for yourself, regardless of the economy
  • Exercises for creating the life you so richly deserve

The bottom line is that no one can truly make you a success at what you want in life -- no one but YOU! You hold the power right now to make your dreams come true and create the life you want ... because Success IS an Inside Job. 
If you're ready to finally win the game of life, you need this book!

13 reviews for Success is an Inside Job-Second Edition

  1. Glen Stancil

    Find out how to obtain TRUE SUCCESS – A definite MUST READ

    Lee Milteer shares her insight in human nature and success. As the subtitle denotes, she shares with her readers “the secrets to getting anything you want”. This book seems to be a compilation of her previous work, all in one place. Don’t buy this book if you are looking for a “get rich quick scheme.” Having followed her career since I was a freshman in college, I can say that her thoughts and ideas provide the insight you will need to be successful in any industry.

  2. Ron Purvis

    Lee’s approach to “getting what you want” is refreshing!

    As Lee communicates in this book, being a success, or getting what you want, is actually pretty simple. For most, if not all of us, its just not that easy sometimes. This book is a simple step by step guide for figuring out what you want, and then how to go for it. I found Lee’s ideas on the topic of intuition to be especially fascinating and realized that this was an area that I needed to work on (among others). Lee’s strategies for tapping into your intuitive personal power are disarmingly simple, FUN and effective! Lee reveals details of her own personal challenges and successes in this book. Her story is both educational and inspiring. Thank you Lee, for sharing your ideas and a part of yourself in this book! The price I paid for this book will be a drop in the bucket compared to what it will be worth to me in my career and my life!

  3. Dr. Kathryn Thompson

    Opens the pathway to success within each of us, with ease!

    I love this book! It has helped me to easily jump over the challenges we humans unknowingly place in front of ourselves for a variety of reasons. It has awakened within me the knowlege of my own power to create success in my life.

  4. Barbara

    I am a reader of self help and positive thinking type of books. I read this particular book when it first came out in ’96…almost 6 years ago….and it still remains a favorite for me. It touches on more than the common “rah rah rah” method. This book makes you realize the unbelieveable strengths that we are ALL born with, but that we don’t develope. All of my life I’ve heard the term “mind over matter” and didn’t pay it much attention. This book puts reality to that saying and now I truely understand what it means. The human mind is a God-made computer and none of us use our brain to it’s fullest potential. Ms. Milteer writes with such an easy flow, that this book is hard to set down, almost like a novel!!! It’s astonishing.
    Excellent book that I seriously recommend to everyone….readers and non-readers. The ideas and the realization that this book brings will change your life and give you control of yourself and the situations that are presented to you….large and small.
    During a week’s bout with the flu, I picked this book up just to thumb through it and ended up reading it again….thank heaven. You won’t have to force yourself to sit and read this one, once you get started, you’ll have to force yourself NOT to be reading!

  5. Geoffrey Guy

    A very valuable tool for success

    In this work, Lee has brought together many of the most important concepts for personal success. And, she’s added some very on-target insights of her own. Rather than having to read many books to get this information, you can find it all summed up right here. She gives many concrete examples and tasks for you to begin to change your world view and assesment of your self. If you will do the things she suggests, and work on implementing her ideas, you will reap your own personal rewards. I’ve found her words to be life changing. I’ve passed this book on to my son – it’s that valuable!

  6. Steve Szenay

    This is a Must Have Book, bar none.
    Lee puts so much of herself into this book, this play book for your life will help you as well as it has me on how to Manifest Success into your life, I had the greatest opportunity to be mentored by Lee that has changed my life for the best. You will read in this book on how to Take back your life as Lee puts it your life is not a Dress Rehearsal this is the real thing we don’t get a make do. So make the best you can and create the life that you want. If you are in Sales (lets face it we are all in Sales from trying to sell your love one to marry you, selling yourself to get that great job you truly deserve). This is a must book to read but to also reread, find out what is holding you back from your biggest break thru in your life and eliminate it for good. My personal library has 495 books and this is one that I read over an over. Lee will help you bring out your hidden talents that are just below the surface. Learn the right way to set goals that you can achieve. Put yourself in the top 20% of your field, where the earning potential is so much better. I don’t write testimonies or recommend many items, but Lee’s books and programs are top notch. So what is holding you back check this book out, if you have read it before check out the updated version.

  7. Thie Convery

    If you are an achiever, looking to create your BEST life, then you must read “Success is an Inside Job”, by Lee Milteer. Read, implement and then toast your success. With these strategies, success is is inevitable! Milteer taught me the specific mindset to achieve success, in all areas of my life. I now live it, thanks to this great book!

  8. Stephen Mellis


    What a great book!!! I have read everything I can get my hands on from Lee Milteer. I can’t tell you how much her books have helped me as an entrepreneur. Once you pick up this book you will find it difficult to put down. Highly recommended.

  9. Kindle Customer

    A great resource that will propel you toward the accomplishment of your goals

    This is an amazing little book that is unlike many others that take a spiritual or metaphysical approach on how to bring more success into your life.

    If have a spiritual or metaphysical orientation you will recognize the concepts that feel natural and comfortable to you expressed in very concrete and practical ways. If you tend to shy away from metaphysical books because they seem to woo woo, you will find the exercises in this book to be so practical and grounded that will you may not even be aware of the spirituality that undergirds the points that Lee makes.

    This isn’t a read it and walk away book. The exercises that Lee encourages you to do are truly transformational and will bring about the insights you need in order to achieve whatever success may be for you at this moment in time. I am convinced that if you are stuck in some area of life and you take the time do the exercises in this book that you will get exactly what it is that you need to be more successful and to achieve your goals.

  10. WJCjax

    This book will help you get your mind right…from there success is simple!

    If you’re NOT presently metaphysical fellow, this book will really help you get your mind right! Mindset and the world of wo-wo has never been my thing. Most who profess metaphysical magic do so from a place of contentment with their boring and uninteresting lives. Not so with Lee Milteer, she is a fascinating, interesting and accomplished person from any perspective.

    She has come from very humble beginnings and life experiences that would qualify her for victim status in the mind of many…but not in the mind of Lee Milteer, and there in lies the magic. How is it that regardless of upbringing, personal tragedy or even some bad decisions some people mange to build a life of success both personally and professionally? They face the reality that success is an inside job!

  11. 600K_Reader

    This is my first exposure to Lee’s work and I am now a big fan of here approach to changing your outlook on life. Her ability to break down success into small chunks that are easy to follow is refreshing.

  12. russell baker

    Purchased as a gift for another

  13. Kimberly

    Great Read

    Awesome book! Highly recommended

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