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This groundbreaking book introduces the professional salesperson-and anyone with a job or a company of their own, to a new model of selling that will add integrity, personal balance, increase sales, improved relationships, improved personal satisfaction and guarantee financial rewards

This book shows you how to integrate your spiritual self with your business practices. This groundbreaking book introduces the professional salesperson-and anyone with a job or a company of their own, to a new model of selling that will add integrity, personal balance, increase sales, improved relationships, improved personal satisfaction and guarantee financial rewards. Designed to appeal to people from all religious affiliations and backgrounds, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling, is ideal for those who want to learn why successful selling doesn't have to mean selling out your own spiritual principles, values and morals. Milteer demonstrates that when we merge our own spiritual life with our professional career, we add a dimension that not only empowers ourselves, but also adds value and meaning to the lives of all the people we encounter.

12 reviews for Spiritual Power Tools

  1. A reader

    I thoroughly enjoyed Lee Milteer’s new book Spiritual Power Tools. Lee Milteer took concepts of how to live your life and put them into a tool kit that could easily be referenced particularly with respect to selling. This book should be a must read for anyone in business. I have my own company and I will use these concepts daily and will encourage my associates to have access to all the spiritual power tools should they choose to try them. Information this powerful should be in any personal library especially a corporate library. Thanks to Lee Milteer for putting it all together.

  2. a reader

    Everyone has thoughts and desires but how many of us turn them into clear intentions and make them happen? Lee Milteer gives you a step by step map on how to get clear with your intentions and make them happen in your mind and for real in her book Spiritual Power Tools. This book is a must read for everyone not just people in sales. “your thoughts attract to you the circumstances that support the emotions behind your thoughts. Thus, your thoughts are the most powerful tools you have to direct and control your life” is a quote from Spiritual Power Tools. It’s not only the thoughts that are important. The emotion associated with that thought is crucial. Good to know. A definite read for those interested in making a better life for themselves. Lee Milteer’s ideas need to be tried by everyone.

  3. K. L. Sturgis

    I love Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling! Lee Milteer has a beautiful gift when it comes to making practical use of spiritual wisdom. In a compelling work, Milteer is at once candid, intimate, and hits the mark with her innovative chapters of spiritual tools to help us joyfully thrive in the world of selling. Tip: One doesn’t have to be professional sales person to reap the benefits of this read!!!

  4. Tricia Latta

    I highly recommend this book, as well as all others written by Lee Milteer. In this book Lee shares with us how to create better teamwork with God to make our lives as well as the lives of those we touch better. Our spiritual side is our most powerful asset and so few people realize it and even those of us who do really don’t understand how to use it to our best advantage. Any time I have spent studying and reading Lee’s work has been an awesome investment in my personal growth. I am a much better person today thanks to Lee’s work.

  5. Go lightly

    Well done Lee Milteer. I have been a follower of Lee’s work and this book, Spiritual Power Tools, is a culmination of her sales success and a grounded personal spiritual philosophy that would help anyone. The two together attest to how powerful you can be not only in sales situations but in life generally. The Spiritual Power Tools are very well presented. I especially liked the affirmation at the end of each chapter. These are very helpful in keeping you focused and positive. Very inspirational!! Spiritual Power Tools is a must read for everyone.

  6. Deborah G. Mollura

    Spiritual Power Tools is an amazing book that will keep you from every feeling rejected again in the business world. Lee Milteer encourages the reader to not take what others do personally. This book goes beyond the average self help-sales book to tell the reader how important it is to acknowledge your true nature, stay in integrity, use your imagination to create your own reality. This is a rare book of insight, wisdom and uplifting tools to assist anyone in the business world blend their own personal spiritual beliefs with the reality of the business world. After reading Lee Milteer’s other books I can say that she continues to share the most practical and useful information in an easy to use format. Guaranteed to make you feel more successful.

  7. Melissa M. Marcus

    This book is an inspiration! The more you read, the more motivated, enthusiastic and inspired you become. The book teaches you how to approach any situation positively so you will succeed! I truly recommend this book to everyone, even if you are not directly in sales! You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Tad Clemson

    This book has a rather unusual, somewhat low-key approach toward sales expertise, but it is couched in such logical, practical, useful terms that it brings a different perspective to selling. Granted, it does emphasize the fact that one should like, or feel good, about whatever one sells, as though it was a joy and privilege to offer people something useful and desirable. The book offers specific guidance to this end. Lee Milteer, author of the previously well-received “Success is an Inside Job,” makes a strong case for merging the spiritual aspects of one’s life with a professional career. The rewards of such a merger, both personally and professionally, are worth examining. If anyone on your gift list is involved in sales or marketing, this could be a welcome offering.

  9. Neal Klabunde

    Lee Milteer’s book, “Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling” has helped me greatly in my everyday life. As a small business owner and not a “professional salesman”, it has helped me to put my marketing efforts in perspective. In my opinion, my business and myself are better for having read this book.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Many great insights which has already helped me with my selling experience. I have been in sales for 34 years and realized that I was not utilizing Gods gift to me by connecting with my customers and clients in a deeper and profound way.

  11. Michelle Barr

    I had the privilege and the pleasure to study with Lee this year, and so I experienced the teaching of some of these tools in person after having read the book. I just had her sign my copy of it last weekend at a retreat. Lee’s work is both very practical and very deep, making it game-changing and life-transforming. Lee shares in this book some of the secrets behind her success in both her business and her life. These are things you can take from the book and easily implement in your own life. I recommend you add some of these spiritual power tools to your toolbox.

  12. Brian T Hahn

    Lee does a great job of explaining and demonstrating how your mind set and view of the universe effects the results you get in your business. There are 12 power tools in here that will accelerate the results you get in your sales efforts.

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