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Our true magnificence is our internal power. Open up to our greater identity and go beyond our programmed boundaries. We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We’ve just forgotten how. This book is here to remind us.


Our true magnificence is our internal power. Open up to our greater identity and go beyond our programmed boundaries. We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We’ve just forgotten how. This book is here to remind us.
Reclaim the Magic will evoke a consciousness shift and an awakening within you to manifest your heart’s true desires. This book will give you the tools and concepts to claim your natural birthright power as a manifester, become fully conscious of the abilities you have within yourself, and evolve into your authentic being. You are a spirit in a human body and are much more powerful than you have been led to believe.
Since birth, we have been programmed by society, schools,government, religions, and well-meaning but clueless people that we are a victim of circumstances. We have been trained to think,feel, and believe that we have no power. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we are far from helpless. The truth is, power in life is 1 percent physical and 99 percent spiritual. We can release the victim role and instead, adopt the role of deliberate creator. It is a choice we can make that will transform our reality forever. With our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and use of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life energies, we can manifest anything we desire.

8 reviews for Reclaim The Magic

  1. Patty

    Love this book! This book is filled with so many great practices that allow us to consciously move into creating an on-purpose and fulfilling life.
    Lee’s writing style is friendly and easy and inspirational. In sharing some intimate stories of her life, she drove home for me how it all truly works when we practice this stuff. The more we practice these tools, the closer we get to mastering the life we choose and love.
    I believe this is an essential guide in the journey of living the life we love for people of all ages. For me, it was especially poignant, having turned 60 and trying to work on my “Act 3” in life.

  2. Angelo Marini

    I have been a student of Lee’s for the past 7 years. I have read many of her books and listened to her programs. I think of her as a knight in shining armor combating the negativity that is constantly being thrown at us on a daily basis. Her advice hits home and has helped me to lead a much more peaceful and happy life. I will be purchasing many copies of this book to give as gifts to family, friends and staff. Do yourself a favor and read Reclaim the Magic and follow her advice. It works.

  3. Kevin Marks

    I must preface this review by saying that I have met Lee Milteer and had the privilege of working with her briefly on a project. I have to tell you that Lee is the real deal. I expected to be able to read her book Reclaim the Magic fairly quickly. Nothing could be further from the truth. I found myself reading a section and then setting the book aside to meditate, cogitate, and contemplate what she had written and how it applies to my life. Reclaim the Magic allows you to recapture and discover the things in and around you that are bigger than you … but are there for your benefit. We tend to get caught up in this hustle and bustle world and forget to even dream or we just put them aside. How much are you losing out on??? Reclaim the Magic.

  4. Richard Boureston

    I absolutely love the chapter on scripting and focus. Lee does a fantastic job of moving from strategic “big picture” ideas of success to the down and dirty tactics of reaching your goals. She tells you exactly how she has reached her own success, the very steps she took. The most encouraging part is that she came from a small “no where” town with “nothing” to predict her ultimate success… she really is a great “If I can do it… YOU CAN DO IT!” kind of storyteller.

  5. Peter Richard Nelson

    It is uplifting to read of an account where the principles that underpin the reality we see are called into service in a pragmatic way.

  6. N. Stewart

    I use these reviews often to determine if I buy. Stop reading. Buy it and come back….Got it on the way? This book is really solid. I am a student and teacher of Metaphysics, an Entrepreneurs Life & Business Coach and I give this book my strongest recommendation. I bought it on Kindle, read it in one night and just received the paperback I ordered to give away.
    Who should read it?
    1) You are stuck in life, not sure why you can’t consistently create or manifest your desires
    2) You are angry, hurt or holding a grudge about something (valid) someone did to you
    3) You are a spiritual seeker who wants to follow one book instead of parts of 5
    4) You want to give a book to your friend, family or significant other so they can better understand you and JUST maybe step out of their fear based habits 😉
    5) You are a teacher or a coach and need something to use as a primer to bring people up to speed
    I found that she covered soo many aspects of how to intentionally create your life: affirmations, scripting, meditation, prayer, attitude and detachment. She mentioned quotes from teachers I know and love.

    The book is an easy read, the information accessible and has tools in it that I teach as a coach for a substantial investment.
    Get it for you. Get it for someone you love that is stuck. Life is not happening to you-you are the author of it and you can write a different ending from where you are right now. Best to you and your journey.

  7. Brandon Braun

    This book was surprisingly insightful. The beginning of the book had started off with personal details of the authors life, but not too long after it became engaging with reliable information and knowledge. I had discovered it through an article from Creations Magazine, and I’m really glad I decided to get the book. It is confirming the questioning of my beliefs and thoughts, and has definitely helped to support me by giving me a healthy and spiritually sound mindset to consider. It takes spiritual insights that seem commonsense from the first glance, but the author has written about these topics in such depths and description that even someone who has read a good amount of books on a similar subject can learn something new. I enjoyed the content of this book enough to buy it after the library rental had expired, so I can re-read in the future. I really recommend.

  8. Ms. J. Whigham

    This is a book for anyone who feels stuck in life. For anyone who knows that they are the masters and the creators of their lives but for some reason still can’t seem to get themselves motivated to take control of their thinking and change the course of their lives. This isn’t just about creating abundance it’s about the connection to the Divine, God, Universal Intelligence or whatever you want to call it…that Power that is greater than the personality. ‘Seek first the Kingdom within and all else will be added to you’ sums this book up. Highly recommend this book for Light Workers and for those who know that Life should be fun, rich, meaningful, have purpose and direction. For those who have come to a point in their lives that know it’s time to look within and connect to your own inner Power for guidance. Love this book!!!

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