Are You Moving Forward or Dwelling on the Past?


During my childhood at home, whenever something bad happened to me, my mother used to say, “You cannot move forward if you keep looking backward.”

That’s an undeniable truth.

The choices we make every day grant us the ability to direct our mental energy toward our chosen focus.

We can either dwell on the past or move beyond it, concentrating on the future.

One of our culture’s favorite pastimes involves revisiting all the emotional pain from past negative experiences, unfortunate stories, failed relationships, and physical ailments.

Dwelling on these past failures and injustices consumes our mental energy and rekindles the same negative experiences in our subconscious mind!

Consequently, it gains more power to make us feel bad or unworthy.

ALL energy has effects.

What we concentrate on expands.

Focusing on past painful events significantly impacts our future destiny.

Anytime we dwell on past failures or insecurities, we only create more fear about future opportunities.

Remember the old saying, “This is the first day of the rest of your life.”

It’s true!

The past is a locked door.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot go back and change it.

Our point of power lies in the present – in what we do with our current time and energy.

Our future is shaped by the thoughts and energy we employ today.

It’s always up to us to give ourselves permission to stop discussing and thinking about what happened in the past.

Let’s focus our mental, physical, and emotional life energy on what we are going to create in the future.

Our future will be determined by the information and self-direction we give ourselves through our self-talk.

Learning the skill to choose our thoughts, rather than being governed by random ones, is essential.

We must recognize that we have the power to control our inner dialogue, to make our minds obey us instead of controlling us.

What an amazing feeling it is to realize that our future is in our hands!

Our thoughts create our reality!

I encourage you to experiment with new strategies to expand your personal power and regain absolute control of your life.

This knowledge can give you the confidence and courage to make positive changes.

You don’t have to be a victim of life.

You have the power to change strategies and create a happier life.

However, you must be willing to take complete responsibility for changing your self-talk and the quality of your thoughts about yourself and your potential.


“Because 75 percent or more of our early programming was negative, we automatically followed suit with our own self-talk – our own self-programming of the same negative nature. As a result, we grow to maturity with some of the most inappropriate and self-hindering programs permanently stuck in our subconscious minds, influencing every action we will ever take and every thought we will ever think for the rest of our lives.”

-Shad Helmstetter
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself and The Self-Talk Solution


The bottom line is that we are now the sum total of all the programming others have given us, including the thoughts we have had about ourselves.

Our brain is designed to ensure that we live out the installed programs.

Consequently, all those past images, thoughts, and directions will influence our attitudes and actions today.

If we don’t take personal responsibility for nurturing, caring for, and feeding our own subconscious mind, we will be manipulated and controlled by past programming and our current environment.

We have the power to train our minds to choose what we think and not allow random thoughts to hold us hostage.

Our goal is to become inner-directed and focused, so that we decide what we want to think, rather than having our thoughts and emotions determined by the world around us.

The untrained mind experiences more emotional ups and downs because it reacts to random thoughts.

It is believed that 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts enter our minds every day.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that 80 percent of these thoughts are negative on an average day.

Can you imagine what your thoughts are like on a bad day?

Moreover, what effects do those negative thoughts have on your attitude, creativity, and passion for life?

You are in the driver’s seat.

No one can change your thoughts but you.

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