Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success Positive TV Episode 5 is all about Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors. In this episode, Lee shares some of her personal challenges that she’s overcome, and gives advice on how to first find success from within.

How To Overcome Unproductive Behaviors in Your Life

A few years ago I was fourteen pounds heavier than I wanted to be and I was smoking.

As Dr. Phil says on TV, “You cannot change what you’e not willing to acknowledge.”

One day I got so fed up with myself I looked in the mirror and had a “come to Jesus” talk with myself. You know what I mean, that brutally honest talk with yourself where you have to acknowledge what is going on. I had just gone through several big life changing events and I found myself using food and cigarettes to medicate myself.

I had to face the truth and facing the truth isn’t fun, but it is a necessary thing to clean up your act.

Now I’m thrilled to report that I not only lost the fourteen pounds, I also stopped smoking at the same time. I didn’t do it with any magic weight loss or “stop smoking” pills.

Success is an Inside Job – Change Your Thinking … Change Your Life

I did it with my mind. There’s a huge secret that the majority of people don’t know in life: you have to change the way you think before you change the way you act.

Past programming had held most of us prisoners to the belief that we are controlled by external circumstances or outside powers.

All success in any area of your life must be created internally before it can be realized.

The general population has not accepted that the true power of our lives is our thoughts, intentions, and actions that create our future. We are self-fulfilling prophecies … what we focus on, we bring into our reality.

In fact, every obstacle you can think of between you and your goals can be summed up in four words: unproductive behaviors and thoughts.

We all agree that bad habits drain us of motivation, time money, and a great life. All of us have some bad habits that sabotage our happiness and our success. They tame us into being less than we could be.

All Actions Have Consequences …

Gail Anderson in Cedar Rapids, Iowa asks, “When I try to change my bad habits, I normally can only go a few days before I fall off the wagon and abandon my good intentions. I have lost faith in myself that I have the power to break my negative behavior. How do I gain confidence?”

We can all relate to the pain that constant self-judgment has caused and the frustration from trying to break away from old behaviors.

You are unable to break your negative habits because you spend most of your time reinforcing the belief that you cannot break the habit.  We created labels for ourselves that we reinforce in our own self talk.

Think about this, some people label themselves with things like: I’m fat; I’m a smoker; I’m nervous; I have a bad temper; I’m always late; I’m lazy; I’m a failure; I’m not good with money; I have no willpower. These negative labels keep us stuck with negative behavior patterns.

The bottom line is that you are now the sum total of the programming others have given you and you have reinforced through the thoughts you’ve had about yourself.

Train Your Mind to Choose What You Think

You do have the power to train your mind to choose what you think instead of allowing limiting thoughts to hold you hostage.

Just like the earth, your brain does not discern what you plant. It will work just as hard to grow seeds as it will to grow beautiful flowers. You, and you alone, determine the seeds that are planted by what you say to yourself over and over again.

Quite simply, you’re a self-fulfilling prophecy because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between factual reality and imagined reality.  If you think you’re destined to be overweight, below average, poor, unlucky in love, clumsy, or even not good at something you will take actions that make these thoughts become a reality.

None of these thoughts are actually true, but thinking them creates belief and images in your mind that reinforce these negative statements until they actually do become true for you.

Be aware of the directions you give your brain, change your self talk to focus on what you want, keep it simple, keep it positive.

Don’t do it alone, let’s do it together in the club, find out more at Milteer.com.