I know, because you are here with me today reading this, that you are special.  You may not realize it yet…. but I know.  So let me try to help some of you along who are still thinking in only the “human realm”.

6 Tips For Lightworkers

1. First, give up the old belief you are just a small helpless human.  You are a magnificent creator that is connected to the Infinite Intelligence.  Truth is you are co-creating your life each day with your thoughts and actions.  Know that right now you have the ability to shift your life and recalibrate your energy direction. 

2. Give up the past for it is gone.  It is a closed door that no one can enter. You cannot retrace your steps.  Your real power is this very moment in time to make a new decision and focus your life force in a new direction.  Your future IS determined by the beliefs you have today of what is possible, the quality of your thinking and the actions you take in the world.

3. As a Divine Soul your job is first to love and honor yourself so you have the ability to use your life energy in ways that not only serve you but also help others. The more you honor yourself, and the contributions you make to life, the more clarity you will have on what and how to use your life energy in positive ways.

4. Join other life enhancing communities of people who are also Lightworkers so you feel connected on earth.

5. Make time to read something each day and expose yourself to information that uplifts you so that your true power can emerge and you are the living embodiment of your true authentic self. Turn off your television and the daily news.

6. Make plans every year to spend some time in spiritual environments with other like-minded souls so you can be renewed and refreshed.  It is only by honoring yourself and attending spiritual events in healing locations that you can find your real self again and reignite your souls passion

I am hosting a “lightworking” event in Sedona Arizona June 20-23, 2016. It is called A Vision Quest for Wealth Creation and it is limited to only 30 people under my direction.  It will be intimate and life changing both from a spiritual and wealth-creating perspective. You see, I am a true believer in the importance of wealth.  One of my callings – my area of service to others- is helping them recognize that it’s ok to be rich and spiritual too!  Because having money allows you the freedom to structure your life in a way that you can help others easily!

Some who have registered for my event are already serious “lightworkers” and others are just beginning their journey. It doesn’t matter.  There are still 2 spots available.  Please treat yourself and join me in Sedona!

With love and light