You may think current circumstances say otherwise, but now is the time for you to Prosper and Manifest more. That’s because external conditions do not control your destiny, you do.

To help you gain that control, I’m offering you a FREE ticket to a VIRTUAL Event I will be speaking at, at the end of this email. I think you’ll find the event very beneficial to helping you get in the right mindset to Prosper. You need to have your mindset properly prepared before you can fulfill your responsibility to manifest the Prosperity you so richly deserve.

Once you’ve got your mindset squared away, prepare to Prosper! Prosperity is the result of two things:

  1. Smart Action and
  2. Deliberate Thought

Smart Action
As the Bible promises, ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Note that “ask,” “seek,” and “knock” are all actions. Hey, no Action, no Prosperity!

Deliberate Thought
If your desires are not thought out in a deliberate way, it’s very hard for your subconscious to give you innovative ideas, directions, or answers to create the prosperous lifestyle you want for yourself. So before you go out asking, seeking, and knocking you need to have deliberately thought out exactly what it is you’re asking for, seeking, and knocking for.

Focus on what you don’t want
You read that right. Begin making a list of all the things you wish cleared up and eradicated from your life. This list should include everything from old relationships, old habits and fears, to material objects. This exercise will empower you to have a clearer picture of what you do want.

Focus on what you do want
Now for the good stuff. If you talk to or read about the most prosperous and successful people, you will find the majority use a simple technique for creating their desires — they write down what they want. (Notice that writing is another action.) There is magic in putting ideas on paper.

I recommend that you start a new daily ritual of sitting down first thing in the morning and writing out your goals for the day. It is a very effective way of invoking the Creative Law of Prosperity. This focusing of your life energy gives your computer (your brain) powerful direction. And it always follows the most powerful directions it receives. But you have to do this every day for 21 days — then it becomes a daily habit.

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You’ll be in control of your day, not someone else or external conditions. You’ll be spending your life energy wisely and, before you know it, giving yourself a wonderful gift — Prosperity.


Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist


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