Do you want to do something that is totally different, exciting, and fun? Do you want to manifest your goals in the way that Walt Disney did?

Live Bigger, Dream Bigger to Manifest Your Goals in Life

How to live bigger, dream bigger and how to manifest your goals using visual programming.

What is visual programming? It is based on the science that pictures are more powerful than words when you’re working towards achieving your goals.

One of the best examples is the Walt Disney Organization. Their movie and television studios create storyboards to guide them in creating the magic that you see on the screen. Seeing these images in front of you guides you to the end results – anyone can do this.

Now I want you to get a poster board and channel your inner Disney.

Create a Vision Board using Pictures of Things You Want

It can includes:

  • places you want to go
  • people you want to meet
  • it can be anything your imagination allows. Don’t limit yourself with the possibilities.
  • It is your life – the images you cut out and paste on your board actually magnetize and guide your mind to manifest that reality.

Seeing your dreams in front of you is a powerful visualization tool that you can utilize to reach the dreams you truly want for yourself.

Russ Smith, in Baltimore, Maryland asks, “I’m really getting confused by the messages that our culture is sending us. We’re being asked to cream less and expect less. I don’t want ceilings in my life and I’m a bit demoralized. How can I snap out o this funk?”

No one gets to determine your success in life but you.  All successful people begin with far reaching dreams that allow them to create outrageous successes.

So here’s the truth: one of the hardest parts of success is giving yourself permission to figure out exactly what you want. You have to stop buying in to these limitations and downsizing your dreams.

Success is an inside job, its created by your thoughts.

Russ’s question hit a huge nerve with me. Every time someone in our government or the media demands us to re-calibrate how much we earn and cap everything after a certain amount, I foam at the mouth. Why is success suddenly looked down upon?

No matter who you are, the power of thought, imagination, and action can break through the barriers that hold you back in life from anything you want.

We have unlimited power of the mind to imagine, there are no limits in life except for the limits you put on yourself.

Invest in yourself and achieve the goals you want in your life here