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I’m so grateful that Lee Milteer is working with me now. I’m getting ready to start one of the biggest developments of my career. Her coaching expands our abilities as entrepreneurs to listen to our inner person and is a big encouragement to me. I love her work Intuition: The New Common Sense and her new Millionaire Success Smarts® Club! – Bill Moist

Lee Milteer is an awesome speaker and coach. Her Millionaire Success Smarts® Club is uplifting, encouraging, and transformative. Thank you, Lee! Through your group I have experienced HUGE transformations within myself and for my business and this is just the beginning! — Alice R Collins

The Millionaire Success Smarts® Club is a group of like-minded people, and Lee understands how to motivate all of us to reach for more. Most of all, Lee’s effect on me has been profound! I have found new energy I thought was long since gone. I have become hyper-organized and have seen an improvement across the board in my business.—Art Mason, Martial Arts Professional Teacher

It took me less than 1 minute to decide to join Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Success Smarts® Club and I’m glad I did. I have known Lee for about 8 years and have found her to be a tremendous resource and positive influence. I thoroughly enjoy, and get a lot out of, engaging with like-minded entrepreneurs who don’t apologize for their wealth or success. Lee leads us through mastery discussions that focus on mindset and execution—the EXACT THINGS that set us apart for the 99% who don’t get it. Years ago, Lee told me to:

  • Learn to interact with wealth
  • Learn to be comfortable around people who possess wealth
  • Formulate three important wealth questions you can ask

I listened to her, and although I never have to work another day in my life, I choose to. Just as I choose to listen to every word that Lee says. – Rodger Friedman, Retirement Wealth Strategist

Although Lee and I only know each other through Facebook, I feel we are kindred spirits. We have much in common, especially our philosophy and our journey of personal development. So when Lee asked me to join her Lee’s Millionaire Smart Club, I jumped on it. Lee’s own personal growth and being around some of the most well known speakers and coaches, including Dan Kennedy, has given her a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She shares this in her Millionaire Smarts program. Daily tips, guest speakers and her regular live call has been beneficial to my personal and business development. I highly recommend being a part of Lee’s Millionaire Smart Program.–Dr. Mitzi Reed, Board Certified Naturopath

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Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.