Intuition, that inner part of ourselves where we listen ourselves is one of the most important areas to develop for you to move in the direction of success, prosperity, and safety.

Intuition can help you make financial decisions, be a better manager, parent, and capitalize on opportunities. Its a natural human function and your closest adviser.

Frankly, most of our knowledge is book learned and most of that is obsolete. Logic and analysis can only lead you halfway to make a good decisions, the next step requires using your intuitive powers. Pay attention and rely on that internal part of yourself, that voice inside of you that tells you when things are right.

Let me say up front, I’m not suggesting that you do not do your homework when you’re trying to make financial or business decisions, its very important that you do that research to support your feelings. What I am suggesting is that you also listen to those hunches when you make decisions.

How to Listen to Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is like adding another resource to your existing toolbox of strategies to have untamed success in your life.

Lyn Miller of Mt. Vernon, New York asks, “My entire life I’ve been very logical and analytical. I was not trained to say, ‘I feel’, but rather, ‘I think’. Unfortunately, it’s lead me to believe in the wrong people and I’ve been taken advantage of and burned. How can I develop my intuition to notice red flags?”

We have at one time or another been taken advantage of by dishonest people. In our current reality, not only has our upbringing limited our ability to use our instincts but we’re living in a world that loves to sell us a bill of goods. Because many of our so-called “saviors,” the government, big business, and financial organizations have also betrayed us and stolen our time, our money, and our trust.

You have got to learn to separate the bad guys from the good guys because they’re not all wearing white hats.

Here’s how you can start to notice the red flags. One of the questions I often ask before I do business with someone is, “What is their level of integrity and honesty?” I also do my due diligence when dealing with important decisions. But we simply can no longer take people at face value.

There are two parts to your mind, the conscious mind pays attention to detail, makes decisions, and only holds about three days worth of information. The power of your intuition comes from the subconscious mind that has the ability to remember everything its ever heard, read, seen, or been exposed to with your five senses. It is an enormous memory bank that will respond to your every request. When you ask it questions, your subconscious mind goes into a search mode, finding the information to supply your conscious mind with the answer.

Your intuition can analyze large masses of data and make a judgment decision all in one step.

Let me give you an example: your conscious mind can hold four bits of information. Your subconscious mind cal hold forty billion bits of information. Its like a huge hard drive and your conscious mind is like a small thumb-drive.

6 Tips on How You can Use and Recognize Your Intuition:

  1. Have faith – that you can tap into your own abilities and use your intuition.
  2. Change your daily routines – do things differently, this stimulates creative thoughts.
  3. Listen to your body – that is why we call intuition a gut feeling.
  4. Write out your problem – this gives you the opportunity to determine how you view the problem. Allow yourself to redefine the problem frequently.
  5. Be flexible and curious – open your mind to consider many alternatives and give yourself permission to not have instant success when you’re trying to tap into your intuition.
  6. If it feels right – go with it. If things fall in place, if people are cooperative or have positive feelings it usually means its a-go.

Try these techniques, have some fun, start testing your intuitive abilities. So, if the phone rings, ask yourself who it is before you answer. See how many times your right, if you’re waiting for an elevator, guess which one will come first. There are dozens of small games you can play with yourself to strengthen your abilities.

Your intuitive muscle gets stronger as you use it, so when you really need that information and that intuition, you’ll feel confident when you use your own.

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