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Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.

Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® FOR COACHES

Millionaire Smarts: The Critical Link between Knowing and Doing

Could You Use A Monthly, DONE FOR YOU Coaching Program For Your Clients and Coaching Members? One that…

  • Is Completely and Professionally Done and Delivered to You
  • Provides Immediately Actionable Solutions to Take You and Your Members to the Next Level of Success and Prosperity
  • Provides Multi-Media Materials and Expert Interviews that Add to Your Credibility and Celebrity by Association
  • Consistently Over-Delivers on Content and Makes You look Great
  • Increases Your Coaching Members Retention
  • Saves You a Ton of Time and Work
  • Increases Your Sales Power

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“What is Millionaire Smarts Coaching?”

  • So often a coach or consultant can provide a client with a roadmap to success, but the client stays “stuck” and doesn’t move down the path. Fear, guilt, apprehension, or concerns over what others might think holds many entrepreneurs back from the results they are capable of and are so close to achieving.
  • My Millionaire Smarts Coaching Program provides crucial breakthroughs past limiting beliefs… and the freedom to confidently spring toward a level of success beyond your imagination for you and your coaching clients!
  • Millionaire Smarts is done-for-you add-on coaching program that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of business models. Whether you are a niche marketing coach, a large or small group, a networking organization or a self­ employed entrepreneur – anyone  looking to explode their potential will benefit from the Millionaire Smarts advantage.
  • I provide your members with the motivation to follow up on the techniques that you, as a coach, are offering. The material provided in Millionaire Smarts provides your group with right thinking, accountability, inspiration, motivation, & information that takes them to the next level of their success.
  • Anyone who coaches others knows that  you can have the greatest systems, tools, advice, and marketing materials in the world; but often times, self-limiting beliefs, stress, and self-confidence issues keep coaching clients from reaching the profits and success they sign up for with you.

“If you are engaged in any kind of coaching business, franchising, or association management, you should work with Lee Milteer.”

“Lee’s Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program was actually developed at my urging to fill a gap my information marketing clients had, knew they had, and couldn’t or weren’t willing to fill themselves, simply put, the attitude and motivation component. Most information marketers provide the mechanics – how to advertise, how to market, how to sell, how to manage, and the tools to do those things with, but all the tools are useless to people insufficiently motivated to use them. The results of integrating Lee and her program into the niche info marketers own coaching programs have been far greater and more significant than we originally imagined. There’s positive impact on compliance, retention and dissention, translating into measurable hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profits that would otherwise be lost. From the information marketers standpoint, he gets terrific added value to support his selling of his coaching program or franchise or other service, and the improved compliance, retention and ascension of his members, all at a very modest, actually nearly insignificant cost amortized over the number of participants. There’s no work on his part, saving expense of time, and the security of working with a consummate, trust-worthy and diligent professional (Lee Milteer) who delivers on every promise on time. What more could you ask? So, I urge my clients to add Lee Milteer’s program to theirs.
Further, many clients are finding Lee to be a valuable asset in selling their coaching programs, franchises, association memberships or other programs as well as by speaking at their events, speaking on their teleseminars, being part of their audio brochures, or even producing them.
Dan Kennedy

Renegade Millionaire Maker, GKIC

Who is a Good Fit for Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts Coaching?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Professionals
  • Franchise Groups
  • Niche Marketing Coaches
  • Master Mind Groups
  • Business Clubs
  • Associations
  • Business Owners

… Anyone who wants to break through self-imposed limitations and take the final leap to success!



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Hear what more clients have to say about Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts for Coaches:

“Lee Milteer is the best person on the planet in giving business owners and professionals realistic Strategies & Tools that support Critical Thinking, Emotional Stability, and Resilience to managing your Life, Work, and your ability to produce Profits.”

LEE is massively effective in helping people remove their bad habits and install new more productive and profitable behaviors into their business and life.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee Business Systems

“Getting people to believe in themselves is not the easiest task.  The Millionaire Smarts Program is the bridge that helps them with this piece.”

“Being new to the information marketing world and having CPAs and attorneys as clients/members I was skeptical at first about how the Millionaire Smarts program would be received.  I knew they NEEDED the “mindset” piece but did they want one was the question. Well, the answers was an astounding “yes”! Our members look forward to the monthly coaching calls and all the reports and transcripts that come with it.. In addition to Lee herself being on these monthly calls she interviews nationally recognized experts as well. We’re now in our second year with Lee and Millionaire Smarts and it was one of the best membership retention decisions we made.  Thank you, Lee!”

Michael Rozbruch

CPA, Michael Rozbruch’ s Tax & Business Solutions Academy

“As a sponsor of the program there is NO easier way to provide members with valuable content with little to no effort.”

Millionaire Smarts as an amazing value to any entrepreneur. New ideas and positive input each month that can be put in place in any business. An amazing program that I highly recommend.

Justin Miller

Owner, Profit 911Consulting, East Moline, IL, USA

“Lee is wonderful because I don’t have to worry about every single month if the content’s going to be there or not. It shows up right on time, right on schedule. It makes it easy for me.”

I’ve been working with Lee since 2003 when she first offered the Millionaire Smarts® Program to Kennedy Platinum members, her coaching program. What I find to be the best out of Lee’s program is that I know that the mindset stuff works because I’ve worked on that myself for my own progressive success over the years, and it’s something that I always work on with my members and coaching clients.

That’s why it’s always great to have Lee there every month giving people a dose of the “in your head” stuff which I find sometimes is the biggest stumbling block for people to achieving what they want to achieve either online or offline. We have different clients that use this and it works just as well for all of them. We have doctors that get this monthly as well as my internet marketing group. It makes the added bulk factor of my highest level coaching. Students get the extra bulk and They Love it.  It helps retention.  It helps them think that I am really  looking out for them, which I am, by making sure that this stuff is in there.

Lee does always a great job, professional job interviewing some of the top people in self-development, in personal development, in relationship information and time management. A lot of different categories, that like I said, I don’t always get a chance to get to it. I would highly recommend using Lee’s Millionaire Smarts® Program if you have a group of people that you’re coaching with, consulting with, or even for franchisees. It definitely has one of my highest recommendations.

Yanik Silver

Owner, Surefire Marketing

“Lee really does drill in to make sure that you follow the plan and follow the system that your sponsor and your coach has put into place for you. I would highly recommend it for anybody that’s part of a franchise.”

We’ve been using the Millionaire Smarts® Program for several year now, and it’s just phenomenal. One of the main things as a franchiser is you are always looking for new and effective ways to support the franchisees. One of the wonderful things about the Millionaire Mindset is it helps people get out of their own way and expand their horizons. It gives them an opportunity to really see the potential that we’re always training them. Of course, as you know people can see the clouds more than the sun in operating their own business. It gives them a marvelous opportunity to really refocus on setting priorities, on thinking more expansively about their operations and their systems, and at the same time, it’s very supportive them following our pre-defined system and not experimenting with success. It’s got a marvelous weekly lesson for all the franchisees, a monthly teleconference, a lot of support tools that help them out in a lot of ways, and I hear nothing but just glowing feedback.. The best part is I really don’t have to do anything to give them a tremendous assets and a huge amount of support.

Stephen Oliver

Founder, Mile High Karate

“Lee delivers month after month, and the money that I invest in my members by using the Millionaire Smarts® is one of the most important investments I could ever make. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t even consider having a coaching program without offering this type of service.”

I’m an elder law attorney, and I’ve got a couple different coaching programs. Elder law and estate planning attorneys participate in my programs. I’ve got a platinum level program, and I’ve got a gold plus program. I use Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® for both programs, and it’s because anyone who coaches others knows that you can have the greatest advice and marketing materials in the world, but often times it’s other factors – things like self-image or issues with self-confidence or from the negative side, self-sabotage.

Those types of things that my coaching clients run into really kind of holds them back and hinders them. What Lee’s program does is it helps my coaching members get past all those types of issues so that the marketing message that I’m delivering to them can kind of seep in and make a difference. I get a lot of feedback from the members in my coaching groups. Basically, they tell me they love it. They talk about how it’s allowed them to establish goal setting, how to identify their personal blind spots and obstacles, and then figure out ways to overcome them. It helps them to develop problem solving and decision-making abilities, and how to overcome anxiety and fear about the future, and all those types of things. It’s just a terrific program.

One of the things that I like about it as a sponsor is that there’s just such a wide range of topics. Sometimes it’s Lee herself. Other time it might be famous authors, speakers, folks that we all know like Dan Kennedy or Brian Tracey, Matt Furey. The list goes on and on.

The program fills the need for me as a provider, not only for content, but also beyond that. The Millionaire Mindset really provides the critical link between knowing and doing, and anybody who’s got a group of entrepreneurs, coaching members, franchise owners – anybody like that – really needs to enroll in this program. It’s just terrific, and Lee, I’m very thankful for everything you do.

Bill Hammond

Owner, EDLF Publishing, Inc.

“I started when I was smaller, and I looked at the numbers and said, ‘Can I afford to do this?’ As I look back, I’m not only absolutely convinced that it’s something that I couldn’t afford not to do, but today it’s been a big part of what we’re doing.”

I’ve been working with Lee Milteer and her Millionaire Smarts® for Entrepreneurs program for several years now. Interesting thing, as I look back on it was when I first heard about Lee’s program through Dan Kennedy, he said, “Well, you’ve got to have this.”

My comment to Dan was that I had a small herd at that time several years ago, and wasn’t quite frankly sure that I could or should afford a program like hers. He said, “Do it. It’s going to work.”

Not only has it worked, but now we’re at a couple thousand members. We’re making an absolute fortune out of my coaching program, and I look at Lee’s stuff and I say, “Well, you can’t do without this type of a program.” I have so much that I offer my guys, but there’s places where Lee plugs into what I do for my guys that just would blow you away.

What I give them is all fine and good, but not if they’re not willing to implement, not if they don’t have the mindset, not if they don’t understand wealth accumulation, wealth building and how to be an entrepreneur. This is where Lee fits into my program and my guys absolutely love this stuff.

As I look at this, I say to myself, as always, Dan’s right on the mark. I started it several years ago at his suggestion and I’m continuing it for the foreseeable future ever to come just because it works really well, and she gives a big part of that energy – I want to say energization if there were such a word – that we just can’t do ourselves for our guys. So, can you afford not to have Lee as a part of that? I don’t think so. Good luck and I wish you all well.

Dr. Tom Orent

Founder, Gems Publishing, Inc.

“You have exceeded my expectations and I am grateful for all you do.”

I wanted to personally write to you to thank you for the insights and strategies you have provided to my coaching members.  Your topics are always timely, but more importantly you provide real-world, practical strategies that help all of us improve our business and our personal lives.  The passion you have for being the “coaches coach” comes through on every call.  

Brian Sacks

Mortgage Expert, Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.

“You and Lee are smartly partnering to deliver the ‘glue’ that will keep your members attached to you for a long time!”

If you are a niche leader or “guru,” your members probably first came to you for your advertising and marketing prowess. You’ve likely done a good job at that and their businesses are growing. Some will say, “But now I know how to market and grow my business, why do I need you?”

The secret to sustaining a membership organization, beyond your ability to teach marketing or business growth, is to grow members who are bonded to you through philosophy or “mindset.” Truth be told, this is actually a much harder subject to teach and maintain interest in than the great marketing material you deliver!

Lee Milteer can handle this part of your membership organization for you with her “Millionaire Smarts” mindset coaching program. Lee delivers a ton of great material each month that you can share with your members. At the same time she will honor your relationship with your members. In short, you and Lee are smartly partnering to deliver the “glue” that will keep your members attached to you for a long time!

Ben Glass

Great Legal Marketing, Ben Glass Law

“Bottom line. You gotta have a coach!”

I listened to your Millionaire Smarts® call on Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors, yesterday. I found your comments on client/coach relationships fascinating. Most individuals, without a coach/mentor, would find it hard to believe that a client would not use the advice their paid coach provides.

However, I must say, from experience, that putting advice into practice is not always so easy. You must get out of denial/insanity, be willing to try new ideas and, most importantly, you must know what you want. Then, you must set aside the time to implement new ideas. That is hard work. And, in my wife’s case, it was hard work that paid off handsomely. You made a good point when you said that everybody has problems. Everybody has challenges.

Let me share with you some of our challenges. We started with Bob Willis in April 2001. By August 2002, my wife had the practice she desired. Then, she fractured her femur, (had hip replacement surgery a year later) and a hysterectomy. Also, her number one assistant was out 4 months with a difficult pregnancy and her #1 hygienist has a similarly trying pregnancy. The remaining staff, and many patients, wondered what the heck was going on.

Throughout the entire ordeal, we continued to apply the Coaching Program principles. We popped through the other side healthy (both physically and financially). My wife’s practice had gross revenues in excess of $1M in ’03 and ’04 and we more than halfway to that number this year, as well.

You are also correct when you say, ‘we find unproductive behaviors to do, first.’  Guilty, as charged. I’m starting a log. You can’t improve what you don’t track. Finally, your point on finding someone to hold you accountable is superb. I’ve decided to tell my most goal-oriented friend about two projects that I want to complete this summer.

Denis Raczkowski

Marketing Director and Chief Communications Officer, Marcia L. Rementer, DMD, PA

“Reading her notes and listening to her is like having flashes of insight go off like lightning as you start to put things together in new ways.”

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for providing Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® coaching information to us.  I’ve found it extraordinarily helpful in cogitating about different ways to market online. I get a lot of skepticism from people around me about making this thing work, but if they could see what I see, they wouldn’t doubt anymore.  Guess I’ll just have to  make it a reality so there’s no doubts about my abilities anymore.

Rob Larson

Millionaire Smarts® Member

I’d Like to Know More about Millionaire Smarts® for Coaches!