The problem today is that most people really don’t know their own personal truth. As kids we were taught always to tell the truth and that honesty was the best policy. The bad news is that kids watch adults lie and get away with it all the time on television, in the movies, and in real life. Kids notice that sometimes, when you tell the truth, it can upset people and you might even get punished.
Since most people want to avoid conflict and confrontation we get in the habit of not telling the truth to avoid any upset it may cause. More often than not, the truth gets told when it is to our advantage to share it. Without realizing it, we sometimes don’t tell the truth just so we can fit in with society’s expectations. We sometimes stretch the truth to make someone feel more comfortable, including ourselves, or just to complete a business deal.

This serious problem of inconsistent truth telling blurs moral and ethical lines. When we lose our morals and ethics, which make up our own personal truth, we actually lose the essence of ourselves. As spiritual beings when we stop telling the truth, we lose integrity with ourselves…and if you cannot trust yourself, you cannot trust anyone. This sad state of affairs will never bring you peace of mind or happiness, much less success!
It’s important for you to know your own truth and to speak your own truth and to do so from the perspective of always promoting harmony.  Even bad news can be delivered with kindness and consideration for the listener. Life is too short not to become truly who you are and act only from what you truly believe.
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