As a business owner, do you often feel overwhelmed with decisions? I have learned to listen to my feelings BEFORE I take action and make decisions. The truth is, not all of yesterday’s knowledge can solve today’s challenges or capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. I use a formula that you can benefit from in making future decisions.


Pause and check out your Head, Heart, and Gut before acting or ever making any type of important decision. This makes common sense when you think about it. Make it a habit to ask and check your indicators before you go forth on a choice. Reliable indicators are your head (your intellect), your heart (your feelings), and your gut (your intuition). These indicators can warn you about danger or give you the go-ahead.

Head: Your intellect and past knowledge. All decisions and actions (or non-action) have repercussions. Use your conscious mind to discern questions you need answered. For example, is this person telling the truth? What has worked in the past? Have you done your due diligence and homework before making a decision?

Heart: I listen to my heart (my feelings) and ask: is this the right direction for me? Do I naturally feel attracted to this? Am I hearing truth? The internal part of yourself, the voice inside tells you when things feel right or wrong. For example, are you relaxed around the person you are asking the question about or do you feel uptight and uncomfortable? Keep in mind that your body does talk to you. For me personally, if I feel shut down, tight, and not good, I know something is not right. However if I feel open, lighthearted, and relaxed, I trust that my “heart” is telling me that “all is well.” You have to pay attention to your own internal signals.

Gut: Trust your “gut feeling.” If it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it’s not right for you. What may be right for one person can be wrong for the next person. Your gut instinct, your inner voice, is always there for you when you take the time to pay attention and listen.

Go with Your First Choice

When you want to ask yourself a question, it would be good for you to always LISTEN TO YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. This is because your intuition is able to communicate more clearly BEFORE you begin to cloud your mind with all sorts of other details. When you start looking at the details and cloud your mind, you are focusing more on the conscious part of your brain (ruled by the subconscious or unconscious part of your brain). Fear and indecision can then run rampant and deliver incorrect information. This leads to a decision based upon partial, tainted information. Your intuition knew the answer BEFORE this clouding began. Trust your first choice.

Don’t “Force” Decisions

When in doubt, do nothing until you are clear. That’s right; there are times when perhaps you should not make an instant decision, and you must give yourself permission to wait. If you are confused about an issue then your decision will be confused, and you don’t want to make decisions when you aren’t clear. Learn to relax, let the situation go, turn it over to your subconscious mind, and let it go to work for you. Your subconscious mind knows a lot more than you may give it credit for, so please learn to trust it. It keeps your body systems running and is always paying attention. Let the decision go for right now and the answer will come to you.
Now more than ever when you deal with people, you must learn to use your instincts and tune in to feel the true nature of the other person’s intent. When you use your intuition correctly, you will be able to read the unsavory energies of morally bankrupt people’s lies and deceptions. When you take time to read between the lines, you can avoid a great deal of heartache and loss of money and time in the future. Pay attention and listen to others with your intuition and don’t just analyze what they say and do. Remember to pause and check out your Head, Heart, and Gut before acting.

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Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist