follow-your-intuitionHow about “Reclaiming the Magic” of your intuition?  Start checking-in with your intuition about relationship challenges, new business opportunities, financial decisions, parenting decisions and the like. Intuition is a natural human function (like your five senses) and is your closest adviser when you take the time to develop it.  
Known by many names (such as gut feeling, a hunch, sixth sense, instinct, and strong feeling) intuition is one of the best tools you can use. Unfortunately, we are trained by our Western culture to understand almost all of our experiences through the logical, linear thinking processes.  For hundreds of thousands of years, humans survived on instincts.  Modern society has taken the emphasis off of the important “I Feel” and has put it on the “I think” when it comes to decision-making.  
However, today, more and more successful people are realizing that you must use both sides of your brain to make decisions.

Trust Your Intuition
Ours is a world where science has succeeded in explaining most observable phenomena, which makes it hard for so many people to accept things that are unexplained as being real.

There are lots of times where you may have experienced some instance of mental telepathy and considered it to be “just a coincidence”. Physicists and psychologists say there is evidence of an energy link between everything in the universe. Everything that happens is simultaneously encoded in this energy pattern, which makes telepathy and clairvoyance more plausible, and certainly gives us a deeper understanding about how intuition works.
Sending you blessings and light,