Every day, we receive hints from the Universe about whether we’re on the right path or not. Most average people are unaware of such messages.  I have learned to pay attention to them because I can no longer trust or believe most of the messages from the media, government, and so-called experts. As a society, we are brainwashed into believing what the people in power want us to believe; it is dangerous to give up your power to make important decisions.
To continue the story of the bird flying into my home, this was a small but meaningful experience. Of course, this has happened to many people. When it does, the only thing most people are thinking about is how to get the bird out safely and quickly without causing it any harm.
As soon as the bird was free, I went to my library and looked for my reference book:  Animal Speak, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. (By the way, if when reading this today you felt desires for this book it means you are open to new messages and guidance from the Infinite Intelligence.)
There is a lot about birds in this book. It says: Birds have an ancient mythology and mysticism.  In most societies, animals were VISIBLE signs of INVISIBLE forces, and people realized that you could only understand the Divine through its creations. Birds were often thought of as deities. In Norse mythology, there were two Ravens as messengers, Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).  In Native American Traditions, the Thunder Bird is a spirit creature of great creative power and might.  The Egyptians also thought of birds as messengers. To the Hindus, birds represented a higher state of being. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is burnt in the fires and rises from its own ashes.  Most tales of angelic contact depict these beings with wings, reflecting birdlike characteristics.
Birds reflect a union of the conscious mind with the unconscious.  Because birds reflect the achievement of full realization and their ability to fly, they are associated with aspiration, flights of intuition, and beauty.
The bottom line:  When I looked up the visiting bird in Ted Andrew’s book, and meditated on its appearance in my life, I was given a specific message that I personally needed to know.  There are always messages from the Universe and your job is to pay attention to them. These are much more powerful than messages from people who may have agendas.
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