We are living in a reality of illusions. Often when you deal with people, you must learn to use your instincts and tune in to feel the true nature of the other person’s intent. The most fake people have the best profiles on social media, the most loving relationships, the fancy cars, houses, perfect kids. Most people value external things over internal values. We must not take people at face value.

So where do we go for help to figure out the truth about almost anything? If you pay attention, people will tell you exactly who they are, given enough time to show you their true colors.

To avoid heartache, you must have your Intuition finely tuned to pick up the unsavory energies that radiate from skilled manipulators. Don’t just analyze what they say and do. Before making decisions, learn to pause and call on your Intuition. Make sure that your Head, Heart, and Gut are on same page. If you feel torn between any of these not matching, further investigation is necessary.

You Don’t Have to Be a Brainiac to Use Your 6th Sense

Here are some famous brainy examples. Isaac Newton and Einstein felt that using their sixth sense (Intuition) helped them find solutions to problems that they could not find in a normal state of mind. Most highly successful people have repeatedly shared stories how they used their intuition to determine what choices to make and achieve personal and business success.

We have been programmed to be so logical and analytical in our thinking that we forget our intuitive abilities. We must go back and rely on the old inner knowing of the tribal people of our history. The knowledge is not lost, but it certainly has been put on a back burner and not valued as it should be.

Your Superpower: Intuition

It’s time to take back our power and learn to discern between truth and lies. Once you can seriously read people’s energy, your confidence will soar! Your Intuition will be your superpower, deflecting high-pressure transactions and navigating negotiations with master manipulators.

Almost everyone has had sixth-sense experience. Have you ever thought of someone’s name in your head and suddenly that person called you? We all have built-in abilities to know things that are hard to explain. We can know if deals or decisions will work out well for us if we take the time to stop and feel BEFORE we take action.

If you want to develop these talents, you must let go of your ego for a while. Be open to trying new ways of thinking and feeling. Not listening to our gut has left us in a mess, often trusting people who have not deserved our trust and who have had their own personal agendas.

Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung said we are all linked through what he called the collective unconscious. Everything is energy. The marketplace of business, relationships, money, products, your actions, creativity, music, art; everything is energy. You can pick up information about that energy via your subtle senses and by paying attention to it.

Kick Start Your INTUITION

First, outline exactly what solution you need. For example: You have interviewed several new possible candidates for an assistant position. It appears that they are all equally qualified according to their resumes. They all passed your internal office tests and you liked them all equally. So, you are stumped as to which one to hire. Who fits in the office the best? Who will be your best choice?


Before you make your decision, allow your mind to play with each possible choice. When you envision your office in a month, does any one of the choices pop into your mind? Can you SEE that person in your office working? If so, do you FEEL satisfied? Or do you feel frustrated when you SEE THEM?

Ask your intuition to give you a CLEAR SIGN or IMPRESSION ON WHO TO HIRE. (Always remember that your intuition wants you to ASK for help). Then simply let it go. Allow yourself to go about your life and continue achieving goals. Usually, when you aren’t expecting inspiration, you’ll get the solution to your problem. The more you agonize over the problem, the less likely your gut feelings will give you the solution.

Many people tell me they get “answers” to their challenges in unexpected places and suddenly know the correct actions to take. The truth is, we tend to make decision-making harder and more complicated than necessary. When you factor in your ability to use your intuition, decision-making becomes easier.

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My Best to you,

Lee Milteer

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