Does the following describe how you’ve been feeling lately?

Over time, your passion and love for what you do every day has been dimmed somehow. Life seems to be an endless to-do list that you can never complete. The excitement and optimism you once had have given way to routines and a stale, jaded view of life. What is even possible today with all the new Crazy Town obstacles? You’re suffering from decision fatigue because life is completely run by different rules now.

Time for a Pattern Interrupt

With all that said you still must get your act together and take back your life, if you want 2022 to be a profitable year. Do a Pattern Interrupt to disrupt the negative thought loop rattling around in your success mechanism (your brain), and rekindle your thoughts of what is possible again. Crank up your enthusiasm and passion for your own future again!

Step One: Get Your MOJO Back!

The first step you should take is an acknowledgment of your current lack of self-care. Make the decision you are going to get your MOJO back. Time to adjust your attitude and break away from all your self-sabotaging mental routines and habits. You do have the power to reignite your passion for what you do in the world. You can fire up your creative energy to move past mental and physical challenges. You can fall in love again with the possibilities of your life and business.

Most people really don’t understand that to make changes you have to shake yourself out of old habits. It takes a combination of mental, emotional, and physical actions.

Shake up your routine to ignite your passion again. Here’s how:

  • Get up earlier
  • Read 10 pages of a good Business or inspirational book
  • Exercise to get your brain online and working
  • Drink more water
  • Eat foods that give you stamina
  • Write out a daily gratitude list
  • Cut back your time spent on social media
  • Only expose yourself to the news you need for running your business
  • Reduce the clutter in your workspace so your brain can focus better
  • Schedule some rest and fun times for yourself
  • Spend 15 minutes a day in nature or in the sun if possible
  • Meditate or spend a few minutes in prayer daily
  • Say NO to people and environments that are not healthy for you
  • Pay attention to your inner self-talk and clean that up. We become what we think about and focus on.

We are self-fulfilling prophecies. Our feelings determine what we aspire to be and what we can accomplish in life. Our feelings will determine how many calculated risks we will take and how confident we are in any endeavor.

Schedule once a month an Idea Day where you catch up on your reading and use your time for visionary thinking and planning.

Create a Vision Board for your 2022 goals and create a written plan for clarity. Our brains like and need clear plans.

Be part of a supportive group for council and stop going it alone. Create some type of accountability to keep on track with your goals. The bottom line is you must shift your internal and external focus to make positive changes in your routines and create new outcomes. Just relentlessly working hard without passion will not make anyone successful in the long term.

Waking up excited every day to be working on your business literally will help you move past old limitations and create new solutions. Life in 2022 holds an infinite number of possibilities for you to apply your talents, skills, and knowledge in ways you may never have dreamed of.

But first, you must know you have the power to write your own life script.

By taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you choose to be proactive in life and not just let life happen to you. Success IS an Inside job.

Enlarge the repertoire of the resources you have to nurture you. Take charge of the caliber of information that goes into your brain, the people you associate with, and the environments you put yourself in—it will determine the quality of the life you experience. Let 2022 be a selfish year by investing time on improving your self and your life.

Remember if you don’t CHANGE, everything stays the same or gets worse. This is not Rocket Science. BE proactive and get accountable. You will see life shift into a much more profitable and enjoyable adventure. YOU must be the one to make changes and get support.



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